She Is Coming

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In so long, so long, I have never found myself in this situation.

Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



She’s coming.

Coming here.

Coming to me.

Coming to our revelation,

Our point,

In which true connection can be formed.


After so long,

So long of nothing.

Nothing but screens.

Screens with words,

Texts, messages,

A voice with no face,

A face with no voice.

That was all I ever knew,

Until now.


Until now,

She was but a dream.

A dream of the perfect one,

The one who would change my life forever.

The one who would fill in the gaps,

Cleanse the poison,

And feed the empty hole of happiness.

Simply a dream,

One that I could see, just in front of me,

But I could never touch,

And it would never last.


Ever since the first message sent,

I had a feeling.

A feeling, that I’d never known before.

A feeling I’d heard of all too often,

But only just then realized.

A feeling, of hope,

Of relief,

Of excitement.

A feeling of desire,

Of anxiety,

Of fear.


This one, this girl.

The one I only knew through the screens.

I felt as if she could be,

Something special.

A half for my missing half.

One to complete the circle,

And color in the drawing.


But with these thoughts, came the dark reality.

No matter what I felt, or wanted,

She was just words and a voice on the screen.

Nothing more.

No matter what I attempted,

She was nothing more.

She wasn’t a part of me, not at all.


Until now.


Until now when she is finally,

Finally, on the road to me.

And I am on the road to her.


It is a road,

I have never walked along.

It is a road, I only knew as an idea,

But not as a truth.

Now it is.

A truth in which I step upon,

With my own two feet.

I can feel it,

Its rough bumps,

Its deep gashes,

And oil spills,

And backed up traffic.

The sun in the distance,

Rising into the sky.

Rising, as a new hope spawns in my world.


A new world, is just ahead of me.

A world that I no not how it will think of me.

This world may tear me apart,

And leave me with regret and pain.

Or it may embrace and nurture me,

And leave me with joy and euphoria.

One road, leads to one end.

An end I’m willing to take.

Who knows,

It may be worth it.


But what about her?

I can never tell what she thinks.

Has she been on this road before?

Is it easy to traverse,

And easy to escape from?

Does she know the outcome,

Before it even happens?

Am I the end of the road,

Or am I just an obstacle?


Are our paths ones to connect,

Or ones to pass?

Is that passage,

Out of happy or sad parting?

What am I to expect from the ending I receive?


Should I expect who I know from the screens,

Or should I expect someone else?

Is this person,

Who I want,

Or is it who I hate?

Am I the person she wants,

Or am I the person she hates?


All these wonders, all these possibilities, all these questions.

All I can do is,

Follow the road ahead,

Step by step,

And carefully,

Reach the end.


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