The Warlock's Execution

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Forsaken Rhymes And Poems From Beyond Time

The last thoughts and curses of a tried and condemned warlock moments before the gallows.

Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



From a throat choked by rope

Came the guttural cry of lost hope


As  the lunatics mobbed


Had his dignity robbed


Shackled maimed feet


Led by his noose through the streets


Tore asunder both wings



All behold the fallen warlock king


Third eye plucked out


No more demon tongue

Or incantations spawning from his lungs


Make him slave to gravity

His mind becomes a hollow cavity


Bled dry of tears


There goes a being of endless years


Weep with blood


Then bury him under the mud


Leave to atrophy


Provided thy testimony


I sought reprisal high and low


I made a pact with the dark lords below


I spew forth plagues to taint their soil


To break their backs with fever as their bodies toil


I crept under the shadow of purity

To unleash my terrors in obscurity 


In my hour of pious wane

I drank in the powers of the profane


I turned to boundless catechism


Splitting the great whole with my schism


Behold my anathema of benediction

Flowered from my own spells and convictions


Sacrilege in Gethsemane manifest

Sevenfold nemesis awakes from rest

Anointed sin became flesh


A new mind made fresh


I emerged as the accuser of all

I made the prince born still in the royal halls


Hark the universe cries forlorn

Me the maker of the unborn


Bleeds from black lungs of hell

I the caster of these unholy spells


The crowd called for the rope around his neck


In two minutes he dropped and was forever wrecked


But his words cut like a sword


This man who served the infernal lord

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