Chapter 2: Gearing Up!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 89

“Well, that remains ...” he offered to take her hand and finished “to be seen” as she extended her hand over to him to take.

He suddenly jerked her into a waltzing pose and they started to twirl towards the car’s front, he stopped with her back to the car. She raised an eyebrow, “done with the waltz, are we?” And he suddenly flattened her on the front still supporting her back.

“It depends” he said as he straightened her up from that uncomfortable position still holding her in that stance.

“Alright Mr. Depends, I understand. Now we ... wha,” her sentence was cut short when she felt his index finger tracing her spine from bottom to top, “sto-stop,” she pushed him away as he pinched her on the neck. Her breath became a bit disrupted by the sudden behavior of her friend. He backed off and went to the car, opened the door put a hand on his chest and bowed like a butler gesturing her to take the opened seat.

“Hunh, fine. Do your job well or else ...” she warned as she took the seat.

“Yes, my lady,” he replied closing the door and moments later took the driver’s seat, “shall we begin?”

“You don’t need to ask,” she replied with a smile.

He drove slowly, they talked about different things, places they wanted to go things they wanted to eat and exchanged laughs, jokes and insults across. A lively environment was in the car until he quieted down for quite a while.

“What happened?” she asked, a bit worried.

“I want to go a bit fast, do you mind gearing up the car for me?” He said in a sharp breath, scratching his chin.

“Alright,” just as she put her hand on the gear he clasped her hand there and pushed the gear up but didn’t let go. The harder she tried, the more strength he put in his grasp.

“You’ve changed the gear, right?” she asked with a stuttering voice.

“Another,” he said as he geared up the car another time still holding her hand, now more tightly.

“Kirk, stop this nonsense,” she tried freeing her hand by using the other one but his grip wasn’t wearing down. Instead, now it started to hurt.

“One last push,” he exhaled as he knew driving in this gear with only a single hand and a split mind will be difficult but he did it anyways and stepped on the gas harder, speeding up the car.

“Kirk you’re hurting me, stop.” hearing this he came back to reality and immediately loosen his grip.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t in my right mind” his hand shivered from sudden realization, but the chance was tempting and he wanted to grab her hand again.

“Watch the road,” she screamed and ducked her head on her knees.  His eyes widen up at the sudden information and he snappily shifted to the lower gear and reeled the steering wheel to the right jumping over the pedestrian pavement on to one way and off to the street which just happened to be there.

“Phew, that was something else, eh?” he exclaimed as he braked the car to a rest.

“Shut up, you idiot, you almost got us killed” she was angry, teary and was punching, slapping and what not.

“We’re alive, we really are” he tried talking but the attack was fierce and he was having difficulty controlling her.

“You ‘re an idiot, idiot Kirk, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot ...” she went on and on until he hugged her.

“Yeah, I’m your idiot. Now stop with this idiot stuff.” Realizing his mistake, he was ashamed but didn’t show that to her. Calming her down took a big bite out of their time but, it was worth it, he thought. He wanted to see her in every flavor available.

“There, there girl, you’re alright and I’m here too. Good girl,” he patted her head, soothed her as her sobbing subsided.

“Don’t do that again,” she looked into his eyes and said sternly,

“Yes, my lady.” he smirked, closing his eyes, Oh I’m going to be such a bad boy today, he chuckled.

Submitted: September 03, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Stagnate. All rights reserved.


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