The lake

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Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



We could all ask why.

We could spend countless moments trying to remedy what's been broken.

Endless effort could be exerted.

We would still drown.

We would still fight for our lives and the future they hold until all the breath had gone out of us.

The lake would swallow us no matter how hard we fought to float above the surface.

We were weightless, once.

No burden to hold us down, we didn't swim, we were flying!

No drug could've gotten anyone so high as the atmosphere we exhaled in the presence of one another.

But slowly; surely.

What once went up had to come down.

Bit by painful bit, we began digging into the soil of sorrow.

Overcome by the throes of life, we dug deeper every day. Eventually, deeper every moment.

Finally, the tears began to fill the pit we had so absentmindedly constructed.

One day, I couldn't feel you beside me anymore.

As the waves pulled us apart

The hurt pulled us down.

And now, we've become nothing more than two grains of sand on opposite ends of this expanse.

I would find you.

I would find me.

But I can't seem to find the urgency anymore.

The lull of the lake has most assuredly drowned my sorrow.

Right along with my will to breathe.

I would apologize.

But it wouldn't matter.

No fault or foul brought this about.

The lake, as all things, was always imminent.

The beginning was merely a delightful start to the end.

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