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Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018




I just wrote a letter that will never be read

Not by you nor by any soul upon this earth

My dear friend, my old friend, wherever you are

I write this addressed to nobody

Because there’s nobody that could save us now

Not you nor me, but you found absolution

Within the red, white, and blue

That’s draped over the slab of wood

Within which you lie, for it’d be a lie

To say that you sacrificed yourself for nothing.

There is much within this world I wish to explore

And naught of it is what has happened here

My heart turned black, black like blood

Dried upon your pauldrons that you wore

That fateful night, gunfight, I saw

You say goodnight to me, goodbye

And at least you had the courtesy to say that

For life hadn’t the courtesy to give you back.

And I can feel the pain in the words you said

The goodbyes you gave, to all of us.

I came too late, too soon in a way

Too soon to save me from the farewell

That you gave the world in that eve,

And now I can say that the storms don’t

Bother me, not one bit, ont in the least

For in the rain, I may weep

Without the dreaded words

Are you alright? Those words I uttered

To you. You know we grow with little hope,

You and I, we became friends, like children

Running in a field of imagination, the sun

Shining down upon them with a smiling face

And I can say, I miss the sun nowadays

For all that is left are stone sentinels

And words that were left unspoken

To you, from me, from us, from us all.

Does it hurt? I wish I could ask. I wish I could know

What you felt that day, in my arms

With the red, the white, the blue upon my shoulder

Ripped apart by bullets from yours

What did you feel? Was it regret? Or pain?

I feel regret, regret that we stood in that dirt

Desperately fighting for a freedom we

Already had. You had a family, a cold one

But a family with us, a caring family, warm.

I said goodbye to too many, but not to you,

I never said goodbye. I said “You’ll be okay”

And I lied that day, as I always do,

Just to see if it tasted right on my tongue.

But it didn’t, nothing ever does, and I knew

I had lied. And as red pooled in orange sand

I had to wish you farewell, farewell my friend.

And now, as the dirt welcomes you,

All I can say is goodbye, instead of the hello

I gave you each day you stepped into my life.

I don’t mind the storms anymore, the rain

For it is the only time I may weep for you

Without someone asking my what I hadn’t asked you:

Are you alright?

I lied to you, said it would be alright,

And then the flags fell to half mast

And I said goodbye



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