The Collector

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Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



The Collector of Pretty Things 





Sometimes I look


At my image reflected


And the face that looks back 


Is strangely unexpected


His face, one so homely, 


Could frighten a child 


Despite a demeanour 


That is gentlemanly and mild


By the glances and the stares 


I can tell my face is not pleasing


But I find the lack of mockery 


In no way appeasing


Often I think 


That if people laughed, and if they pointed 


My witty retorts 


Would leave them disjointed



For though it is beauty 


That my person is lacking


The way of my words


Is ever attracting


But sadly, my voice and my character 


Do not change their views


And with their eyes fixed upon me

I feel destined to loose 


Their sense of respect 


And faith in my discretion


And all just because 


Of a mere first impression


I suppose this has all taught me 


To be confident and strong,


And that if my peers should think otherwise, 


I will know that they are wrong


Besides, if I were born pretty, 


I would be unbearably vain;


It is only my unprepossessing face 


That can keep me sane


Faced with this prospect


Rather than let it fill me with dread


I have decided: 


If I cannot be the pretty thing, 


Why not collect them instead?  


© Copyright 2019 monty r. starkauskas. All rights reserved.

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