Trip to hell

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The story is about a person who is going on a vacation, but on the trip, something very bad is happening...

Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



I am sixteen and I am one of those lucky teenagers who had chance to fly. I flew. I flew many times. And most of the time, I fly alone. This sounds strange. I have got some friends who wouldn´t even fly with their whole families not like alone.... today´s flight is from Moscow to Kiev. My friend lives there, and we haven´t met for nearly one year so I am so excited about the meeting. The time is 7:48, and my plane leaves at 9:55. I must to check-in and go through the security control. And then that boring waiting at the gate until I can get on the airplane.

Okay I just got into the terminal now and I see my flight. I do not go to the check in desk yet, because I am waiting on my friend to arrive as well. He said he'll be here in 8 minutes, and it was around 5 minutes ago so, he should be here soon. And here he comes. We just greet to each other and stand in the line. He says he is a bit nervous because it is quite rainy and stormy outside. But personally, I love flights which is a bit scary. I just got bored of normal flights... But at this time it was my turn to check-in so I did. My friend, Makarov is the next. Everything goes perfect. The next is the security control.

The time is 8:20 and we are in the line at the security control, but this line is so big. Actually, I can understand. It is morning so every airplane takes off now. The time is 8:42 when it is finally my turn. As soon as I go trough the scan gate, an officer asks me if it is my bag. I tell him that it is mine so he says that he will open it up. After 3 minutes, he just closed it and wished me a nice flight.

8:50, we've got one hour left until the airplane's departure. We just decided with Makarov to check out the duty free and buy some alcohol. He is 18 by the way and that's how we can buy it. We want it as a present for our friend in Ukraine.

It is 20 minutes until the plane leaves and we just heard that our gate is open, so we buy an expensive vodka and go to the gate. At the gate we saw that it is an old airplane what should be in a museum and not in service, will take us to Ukraine... But alright. We get on the plane. We have seats at the emergency exit because we wanted space for our feet. My friend is lucky, he had got the window seat.

The plane takes off at 10:00, everything is going great. Makarov is trying to sleep and I am just listening to music. Suddenly I hear in the loud speaker, that they will serve the food soon. At the same time, they've just turned off the fasten seatbelts sign as well.

10:20 the stewardess was one line behind me so I was getting ready my bank card when the man just... Just stabbed her. At the same moment 2 more men stood up and stabbed the other stewardess. And 2 two more men stood up as well and went to the last stewardess. She was already screaming. They just got her and pushed her down to the ground. More and more people started to scream. Panic took place on the whole airplane. I saw the died stewardess... She was laying on the ground next to me. Suddenly a terrorist grabbed my head and said to me “you will be the next if you do something stupid” with smile on his face. I just saw then that the weapon is actually a coin... A coin with sharp edge. As sharp as they could kill the stewardesses by them. They hit them on their necks... Everybody was afraid to do anything thought we were around 60 and they were 5... And they just used it out. They took 5 bottles and they have filled it with the alcohol from the duty free. And then I realized what they are doing. They want to do Molotov cocktails. I couldn't really see because they went to the front and to the rear of the airplane. And Oh my god! One guy is making a video about it. He is sitting 2 chairs in front of me. But a terrorist just saw it and told him to go to him... He is died... I already knew he is died. They just pushed him down next to the stewardess and told them to choose one person each... They had no choice... They chose an old woman and a man who could be around 40. And they just stabbed them... All of them. They have even made a video about it. After that they shouted at us that everybody must lay down... And they were walking literally on us. Even we were laying on each other... Suddenly they just took two babies and they went to the pilot cabin and knocked on the door. They said that the pilots have got two options. They let them go to the cabin or they are going to kill those two babies. The pilots opened the door and came out. 5 seconds later they were died as well... I just heard that they are logging in like “tower? Good morning! This is the early flight from Moscow to Kiev, the plane is hijacked and we are going to crash into a place or a building if you are not following my instructions. We have marked a lot of places on the map where are thousands of people and all of them are just waiting to this crash. Did you copy tower?”

  A few seconds later I heard “awesome, so we want to land at Oryol airport. Open the gate for vehicles, and bring there a tank truck. I want to see no police operators at the airport, otherwise every passenger will die! You have got 1 hour to do that. After 1 hour, I will kill a passenger in each minute, starting with the youngest. Did you copy me?”

I guess the air controller did, because shortly, after this, we have started to decrease.

We are just laying and sometimes I hear that a baby starts to cry. And the worst is that I am as afraid as I am calm. I don't know how to tell it. I just realized that probably I won't get out of this airplane alive. This is like trip to hell... Makarov is just closing his eyes all the time. I guess he feels almost the same as me. The thing is that two terrorists are locked in the pilots' cabin now and they said a few seconds ago that if we would try anything, then they will crash the plane and no one will get out alive.

The thing is that we've landed. And a few minutes after we've done it, somebody knocked on the door. They were terrorists. Now they are ten people and they've got weapons. They bring it on the plane. Now we have got even less chance to survive this day...

Suddenly, I just heard that one terrorists said “police” and now they are talking. They've even rang somebody, probably a hostage negotiator, because I heard when he was screaming and he was screaming something like “you’ve just violated the deal, because I saw a police officer. You will pay with blood now.... I don't care if it was just a security man. I want to see here nobody, just that fucking fuel truck”... That's all I heard.

I am just afraid now. They've started to go around and asking about everybody's name and birth date. They are even checking the id cards and passports...

They just rang somebody up again and I could clearly hear, that from this moment, they will shoot down a person each minute, starting with the youngest, until they can't get off. And then they have also said, that sadly it will be 15 people at least then... I am 100% sure, that I will be in those 15 if they are starting with the young people...

And it started... First minute... They went to a child and to her mom and it looked like this:

- Say goodbye from your baby!

- No, please no, she is just only 2 months old, please kill me instead of the baby! – the woman was crying and the worst that the baby was just looking. Looking around with a confused face. She didn't understand at all what is going on... Maybe it was better for her, that she didn't understand.

- Oh, no, no, no, - said the terrorist – I would NEVER kill a baby... it will be you, who is going to kill her! -and he took an empty magazine, and put one bullet into it and he continued – you have got exactly 1 minute left to kill the baby otherwise, I am going to kill you and the baby.

Sadly, that one minute passed so the terrorist grabbed her weapon and shot down the baby first, and left the woman there for a while, until she was crying the most, and then he shot her down as well, and said so

- Alright. One minute left until the next attraction.

I just felt that I will have no chance here. Of course, that one minute passed... The next victim was a 3 years old boy. The worst is that I could think about only one thing and that thing was that maybe it is better to get a bullet in my head. I would die immediately and then I would not need to remember to this day, because it is impossible to live a good life with these pictures in my mind.... Under, I was thinking about it, they had just “sent” the third victim to heaven. It was a very young girl. She could be around five, maybe six...

  Right after this, they've got a call, I just heard that the terrorist says that “then 5 more victims”. I am not gonna survive it, I know. I have got even less chance after I saw that he killed another child. He could be around 10... He just stabbed a knife, right into his neck. I can't write down, what is going on here. Few people are crying, few people are just trying to not look there, and well, most of the people are hopeless now.

Something happened. Or to be more exact, that happened, that now, they've forgot the sequence of the victims. So, they are just saying a name and the person with that name must to stand up. They have also said, that if nobody or the wrong person stands up, then they are going to kill 5 more persons... This is madness.

One more victim... A 13 years old girl. She was so beautiful. Maybe if she could survive... Maybe later, when it is all over... Maybe I could ask her for a date or just anything. But she is laying on the ground now... Laying with a hole on her head. Laying there with the other victims... Soon I will also lay there motionless.

  Under the time I was thinking about it, they've just killed a 14 years old boy. And I know that it will be my turn soon, but you know what? After this, I would not like to live anymore... Anyway, suddenly, Makarov said “okay, you know what? Just shut to fuck off and stay on the ground.” and as soon as he said it, they have just said my name like if he knew that I will be the next. But it was Makarov who stood up and not me. And... And I just saw how do they kill my best friend. I was shocked when I heard the gun and then when Makarov just fell. He just safe me once when I was younger. Some bad guys were beating me and then he just came and helped me. And he was my only friend for many years. I have got friends just because of him. All my friends are his friends as well. I have promised myself that once, I will return it, but now, it is him who is laying on the ground motionless. I am just crying. Crying without any sound. I've just changed my mind. I will survive. I will survive for Makarov. I will survive because I don't want him to die for nothing!

The next victim is a 17 years old girl. She sat right in front of me. But they've just stabbed a knife right into her neck. After that, it was my longest one minute in my life. I just felt inside that the next person will be me. And I had true.

They've just said “Makarov Baranov” right now. I stand up and go to the front of the plane. They are turning me around and kicking my legs out. The guy who is killing everybody says to me that “if you kiss the knife, then you will feel better” and he laughs. Well, I am doing it. If it is my last day, then who cares anyway. And as soon as I kiss it, the emergency door breaks in and a flash bang explodes. And a second later I just hear

- Spetsnaz! Throw down your weapons and put your hands up!

- Spetsnaz! Put your hands up!

- I have got a hostage here, so do not come closer, otherwise, I will kill him! – the hostage was me and he held the knife in front of my neck, but the operator was still walking closer and closer – I repeat. I am going to kill him if you are walking closer! – the operator slowed down but he was still walking closer. And that was the moment when I heard that the front door opens as well, the terrorist looked back for a second and a second later, he was laying on the ground, and I was free. But I didn't feel so. I started to scream and cry and wanted to run away, but an operator just took me and said

- It is alright. You are in safe now!

- No! I want to die! I will never forget it, so I want to die!

- Hey, tss, it is alright. Trust me you will feel better after some time and then you will be happy for you are still alive.

I didn't answer for that; I was just crying. But then I just saw Makarov there, and I remembered what I had promised. That I will survive because of him...

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