A Date for Two

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Ice-cream and Hell

Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



He was in deep thoughts, trying to plan something in his head which thankfully she didn’t notice due to her chatterbox characteristics. They both entered the parlor, took the menu from which he ordered a plain chocolate ice cream, two scooped and she ordered a tutti-frutti, two scoops. As they were settling down in their chairs he stood up fast

“We should sit in our car, that’d be more comfortable don’t you think?” to which she raised a suspicious eyebrow, but gave in as she knew he wasn’t going to listen to her.

“If you say so,” she stood up, still holding her cup

“Very well,” he smoothed his hairs back and grabbed her by the waist, “let’s go,” and smirked

“Why ... are you suddenly a man again?” she asked, in an indifferent tone

“Because you’re mine,” he whispered slowly and sexily in her ear, then bit it lightly which sent shivers down her spine. He tucked her closer and went to the reception, paid to bill and said, “shall we move out?” and winked her to which she just stuck her tongue out in response and shook her head in defeat.

Holding the ice cream cups, they reached their car and suddenly he rubbed his finger on her skin from where he had cut the triangular pieces in her fabric. At first it tickled but then Sandy’s knees and senses started to give in the attack as he tenderly moved the finger here and there on her torso joint. He put his cup on the hood of the car and caught her in time but didn’t let go of tickling her until Sandy was completely on his support, she was numb, out of breath and panting heavily in his arms. He steadily opened the door, “Stop this ... I’ll,” Sandy managed to get a few words out but when he moved his finger over her hipbone she freaked out and gasped, loudly trying to turn around she gave out a moan as he doubled the attack with his left finger rubbing her left side from the other triangle. She was now in a really bad position, her hands were on the edges of the opened door, her legs were outside the car and she was half seated and half in air. The tickle made her helpless, out of breath and, so hot, Kirk thought to himself as he grabbed her sides in his hands and listened to her cries and moans. She suddenly released her hands from the car’s door and fell flat on her head inside the car hitting the emergency brake with a loud “ouch” which broke Kirk’s momentum of tickles and he stood up with a heavy sigh.

Freed from the onslaught she readily kicked him away, tucked herself in the seat slamming the door shut. He then presented her with the ice cream and earning him a slap which made his ear ring. She immediately settled down, picked up some of her ice-cream with her left finger and seated the cup on the bonnet of the car. He came around the car with a no-sound ear and sat himself on the driver’s seat quietly with a wide “whaaat” pasted across his face.

She tapped his shoulder, to which he responded. She than forced rotated him towards her and before he could react she smeared his nose with some ice cream, bolted right to it and kissed-ate it. They were in that pose for a good 15 seconds, her right hand resting on his thigh, left hand on his chest and her supporting leg hurting due to it being on the emergency brake. She than bit his nose suddenly and he fell on his head to the door by her sudden push as she departed from his face with a slow recession of her hand.

“You don’t get to do that okay, I’m angry that’s why I did it” she said.

“Yeah,” he replied with wide and astounded eyes. Clearing his throat he then seated himself properly.

“Did you ... did you like it?” she said and took a spoon out of his cup, “it’s chocolate only, so boring. Just like you.”

“Yeah, I sure did” he smiled replaying the scene in his mind, “and so are you colorful,” he took a spoon out of her cup “like this tutti-frutti. Now open wide, AAA” he said hovering the spoon near her lips. She complied and then did the same thing, he just replicated the scenario not wanting to upset her any further. He did saw the hesitation in her eyes yet he was determined to find an opportunity, an opening, a slight chance but it seemed farfetched. Maybe she’s gotten a bit depressed by my advances, but I still will wait, he thought to himself as he filled his mouth with another spoon of ice-cream.

“I want to taste tutti-frutti at the end, if you don’t mind” he said in a requesting tone.

“Fine,” she replied dropping half of her final spoon back in the cup. I’m not going to get this chance again, he thought and immediately set aside his emptied cup and smeared his finger with liquid chocolate.

“That’s all I’ve got,” he said hovering his finger and looking dismayed at the amount offered.

“Hahahaha, men and men after all” with that she cleaned his finger then picked up her leftover ice cream on her finger, set the cup aside and said, “open wide Mr.” Without wasting a single instance, he grabbed her hand and shoved the finger in his mouth, closing his eyes he licked her finger clean from the front, from the back and then her finger vanished in his warm mouth and he started making variety of noises and expressions that reddened her cheeks in, and from embarrassment. She desperately wanted to get that finger out but his face looked like a kid’s tasting her favorite candy. Perplexed at the current situation, when she saw his eyes open for an instance, they were clouded and inconsistent, she freaked out.

“Kirk, no ...” She inhaled sharply, “you’re making me” without thinking further she moved her other hand to shove some sense into him but he intercepted her hand with his elbow and immediately caressed her lips as he retreated his face from her finger with an audible slurp, all while holding her hand tightly.

“Don’t stop me” he licked his lips and again dived into his meal making some hot noises and inappropriate actions. She wasn’t feeling well, emotionally or mentally, he was behaving lustfully and the face he made was not helping her calm herself down either. Helpless, frightened, elated and heavily breathing she decided of fighting fire with fire but just as she closed her lips he bent his finger causing her mouth to open wide up.

“Not in my game dear,” he said still holding her hand, and panting. Both of them were heavily sweating, and were out of breath. The temperature in the car was high but the two were on an even higher degree Celsius.

Their breath mingled, “I’ll taste you through” he closed in and leaned backwards “and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” His chin had drools from his interacting with her sleek finger. Taking in the scenario with heavy breaths, he looks … extra hot, she thought and shuddered at her own thoughts.  Now’s not the time, she steadied her thoughts and breath slowly as he left her hand, still holding her mouth open with his finger that she had forgotten in her fantasies.

“That tasted like life I’ll tell you,” he said huskily, wiping the drool traces with a napkin. Removing his finger, he wiped the drool off of her chin, an action that brought her to Earth. With a click he raised the black shades of his car.  She was at loss of emotions, was she supposed to be sad, or be elated, she was thinking about it when his warm and velvety voice alarmed her and she saw him clean his finger that was in her mouth a few moments ago, and with another click he locked the doors.

“And that my dear, tasted like heaven.” He grabbed her by her shoulders, and settled her straight on the chair, “and now,” he exhaled as he started getting up and near “I’m eager to taste hell ...”

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