Little Boys

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: church mouse productions

Ruth has dressed for her date tonight with the same taste of futility she had submitting profiles to dating sites and following all the carefully choreographed steps of e-mail ritual leading up to
dinner-and-a-movie with a stranger.

A taste of futility, because she's already planning how this encounter will end in futility - with no kind of romance. Because that's the way all the rest of her first dates have ended.

Sure enough, that is the case. Fast forward a few hours, and she's marinating in a bottle of reasonably-priced California white - knocking it back without wanting to dirty a glass - then falls
asleep on the couch wondering what path less taken she should have taken to have a life not spent alone.

She doesn't have much of a nap: interrupted by the sound of a Harley running straight pipes. She bought a house on a cul-de-sac to avoid this kind of thing. But evidently the bike has business on
her street.

Not only on her street. In her yard. Then not only in her yard. But on her porch.

And now in her living room - after sliding right through her front door.

The bike is carrying just one rider. Not unfamiliar to her. It's Slammer. Her very first boyfriend - and he's looking pretty good for someone who's been dead so long.

Ruth keeps a pistol in the house for self-defense. But three bullets go right through Slammer with no effect before he explains that tonight is the night that Ruth is going to be visited by three
spirits, etc. etc. etc.

It's not a very original approach. But Slammer's not a very original guy.

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