Life-Okay or Not Okay

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Poem describing how I am and my opinion on life, please give me your opinions on what you think about life,thanks and hope you enjoy okay.

Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



Sometimes I get lost, never considering the cost

A lot of times I’ll wear a fake face, feeling like a lost case

I try to be more outgoing, but it’s hard to satisfy

I’m going through life, always in disguise

I’m just here, hoping something great is near

Every day is the same, I don’t like change

Maybe I should, but don’t know if I could

If someone needs a hand, I’ll help I’m that kind of man

I would like to try to improve, but this is hard for me to do

It’s probably not good to hide how you feel; this is not the way to heal

Life can be a challenge to overcome, and I prefer to face it alone

I don’t like asking for advice much, there’s no one I fully trust

I often wonder why, I don’t like anything about life

People say life is what you make it, and that’s one thing you don’t forget

People also say don’t let things bother you, and this is the truth

I just think life sucks, and I’m not one to give up

So I’ll just keep on going, not knowing what I’ll find

It’s just the same old every day, just trying to make my way

This is what I say, ok  

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