heart of a saint, life of a sinner.

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heart of a saint, life of a sinner.

Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



I got a message from her saying, “we need to talk” I can’t call right now. I am busy. maybe tomorrow? I knew something was wrong.

You meet thousands of people in your small life. In those thousands, only a hundred of them make the pages of your book of life, and in those special hundreds, you choose the most special person to call her your “best friend”.

You know, The greatest sweetener of human life is friendship. To raise this to the highest pitch of enjoyment is a secret which very few discover. Waiting for her in the college daily morning, Studying the whole syllabus before the exam in the library just to be with her, wiping her tears when she cries, and a constant try to make her smile for a while. In short, it becomes your priority in life to make every moment in her life beautiful and blissful.

But relationships tend to pass through a bridge made up of love and trust. and so we did create that bridge. The regular Sharma Ji’s Pani-Puri. The late night walks on Marine Drive, the vada pav of the Charni road station, the occasional sangria of mockingbird cafe and that sneaking out of the hostel to create some more magical moments together. But the showers of hate on our bridge of relationship destroyed it in such a way that each plate of our love put together by the rope of trust separated from one another. I am unable to forget the day when she spoke to me like she used to speak to others. Like she doesn’t know me. Like I never existed. After hundreds of ignored messages, and some accidental phone calls. The court of my heart finally agreed with the decision that something is wrong. So I called her. She never picked up, and when she did, it was only to say I have no time. I will talk to you later.

Time..friends I have never seen a Chameleon, like Time. Sometimes its good for someone and sometimes its bad for someone. Time changes colour so fast that it becomes very difficult to even understand past and future. According to me the only people who can understand time are those with no time left. So she never got time again, and I never got time with her again. The only thing which I got was an answer, that I don’t like to spend time with you anymore. It became so difficult to accept and understand the changes I was going through, that everything she said to me was even more bitter than the beer we used to share. Just couldn’t slide it down my throat.

We are not statues of principals. No matter how good your intentions are if you don’t know the right way to express it, then even God takes “Azaan” as a habit. My heart was pure but I guess my words were polluted. I was hurt. I was burning in the heat of a broken relationship and the broken promises.

But I feel no regret, and I feel no grudge. Not because I have tried enough but because when relationships take a turn, then thousands of sorries are also less for your few mistakes. and when people change, then thousands of memories are less in front of that change. She said to me on the phone that “who you are?” , so I know that I am no one, that I don’t exist anymore in her life.

Something you can take with you from the story is Intentions changes and so the tone. When the Time changes, the people tend to change with it.

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