the black wolf

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Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



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“The Black Wolf”

The news spread throughout the jungle that the Black Wolf has enforced his new rules. Everybody was afraid of him because he was dangerous, tyrant and dominant in the dwelling place. Everybody wants to look for the way out to know the basic rules. But nobody dare to come out of their dwellings because the army of black wolf was everywhere. Rabbits, monkeys, and elephants moreover other animals were disappointed by this tyrant government. It had happened by the rumors that black wolf had reluctantly killed his cousin lion for the throne and now he is ruling over them.

When it came to the Fox and Jackal, they were quite happy about it. They rejoiced, celebrated and were all in the air. They were saying, “what we need only oil, only oil” which means in their language, they were the commander of those who give them place and feed them. They added more addition to the black wolf rules which were of their owns. Once an illiterate donkey was passing by when the Fox and Jackal saw him. They came close to him, “Hey, fella! Don’t you know about the new rules?” while the miserable donkey none for good said, “No sir, I don’t”. Well, then let me tell ya…. “ Am Mr Jack a far-fetched kin to the black wolf”, when the poor donkey heard this he was shrieked with shivering (An illiterate has no knowledge about the rules, Only afraid of the authority). “And you know what are the new rules, first thing first that the donkey is inferior to other creature, so got mind it, they have to work for the wolf’s relatives” said the Jackal. Fox came forward and am Mrs Fox while in short you’ve to serve us. What we say, how we say and when we say it, you have to obey. We’re your Master now and the poor donkey with tears accepted the offer.

Ambush of tigers, who were the preacher of different religion. Caste and creed by religion Panther, lion, leopard and jaguar. Everyone thought themselves to be superior because they belonged to one species. There have been many fight with the nature of supremacy on religion, sometimes succeeded one while other time others. Actually, these Ambush don’t give a fuck about new rules. They think what are Holy is Holy other things out of mouth of us is mare bush. One fellow loudly spoke, “Here, here, come on, I’ve to tell you the news that Balack Wulaf(Cannot pronounce it correctly) his enforced new rules”. In everybody in the ambush was astonished because this time religion was being kicked out by him. They renounced him as black heretic, a non-believer and an atheist. Every creed and caste declared a war on the zone.

A Dove was constantly observing overall situation of the jungle like guard. The dwelling of poor bids, the nest of pigeons, sparrows, skylark and the dwelling of Nightingales. All of them from land to water from water to sky. She was so curious about the sacrifices of innocent lambs. Whenever, there was attack or war on the jungle. They were being sacrificed and nobody credited them, they were harmless, they were innocent and they were peaceful. She was examining the harmony of world in two three years, month or a day. But when the news came to her about the Black Wolf. She cried!! She cried because she had seen the same days before two times with two generations. They have lost the dwelling, nations and generations in rules regulations, religion and materialization. She want something instead of war, destruction and disturbance. It may be peace, health, education and job. Where investing money on war for caste and creed why not for the civilization but no! Black Wolf won’t do that.

The evening approached, the black wolf seized his army, “O people, thou are the brave people on earth, what we want only civilization of the poor and inferior races, does though be black or white, we have to take this task on our shoulders” as he addressed the gathering. The whole atmosphere echoed with clapping and slogan sounds of BLACK wolf, Balak woulaf, Balk wulf. “Listen! We the superior had get the chance to bring some extraordinary changes in the system, therefore, it should be noted, poor has to work for the whole month while their wages would be only ten cent”. Again, the crowd cheered because they were the aristocrats. Our policy is neat and clean kick the religious monks out either by hook or crook but again there’s easy way “divide and rule”. A huge echoed bounced in the jungle Wow, clapping and BLACK WOLF, BLACK WOLF….. he has been activated his army for the destruction!!.

Here and there they were eager for war, one side on the religion while other on the patriotism of new rules of his leader. When Fox heard the news about the rivalry between the ambush of tigers and the herd of black wolfs. She with Mr jack went to the ambush of tigers and told them, “Look, if religion is kicked out, everybody would be an atheist then no God, no Allah, no Krishna and no Christ, see you have to fight for your religion”. Every creed and caste prepared themselves to save their religion, they don’t care about their lives, their property and blood. Mrs Fox had promised with jackal on one condition, she will marry him if he get the throne. Now, Mr jack is finding every way to get there at once, either by hook or crook.

The army of Black Wolf spread everywhere, telling different caste and creed. “O look, you are white you're different than black”, “O look, you are Christian, You are Hindu, You are Muslim and you are Jew”. Know your place on earth. God send you for what, only to fight for his sake. Throughout the jungle like an earthquake disharmony happened. Everybody prepared their swords, knives and guns to fight and to have place in the battle. This division even went too far to sectarianism. They were feeling proud of their own race. The tumult atmosphere disturbed the very ways of life. Life was very hard now, massacres everywhere, killing and bloodshed by the Black Wolf army. Black Wolf was happy because of the increased market for his weapons to be sold.

Dove was very disappointed she did what was worth of her doing. She collected all the species of birds and preached them, “There’s no better religion than humanity”. We have to stop this bloodshed and killing. Thousands of dwelling had been distracted. Animals have become homeless, they don’t have anything to eat, wear or drink. If today we hate each other on the reason of caste and creed, it will never stop. We can stop this happening collectively. Her speech contained emotions and emotions have direct ways to heart. Sparrow, Eagle, Skylark, Nightingale and many more were there to help. Dove addressed, “If we care for the feelings of others, he too would do so for us. If we rebuke someone feelings the other many do the same with us. Life is not what you live for yourself, life is what you lived for others. Today hatred has so much dominant that we’ve forgotten that we’re being creature. Life is beautiful if we look around these trees are our heaven, our paradise, these flowers, these fruits and vegetables. Why would we being a creature will disturb this harmony of universe? We have to sing the beauty hymns, we have to take care of each other, nobody is gonna come down to earth to help us.” Everybody as listened as cried, words have sometimes emotions to touch the heart.

When everything was on its peak then Mrs Fox share her idea to Jackal, “We have to fire up the jungle so we would blame the Black Wolf, for this act”. Mr Jack agreed because he wanted her deeply and he would do anything for her. And they did fire up the jungle, they fire one part of the jungle and spread the news that Black Wolf had lit the jungle on fire because a poor donkey has not admitted the new rules and one of the tigers sect has blame the other. When this news waves through the jungle on third time the war begun in the jungle. When the civilization have gone on the top. War between sectarian and war between caste and creed. The jungle was on fire and the poor donkey hanged himself due to the Burden of charged because he can’t afford it. Dove and his company tried to bring peace but the jungle was on fire. Black Wolf killed thousands of different ambush of tigers. Fox and Jackal was happily watching the scene but suddenly, one of the arrow hit the jackal neck and straightly died. Mrs Fox run away to save her life. When Black Wolf saw the dove and her company bringing water to off the fire, he blast a bomb on them and they went all into ashes. Her last words of dying was, “Peace, Peace and Peace”. The whole Jungle in the neck of time was turned into black ashes, the Black wolf was out of it. He saw a slight and slim Fox sitting there. He went for her, she was sobbing. He hugged her and kiss her, “Don’t worry dear. I’m here” said the Black Wolf. She cleared her tears and said, “My whole life I wanted a king like you”. They happily kissed and the jungle turned into black ashes. They Black Wolf saw on a note in Mrs Fox diary, “Do what you wanna do, when you have power, who cares, to be asked nobody dares”. They laughingly said, “Let the religion goes to God and Humanity into men”.


Wisal Ahmad (Dwaa_Maddy)


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