I miss you

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I miss you, but I hope you’re proud.

Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



I know I don’t say it much

But I love you till the end of the universe

I don’t what I’d do without you

I don’t know what I’d be without you

By my side

Though you’re far away 

I hope you’ll stay

Where I can find you

Where I can come 

Remember building cities


Out of LEGO

Just to have a battle

You’d always win

But I didn’t care, you are

My brother


I miss you

Oh I miss you so bad

I hope you can hear me

Because I’m screaming so loud

I knew it wouldn’t be the same

Without you,

But I hope you’re proud 

Of your little sister

Her wings are woven

With your words


I’ve been feeling

 kinda lost lately

Without the guidance 

Of the hand 

That had been with me

All my life

I loved you

You love me 

It’s a circle 

Without an end

But I suppose every good

Thing comes to an end


I miss you

Oh I miss you so bad

Please hear my 

Desperate pleas

Stay, I will come

No more excuses 

Wait for me 

My direction needs to be changed

My wings are failing 

I hope you’re proud

Of the angel

You have standing here

Drowning in her tears


It’s different now 

Now you’re not around

What’s going on?

Someone tell me?

I’m switching faster

Than channels on tv

Something isn’t right

I don’t know how to fight


My wings are failing me

I don’t what to do

I don’t know where to go

Who to trust


Where are you?

I’ve lost sight 


I miss you

I miss the you who’d make me feel whole

I miss the you who’d hold my hand

Please listen to me

Because I don’t know much

Why did you leave 

Me behind you

I’m wandering down an empty trail

Without an end

Following the shadows

Are you proud?

Of the broken angel

Who disappeared

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