Little Girls

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Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



Once upon a time, there was a little girl.

She lived in her little world.

In the land called Innocence.

Her residence there, however, wouldn’t be for long.


She was beautiful and lovely.

Adorned with pretty ribbons and bows.

Born to await her Prince Charming.

Everything the little girl learns and does is for the attention of this man.

A man!

Because this is a man’s world!


Little girls are polite and quiet.

Their voices soft and fair.

Little girls wear pretty, little dresses.

Little girls have long, flowing hair.


Little girls wear dainty clothes.

Little girls don’t wear pants

But, you don’t care why she continues to show up with looser shirts and bigger pants

The little girl would rather wear her pants.

To rid herself of easy access.

Don’t force the little girl to wear that dress!

Don’t strip her of her defense mechanism against this man’s world!

This is indeed a man’s world!

Not so safe for the little girls.


Little girls aren’t noticed.

They are taught to be seen and not heard.

Little girls aren’t heard.

The screams aren’t heard!

The cries for help aren’t heard!

The only way she is permitted to speak is if she apologizes first!

The fire in her tongue quenched by waves of  “I’m sorry, but.”


Little girls are strong.

Teach her to be strong because she will be relentlessly torn down from the day of her birth.

Stripped of her dignity.

Never able to keep her own name.

A monthly hemorrhage leeching the little life that  little girls have left.

Every month little girls rebuild only to be pulled down again.

Her dreams dashed away.


Little girls can’t be powerful

Unless she agrees to sign her name as bitch.

Tattoo it on her forehead.

Wear it as a badge of honor every time she refuses to subject herself to this man’s world.

Becaus this is absolutely a man’s world!

Not so safe for little girls.  

Little girls don’t belong here!

Little girls just don’t…

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