Your blind empathy will wreak havoc no longer

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A lot of people lack self-reflection. Try to reflect over your own choices and if they truly lead to the optimal. Widen your perception of reality. It will take you a long and gruesome but worthy

Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



You destroy the walls which keep us safe
You destroy the love for which we strive
You build the bridges for savages to rush in
Making it impossible for true beauty to stay alive

Your blind empathy wreaks havoc in our lives
Genuine kindness only exists when it breeds itself. 
If your "goodness" stabs the genuines with knives
Then your own blind weakness makes you inherently evil. 

You break apart the things of which bind us
You tear a hole in loves sweet and soothing chest.

You ruin it...

For us who struggle through all the pain,
But still manage to maintain
a light within that shines so bright
A courage which wavers not by fright.

If you truly cared for others deep within your heart
You would show it to the ones worthy of your love from the start
But from reality, both your mind and heart they part. 

For of which we worked so hard for to bake
You offer our lives and not your own 
Cause all you are is so selfish and fake! 
Cutting up and stealing our life-filled tart. 

The tart of which we cannot move on without
An energy that gone to waste.

We keep struggling so blindly for no reason
We work for a society that cares not for it's people.
We work for a society that would rather break us apart 
Than to do what's smart. 




Do you think it's right for them to defile the minds of our young?
Would you take the fight to do what truly is right?
Or are you too weak? 
If so, you're not unique.

All you are is trash, and that is of which you will be remembered, if you'll be remembered at all.

We all have a spark to ignite within our hearts
It takes courage, it takes strenght
Within you must possess extraordinary arts
To with that light go through any length.

But don't lie or put on a charade
You won't be able to decieve these eyes
They'll watch your despicable parade 
And see through all your empty lies.

You have a choice, do it right
Or i'll erase this ugly sight 
I'll watch you burn and watch you writhe
Either reap what you sowed
Or get reaped by my scythe. 

For i will not pity nor show mercy 
To those of you, who are not worthy...

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