My Birthday Memories Ahead

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This day caught up in a dream page, I may thank God who has gifted us this role. Loved ever let our commitment embrace a special message lived within a heart feelings. This friendship we serve here
for our living Earth itself has many unique stories. May a gift you make share and fulfill the soulful spirit in remaking peace and joy as our hope for new generation. So much do I love this gift
on all these days I humbly share my birthday memories ahead here. May your draft seek this friendship why we are born to win everywhere sharing a gift of happiness.

Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



Friendship may ever meet this destiny,

We find our companionship close to heart,

God may not be so wild for these expressions,

In a beauty of heaven I find our compassion close to our soul,

Some soul searching breathing far abound with grace from above,

I dream so much never need to be forgotten,

We have a question always flower colour its boundaries,

Without you the sky feel its silence,

I don't say it as lust,

For God is an evergreen shade committing for our days here,

I feel pages of history review the values your life is so much indebted,

Feeling near my vision I can see the vaccum experience growing up today,

To feel compassion as a message,

The night never will be long,

As waves swim its beauty on our soul,

There is a narrator for these lines of happiness,

Near forgiven when we look back,

Always hopeful when we look ahead,

Feeling I never understood your words,

I saw someone telling me new stories yesterday,

Humbly over the chat our oracle may have drafted,

More than any hearts words the great love is a feeling made for one true companion,

I value this missionary so close when you are near,

 Soul writes many pages unfolded as it come back as our untravelled shade,

You are not my soulmate,

For life has a good reason,

Whenever I think so deeply,

I find humbleness where you shine,

You may ask what life has given us,

For you are my friend,

Wherever this play unfolds,

More than few words for our review,

Asking you untouched in luckly invested friendship,

Every unknown source meet a comparison to accomplish,

Meeting a moment I will be waiting,

Not only for the reality to correct a comeback,

But forever understanding when you stood by us,

When the world hugged your silence in a time of fear,

Your every act of innocence never overplayed as a gift for us,

When you are pages that made broken over feelings uncounted as crafted yesterday,

Your call for support appraise the very end humanity needs,

It is a time your chains overvalued our desting in a making ever,

How will friendship smile your closeness you make holding our memories welcome back for a reality in making?

I may not be waiting here,

For time has given all we have,

I may be moved forward,

For a search has given all hope wished,

I may not be curious,

For your rebirth in our young destiny break the unaccomplished,

I may not be falling,

For your wish celebrate a moment we were waiting for,

Today the time has come,

For time has answers we are searching for,

Today this research is not endless,

For thanksgiving finds our test in reality,

Here the first response comes from answering the unknown,

Far where we are now,

Never gave you the reasons undiscovered,

Our path is not wrong unless it does the right,

Where the wind changed its flow from a heart,

I know the stories of friendship feel the unknoted blessings,

In this character I see a collections untravelled,

Blessing you every track in a boundless flow unforgettable,

Our difficulties are making this challenge can bond in future,

Here mysteries are given for an anxious mind,

Giving you a remake in an act of taking you ahead,

Wherever that may take you,

May God never forget this friendship made for humanity,

Our lessons inspire us to innovate,

Learnings find this score a celebration,

When history retraces its begining,

You will have a companion to recite its unfolded tracks,

It will break off the shame,

Where this will change your life,

I call someone who fear this may express as I grow up today,

For listening within everyday make this unending,

An untold feeling in our unhurted relationship,

May test your plans meeting you ahead in this way,

For some relationship are always so special,

To come together as a family in rebounded many wishes may be anywhere,

If you remember our planet will see this hope in new emotions,

Life will share our goodness all that may be won in a deepest wish,

All humanity has found in a less life lived here,

A beat unforgetable made us so given for this flowery friendship from heaven above,

For a given gift of hope lifted my heart to tell our story relived here,

I may thank God wherever my friends whom I find near these shores of heaven,

Traslate in action how special feeling is a loved celebration,

For everything in our birth a heart gave this spirit in our soul within,

May you know I have asked you only is a hope,

If you feel this as your actors portal on this living Earth,

More than some sayings in time,

A spoken perfection you will always try to be the best,

Will retreat those speechless within for a freedom God has given you?

How much more than a beautiful moment feel the streets so vacant where the candle is still burning embracing all the beauty you have crafted in your smile ?

For wherever this untold story seeks a true witness,

There will be our planet made to share a secret reborn to untouch your greatness,

On this longest day I may invest for some steps time made as a draft worked endlessly,

I hope we may seperate a living epic for a lifetime lived here,

Where we work smartly and help a grant God has given us,

Where happiness feels a mad man our Living Earth crafted for this safety,

And all madness within invested in this true friendship with Gods creation,

How long you may never forget this feeling,

Itself is my simple story of our friendship,

Commited we may keep peace with our common home here,

Welcoming as one family fighting together in time and space,

We are told this dream will be born in our life here,

Where we ask only a help to be granted,

May God feels reality has no seperation in this mirage,

Unless the blindness itself is our seperated reality,

Where a human find all his goodness forgotten in a dream,

As a fortune we will make in a hope that survives,

If you feel we shine here,

A billion hearts ask for this grant from you,

To rank every word gifted for our oneness,

Let us celebrate the birth these days are so alive now,

May God leave this handicraft for our new world here... :)

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