Fresh Lilacs

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Big Plans.

Submitted: August 31, 2018

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Submitted: August 31, 2018



Fresh Lilacs


I’d met someone like you before,

But no one who struck me the same way.

Looking back, months passed,

Before I had anything to say.


I’ll tell you the short of it,

While my things are still packed.

I think back to the Spring,

When you planted your lilacs.


We were friends,

Inside jokes on the side.

We used to drive around,

In those bittersweet car rides.


Let me think of a couple words,

That speak the truth of it.

Give it some composure,

This could be a dramatic skit...




Missed cues,

And, backfired.


There’s almost not enough,

To make the right impression.

I hope you get what I’m trying to say,

In this midnight poetic confession.



...Let me put it this way.


Getting to know you,

I’m still willing to try.

I want to be able to say,

That I care and why.



Because you’ve been on my mind.

Through the misty mornings,

And the cloudless nights.

Yours is a light,

And I’d do anything to make it my sight.


I want to see your eyes,

I want to take your hands.

I need to hold you tight,

And make with you our plans.


I see you in those moments of one,

That time of day when the music’s mellow,

And so is the morning sun.


I hear you,

Across these Northern hills.

A whisper of your voice,

Makes the wind go still.


And I feel you close,

Even from far away.

I feel you take my hand,

I feel my mind sway.


And so I’m gazing at a distance,

Leading me to where you are.

I’ve been there before,

Following the sinking stars.


And it’ll be late when I get to you,

But I hope everyday there’s just enough time.

I’ll bring the whole world with me,

Winds dusting your window chimes.


And that’s how you’ll know,

That I’m coming back.

Back into each other’s arms,

Near the scent of your fresh lilacs.


© Copyright 2019 Dan Zuniga. All rights reserved.

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