The Many Lives Of

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Life is so complicated. Sometimes, peoples' lives converge with each other, affecting the future. And they may not even know about it.

Table of Contents


“Captain, our hooks are ready!” yelled a man from the crow’s nest. “Let me get mine fastened, and then we’ll pull at the sa... Read Chapter

The Creation

“Where… Where am I?” he said to himself. “Hello? Anyone there?” Everything was just darkness. No, not darkness. Nothing. Th... Read Chapter

The Traveller

“Septimus, wake!” said a man with a long, ripped coat. His face bore the scars of many a battle, and his hair was jet-black and overg... Read Chapter

The Scavenger

Beep! Beep! Beep! Just another day in life. Inside his L.A. apartment, making his L.A. food. The residence was kind of cramp and rund... Read Chapter

The Pirate

“Cap’n?” he yelled, coughing from the smoke. He was laying on a piece of driftwood. All around the water was debris, mostly planks ... Read Chapter

The Agent

“042 is in position,” he said through the microphone in his left ear. He was sent to intercept an array of stolen critical documentat... Read Chapter

The Journey

“We’re to reach the Kingdom in a half-day’s time, my friend,” the Captain said, with the flames of the night campfire illuminatin... Read Chapter

The Savior

 “What’s the mission again, boss?” asked Sue through the earpiece.  “Get in, trash the place, get out,” 042 repli... Read Chapter

The Shuttle

“Attention tourists, the spaceport will be closed in approximately 5 minutes,” blared the PA. “Oh no, Julie, we’re about to b... Read Chapter

The Garrison

“We have to stay quiet,” Jory said. She and Bobby were behind a broken concrete wall, spying on the gang of looters that held their f... Read Chapter

The Halloween

It was a dark and scary night. We went to a Halloween party in Springfield, Las Vegas. Before we got to the actual party, a spooky,... Read Chapter

The Runaway

“Hey, kid, get back here!” the man in blue shouted, breathlessly. “Sorry, I ain’t too keen on getting nicked.” The ... Read Chapter

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