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This is a story I wrote in highschool. It's one of the (very) few I feel comfortable sharing. Expect a serious, dramatic topic.

Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018



It was Spring when I met her for the first time. Her carriage came rolling into the castle grounds bearing the symbol of the Deluth Kingdom; A rose bathed in flame. The color of her carriage stood out from our garden full of blues. I looked back and forth between the blue lilies and the red rose, it was truly something I had never experienced, though I am still young.
I watched from the gazebo as a man in regal looking clothes stepped out. They were the kind of clothes daddy always wore. Then, a woman stepped out behind him, and he helped her out. She wore the same color of red and seemed displeased at all the blue in our garden. Then one more person stepped out, a little girl. She looked the same age as me. She wore slightly different clothes however. Her clothes had much more black on them; her hair, however, was as red as scarlet.

Daddy stepped out of the front door of our castle and greeted them courteously. I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but the little girl looked right at me. She smiled and ran toward me, ignoring her parents. Her hair flew in the wind, and the sunshine seemed to make her hair shine.

She ran right into the gazebo and stopped in front of me. I hadn't had a lot of experience with people and I blushed as she stepped a bit closer to me. “Hi! I'm Daina!” She said smiling. I managed to work up the courage to say my name back to her. “I'm...Angelina.” She smiled at me again. “My dad came to talk about something with yours. I'm not sure what, and I honestly don't care. Let's play!” She said, running past me into the garden. I smiled myself and ran off after her.

I caught up to her in the garden and she turned to me. “let's play hide-and-seek!” she said. I nodded and she said that I was it. “Count to 20 okay!” She said. I shut my eyes and she ran off in some direction. I counted to 20 in my head and began to look for her among the hedges. I found her after only a couple minutes of searching, her red hair gave her away. “Found ya!” I said as I tapped her shoulder. “Aww, you're good at this!” She said happily. She said it was my turn to hide and she closed her eyes and started counting. I hid  in a large flower bed filled with blue lillies. I was careful not to crush any of the flowers. She walked right by me a few times and I let out a small laugh. I think it gave me away though and she found me right after.

We decided to take a break an hour later and we sat under a tree in the middle of the garden. We sat side by side, chatting. She started to pick some of the blue and purple flowers growing underneath the tree and started to weave them together. “What are you doing?” I asked. “You'll see!” She turned her back to me and continued what she was doing. “No peaking!” I was curious as to what she was doing. Not long after she turned around, she turned back to me with a crown of flowers in her hand. “My mom taught me how to do it!” She said. She stood up and put it on my head. “For my princess! That's what mom always said!” I blushed a little and thanked her for the gift. She smiled and she took off toward the garden again. I got up and followed her.

She came to visit more after that. Every time she came, it was a fun change from the boring life I lived. Her smile, her hair, everything about her was fun. She came one time and it was cold out, so we went up to my room to play.

She walked into my room and immediately jumped on my bed. “Everything matches your hair!” My hair was blue, so yeah. I walked over to my bed and sat down on the end. She sat down next to me and she saw the flower crown she made me a few months back. It was a little wilted, but she seemed happy. “You still have it!” She said, picking it up carefully. I nodded. “Usually they don't last a week! You must have been taking good care of it!” She said, putting it on my head. I blushed again. “You're...the best friend I’ve ever had.” I said, managing a smile. She smiled back and she hugged me. “That's how I feel.” She said, still hugging me. I hugged her back.

One day, she came and her dad seemed angry. He ignored the courtesy my daddy gave him and started yelling at him. Once again, I couldn't hear them and Daina walked over to me. “This might be our last visit together...” She said. She had been coming for two years, why would they stop? “Why?” I asked surprised. “My dad isn't happy with yours, I have no idea why...” She said, a look of sadness on her face. I grabbed her hand and looked her dead in her green eyes. “Let's enjoy the time we have today then!” I said, dragging her to the tree where she made me the crown.

She pulled something from a satchel she had at her hip. It was a small box that was heavily embroidered. “I got something special for you Angie.” She said, handing me the box. “It's something I've had for years, but I want you to have it...” I slowly opened the box and saw a red ruby. “My mother gave it to me when I was 3, she said my soul was a part of it and I should take good care of it.” I looked at her with a slight tear in my eye. “I-I will treasure it always.” I said, a tear flowing down my face. She hugged me tight. “As long as you have it, you will have a part of me with you.” She said, a smile on her face. I smiled back, forcing my tears back. As we were leaving, I gave her a quick peck on the cheek. It was the only time I could recall where she blushed as red as her hair.

That was the last time I ever saw her. I only received an occasional letter, but only after my daddy opened It first. He said he had to make sure it was safe. Every letter, it was about how she missed me, and how hard it was to get her letter out. I missed her so much.

One day, the letters just stopped. I tried to send her a letter, but daddy stopped me every time I tried. I eventually stopped trying; stopped hoping for a letter. Every night, I held that ruby in my hand, praying for her to hear me. To at least let her know how much I missed her. I cried myself to sleep every night.

One day, I was walking by the castle armory, trying to get my mind off her, when I saw the commander of our army, Lucia, practicing. I stood in the doorway, watching her, admiring her combat skills.  She noticed me out of the corner of her eye and sheathed her sword. She walked over to me and met me at eye level. “You shouldn't be here princess, it's not safe.” She said, an expressionless look on her face. “I-I know but...” I wanted to tell her what was on my mind, but I knew she wouldn't understand the pain I felt. “Never mind, I'm sorry I intruded.” I turned, slowly walking down the hall.

I continued wandering the castle until I heard a loud yell. It sounded like Daddy's voice. “Why won't they leave my daughter alone!” It came from his map room. I stood there, listening to his voice. “These damn letters, trying to turn her to their cause!” I heard a sound like tearing paper. “They will pay...Send a letter to Scout Master Knave at once! We need to teach them a lesson.” A thousand thoughts ran through my mind. Did he tare up a letter from Daina? What did he mean by teach them a lesson?

I wanted t burst in the room and see if I was right, but daddy told me never to go in. I heard him speak some more, to someone in the room. “Get Lucia, tell her we may have to come up with a plan.” I heard armored footsteps come towards the door and I quickly ran around the corner, hiding myself. One of daddy's soldiers walked out and walked right past me,

heading to Lucia's training room.

Daddy left shortly after, heading the same direction. I decided to quickly check the map room, before he got back. I stepped inside and was overwhelmed with all the maps and battle plans. He had a map set up on a table with two pieces, one blue and one red. The blue ones were placed on all our cities and the red ones were throughout Deluth kingdom. But the map didn't really interest me, what caught my eye was a torn-up letter in a trash can. I had the symbol of Deluth on it and I quickly snatched it out and ran out of the room.

Once I got back to my room, I opened the torn up envelop. I was only in two pieces, so I could easily read it.

Dear Angie,

I hope you get this letter, you haven't sent me any in a long time. I certainly hope you are taking care of that ruby I gave you! It means a lot to me. Because I gave it to must mean a lot to me as well! Two of my favorite things in the world sleep in the same room! I like the thought of that. Maybe I can come visit you again soon. I certainly hope I can. I miss you so very much Angie. I...want to say something, but I'm not sure I can write it down. I'll tell you in person next time I see you! If you can, write me back.

Love, Daina.

Just reading that letter made me feel so good inside. She missed me as much as I missed her. I was more determined then ever to get a letter out to her. I sat down and started writing a letter to her.

The next day, I asked daddy If I could go out to the town and play. Of course, he said I had to bring a guard with me, so I asked Lucia to come with. She of course said yes. I made sure to bring my letter, hiding it in my dress, and we walked out to the town.

Everybody in town greeted me cheerfully, often commenting on how cute I look. Lucia followed behind me silently, with that same, emotionless expression she always had. I never got out of the castle that often, and I know the people love seeing me. I don't know why, maybe they just love me that much?

I approached the post office and was about to hand my letter to the post master when Lucia stopped me. I knew she would. “What are you doing princess?” She held my shoulder gently as she bent down to meet me at eye level. “I'm sending a letter to a friend.” I said confidently. That's all she needed to know. “To daina, right?” I flinched a little. How did she find out? “I knew it. shouldn't communicate with her anymore.” I was slightly outraged by her words, but I forced myself to keep my cool. “Why?” I asked. Lucia looked away from me, obviously not wanting to say anything. I turned to give it to the postmaster once more, but Lucia just stood there.

As I was about to give it to him, Lucia spoke up. “I felt like you did once princess...” I stopped in my tracks, much to the postmaster’s dismay. “what do you mean?” I turned to ask her. “I didn't know then how I felt. I'm still not sure today, but I had a best friend when I was your age. We spent every day together. We never got bored of each other and we did everything together...” Lucia had a pained look in her eyes and it's the first time I could ever remember her being sad... “I even...shared my first kiss with her.” She said, looking ever sadder. “One day, she had to move away. We promised each other we would write every day, always sharing what we did each day. I... never got a letter from her, I always wrote every day to her, hoping she would send me a letter back. But to this day, I never got one.” Lucia looked on the verge of tears...

I ran up to her and gave her a hug. “It sounds like you really...loved her.” I said, doing my best to comfort her. “Maybe I doesn't matter anymore...” She said, wiping her eyes quickly. She bent down and looked me right in the eyes, as she always did. This time though, I could tell she was speaking from the heart. “Tell her everything you want to tell her may be your last chance to do it...” I was a little puzzled by her remark. “I'll wait outside, ask him for a quill and ink and add what you need to.” without another word, she walked out.

I think...maybe I am in love with Daina. As I played through our time together in my head, I had no doubt in my mind I did. I smiled and thought that, maybe, she felt the same. I asked the postmaster for a quill and ink and he happily obliged. He let me in the back room and gave me a table to write on. At the end of the letter, I added my heart-felt confession.

I love you Daina, I can't lie to myself anymore. Every time I think about you, I end up blushing and I get butterflies in my stomach. Whenver I used to hear you, I felt bliss. Whenever we would spend time together, I felt like I was at the happiest place in the realm. I realize too late that the best place on Earth is in your arms. I really miss you Daina, and if you don't feel the same way, I understand. So once more...I love you.

I barely had room to fit it all, but I was smiling the whole time I was writing. Once I finished, I resealed it and gave it to the postmaster. “Make sure Princess Daina gets it.” I said. “I'll do my best, my princess.” He said, putting it in a pile labeled urgent.

I walked out of the postmaster’s office and Lucia was standing there, as emotionless as ever. “Ready to go princess?” She asked. I nodded, and we started walking back to the castle. As we were walking, I realized that Lucia shared something with me she probably never shared with anyone else. I had a deeper understanding of her and why she was so serious all the time. She didn't just take her job seriously, the one she loved left out of her life and never contacted her. What if that girl stayed? Would Lucia be more cheerful? I was sure she would be.

A few days later, I was sitting in my room thinking of Daina. I hoped she got my message and that she would write back a hopefully, happy letter. I had never fallen in love before, but I knew this was the real thing. Daddy was already looking for princes for me to marry, but I knew in my heart that there was only one for me. I decided to skip around the castle, I was in a great mood!

I was humming a tune and skipping around when I passed daddy's map room, I heard the door on the other side burst open and loud footsteps. “It was a success!” Someone shouted. I heard my daddy speak after the cheering died down. “Good, see to the takeover of Deluth immediately, now that the royal family is out of the way, we can easily take it by force.” What did he mean out of the way? Did he mean they were...dead? I felt tears immediately welling up at the thought of Daina dead. Without thinking I burst into the room, much to the surprise of everyone there.

“Are they dead?!?” I yelled, the thought of her dead...I lost control of myself. No one answered me. Lucia was standing there, along with Knave, our scout master. “Answer me!!” I yelled again. This time Knave spoke up. “Yes, they are. Now were going to-” My daddy cut him off with a loud yell. He looked down on me as my daddy spoke. “Yes, they are. Now we can take over their kingdom. It will be more for you to rule my dear.” he said calmly. “I-Is Daina dead to?” My voice changed from a tune of anger to complete sadness. “Yes, she was a bad influence on you.” My grief overtook me and I fell to my knees, crying my eyes out. Lucia came and comforted me, hugging me tight. “I'm sorry princess...” She said as she helped me back up to my feet. We walked out of the room together, my daddy not even caring I was so in pain.

Not a day went by that I didn't think about Daina. I sat alone in my room crying for a week. I held the ruby that Daina gave me so tight, it hurt my hand. But that was fine. I imagined it was Daina, clenching my hand so tight it hurt. I couldn't think about anything else and I barely ate. Lucia visited me regularly, just to make sure I was okay. After a full month, I was finally able to perk up a bit, but she was still on my mind.

As I was walking through the castle, once again thinking of Daina, I saw Lucia training and it hit me. I walked into her training room and I spoke before she could. “I want to learn how to fight Lucia.” I said confidently. “Swordplay isn't for a princess...” She said. She had a sound of sadness in her voice. “I don't care. It should take my mind off of Daina...” After I said that, Lucia seemed to understand. “Alright, we'll have your first lesson tomorrow.” she said, forcing a smile.

Years passed, we were still at war with Deluth, even though my dad was so sure that we could take it without much effort. I was 18 now, and my father had come down with an illness. He called me to his side on his deathbed. He spoke weakly, with regret in his voice. “i'm sorry I had to pass this war on to you...” He said, coughing. “You've grown up to be such a capable lady...I know you can finish this. For what it's worth...I wish I wouldn't have started it in the first place.” He smiled and closed his eyes, passing on.

I stood up, not showing any hint of sadness. “I'll finish it, just so I can find peace between nations again.” I walked out and servants rushed in, finding only his dead body.

I walked into my map room, the same one my father used. Lucia was standing there, looking at a battle map. “Any new reports from the scouts?” I asked. Lucia handed me a letter. She spoke I started opening it. “It was all they could get out, our scouts haven't been very successful and just getting this is impressive.” I read the letter and it described their new ruler. It was a woman that was ruthless with everything she did. She judged prisoners harshly and personally struck down whoever would challenge her. I set the letter down and asked Lucia what our new plan was. “Well, we could try and send an assassin, but judging from the success of our scouts, it won't do much. The best chance we have is to find their leader on the battle field and take her out there.” I nodded in agreement.

Lucia had gotten older, but she was still as sharp as a tack when it came to my feelings, even if I don't show them that often anymore. “Your father's dead, isn't he?” She asked. I nodded once again. “Don't you think you should mourn him instead of planning?” She asked. “Why should I? He didn't mourn when he killed me.” I said. Lucia didn't argue with me. “I still think about Daina you know. I see her in my dreams. Her red hair and innocent smile. He took her away form me.” Lucia looked at me with a face of understanding. “Now let's get back to planning.” I said, moving a piece representing us back a few inches.

We decided to send a message to their ruler. It said that we would have a final, deciding battle with both rulers on the field. The last standing ruler wins the war and both countries will belong to them. “You think she'll get it?” I asked Lucia as we handed the message to a neutral courier. Knave suddenly appeared out of nowhere. “He's neutral, they shouldn't kill him till at least he delivers it.” “I hope she gets it. I want this war to end, one way or the other.” I said, walking back in the castle.

I was laying in my bed that night, and my thoughts once again turned to Daina. She would have been 18. I got up opened an ornate box that held her ruby. I grasped it tightly, thinking of her. This stone means more to me than anything, even the kingdom. “If you were here with me...” I said under my breath. I fell back on my bed, falling asleep as I grasped the ruby ever tighter.

A week later, we received a letter from Deluth, with a different courier.

I opened the letter and read it out loud to knave and Lucia. “I accept your offer, we will meet at the border in two days’ time. Be there or I’m wiping out your entire kingdom.” I finished reading it and set it down. “So it's coming to a close.” Lucia said. She looked relieve, yet a little worried. I took another look at the letter and I recognized the handwriting, or at least, I think I did. I took it and told Lucia and knave to come up with a battle plan. I left and hurried back to my room.

I searched through a few drawers until I found the letters Daina sent me. I compared the handwriting and they were exactly the same. Was Daina alive? I felt overjoyed at the thought at first, then I realized she sent this message with the full intent to end it. Did she...not care about me anymore? Did she truly want to destroy our kingdom? I still held those feelings I had for her, I never stopped loving her. Did she just want revenge for her family? It was a reasonable guess and maybe she didn't know the king is already dead. I a million questions with no answers. It took me awhile to realize it, but I was crying. Tears were flowing out. Why did she want so badly to kill me...?

Two sleepless nights later, we were waiting at the border between our kingdoms. I was mounted on a black horse at the front, and after a few minutes, the enemy arrived, with just as big a force as ours. At the front...I saw her. Daina, now all grown up. Her hair was just as red as I remember. Our time together briefly flashed before my eyes. “Don't let your feelings get the better of you, my queen.” Lucia's words broke me out of it. This was for the good of all...I can't let myself feel this way.

I turned my horse around to the army standing before me. These men and women were willing to give their lives for me. I had to be strong and focused, if only for them. I decided to give them a rousing speech. “This is it men! The final battle! This one battle will either give you your futures or take them away. It will give you freedom, or death. This battle is for the good of the kingdom, our kingdom! We must win this day, or face annihilation by our enemy!” I heard a few cheers from them and I knew I was getting to them. “We will fight for our future! We will fight for our families! We wil fight for our kingdom!” I heard more loud cheers and I smiled. “The time is now!” I turned to face the enemy, and I didn't see Daina giving a speech, just sitting on her tan horse, smirking evilly. “To battle! Charge!” I said, as I pointed my sword forward and the army rushed forward.

The fighting was intense, the dead littered the ground. The worms didn't even wait until the battle was over to begin feasting on those dead. The blood had stained the grass and dirt, the crimson color was only matched by the hair of Daina, who remained mounted. We had a clear view of each other at all times. I once again flashed back to the time we spent together, completely ignoring all the carnage and blood. Daina had a constant evil expression on her face. It was something I had never seen on her. The sound of a loud clink very near me snapped me out of it.

Knave and Lucia were near me at all times, killing anyone who got too close to me. “The battle is rather even my queen.” Knave spoke loudly over the loud clashes of sword and shields. “Anything we can do to turn it to our favor?” “Yeah, kill their leader.” He eyed Daina, who was watching us interested. “Shall I go do it my queen?” Knave asked. “No.” I said. “I'll do it. It's the only way to truly end this.” I said. I looked Daina straight in the eye and we seemed to come to an understanding of that fact. “Keep the battle over here. We're going to settle this now.” I said as I started my horse to the left, toward an open field. Daina did the same. It was time...I had to either kill the one I love, or be killed by her. I made sure to stay strong. This wasn't going to be easy in any way for me...

We were a few feet away from each other, still mounted. We stared down each other for the longest time before we both dismounted. “You realize it to right? The only way to end this?” I said, drawing my blade. She did the same. “Yes.” She said. Her voice sounded...deeper. IT did not sound like the voice I knew and loved at all. “Why Daina?” I asked, keeping my blade ready. “Why, you ask? Because your filthy kingdom is an eye soar!” She yelled. Was that it? She loved our kingdom. She always told me she wanted to plant some blue lilies in her castles garden. “Daina...why have you changed so much?” I asked. “My parents are dead, you let them get killed!” She said, her voice getting deeper. “I didn't do anything to them! It's not my fault!” I yelled, my voice cracking a little. Daina seemed to sense my sadness. “I...I loved you Daina!” I said out of nowhere. “The girl I fell in love with wouldn't do any of this! She wouldn't try to exterminate a whole kingdom!” I had a small tear flowing down my cheek. Daina seemed to back off a bit. “A-Angelina...her voice seemed to get high pitched as she spoke.

“I-I don't want to fight you Angelina!” Daina said, she seemed to be struggling to say anything. “A-A's inside me...making me think terrible thoughts about you! I don't want to think these thoughts!” She yelled. “I-I lo-” She was cut off and replace by that deep voice again. “Enough of this chatter!” It said. The's making her do these things...

She rushed at me and slashed with her sword. I blocked it with mine and hoped back. “Fight it Daina!” I yelled as she came at me again. “This body is mine!” The demon yelled at me. I really had to kill her. I blocked another attack and kicked her back. “I guess...I have no choice.” I said. As I came at her. She dodged my attack and tried to counter. I barely blocked it before slashing back at her, just barely scratching her stomach. She winced in pain slightly, but not enough. She tried to strike me again, this time catching me hair, cutting some of it off.

Our battle went on for what seemed like hours to me. Until, finally, I managed to pierce her stomach and twisting my blade. She fell to the ground, and almost immediately began coughing up blood. I stood over her, and I knew I had tears streaming down my face like a waterfall. “A-Angelina?” I heard Daina say in her own voice. “Daina!” I fell to my knees and did my best comfort her. “I'm sorry...i've caused a lot of trouble haven't I?” She said, forcing a pained smile. I saw that her wound was getting worse. “I-It's fine Daina...It's over now.” I said, forcing back my sobs. “What I was saying before...” She coughed up a bit of blood before she could speak again. “I love you to, Angelina. I've wanted to say it to you for so long. I'm glad...I could finally tell you.” It was getting harder for her to speak and I knew she was going to bleed out soon. I pulled out the ruby she gave me so long ago and put it in her hand. “I-I'll always be thinking of you...” I was full out crying now. Daina, with the last ounces of her strength, put her head close to mine and gave me a soft kiss. “ you...” She said as she closed her eyes, and her pained breathing slowly came to a halt.

I sat there for a time, looking at her dead body, crying. I don't know how long I just sat there. The bright sunset broke me out of my trance. Daina was dead...there would be peace again. I picked up her sword and walked to a tall hill and held up her sword. Both our armies saw it as a symbol, the fighting had ended. Even Daina's army began rejoicing. The fighting had ended, and their would be peace between our countries again.

Though everyone was rejoicing, I felt both happiness and pure sorrow. I walked back to Daina's body and lied down next to it. I hugged her lifeless corpse, imagining she was still alive. Our lives could have been so different if my father wasn't so power hungry. The thought crossed my mind that maybe we could have gotten married, much to the dismay of my father. But I knew that being with her was the only way I could be happy again.

I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder, it was Lucia. “I'm sorry it had to come to this my queen.” I looked back at her and she offered her hand. I took it and got my feet. “Give her body a proper burial.” I said, looking back at her. “And leave a plot open next to hers, I want to be buried with her.” I said, picking up Daina's sword. “...As you wish my queen.” She said, letting me walk by. I dragged both my and her swords behind me, as I silently walked into the sunset.

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