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This is the beginning of a story about my first adventure with LSD. I could talk for days on the experience, but this is a start. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading!

Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



I had heard and read a lot about LSD and tripping from many different sources (including my parents, avid drug users in their younger years) before deciding that I wanted to try it for myself. I began reading more articles and comments about the recommended dosage, the come up, the peak, the after glow, ego death, etc..

I made a friend online. This friend lived in Canada and was a fellow atheist. We bonded over our mutual hate of organized religion and we quickly became trusted pals. At some point during our strictly online relationship the topic of LSD entered our conversation, wherein I expressed my interest in the chemical and its psychedelic properties.

We arranged to have 4 tabs mailed to me, 2 for me and 2 for a trusted friend who lived closer to me and who claimed to be a "trip shaman". Based on what I had read online and my shaman friend's personal experience, we assumed the hits we were receiving were dosed at around 115ug each (we would later discover that each hit was dosed at around 250ug)...

My plan was to take one 115ug hit, as it was my first time. I would save the second for a rainy day. We got a hotel room in order to control the environment while we dropped, and my shaman brought all kinds of snacks, orange juice (he said would elevate the trip), some weed and a bong, his laptop, and his cat (Lola).

We didn't check into the hotel in till around 10pm because of some unforseen circumstances throughout the day. Upon arrival, we arranged the room to better suit our style; positioned the television to be visible from any point in the room, refrigerated any cold stuff, placed our phones/wallets/etc. in a safe inconspicuous place, set up the litter box for Lola, and packed a bowl in the bong. We were ready for this shit.

The LSD was in a plain white envelope, pressed between two cards. I opened the envelope while my shaman stared at it like it was a bomb and we were the squad. There it was, 4 little perforated squares of paper with the chemical formula for LSD printed across them. It was like looking at my newborn daughter for the first time all over again. The excitement was mounting, and we hadn't even touched the paper yet.

A quick glance at the clock informed us that it was 11:02pm. It was late. We knew we were in for a long night. We decided that 11:11pm would be the best time to drop, because of a popular song that was frequently played on the local radio around the time of this experience. So we poured ourselves a tall glass of orange juice each and he lit the bowl. We passed the bong back and forth, carefully blowing the smoke into a makeshift filter Shaman has made to prevent the smoke from smelling up the room after each hit. We took turns looking at the clock on the kitchen wall every 15 seconds or so until it was exactly 11:11pm.

We each took a tab and then touched fingertips, as though we were toasting with champagne, before placing the tabs on our respective tongues. I let the paper sit on my tongue for a few moments before chewing It up and swallowing it. It didn't taste like anything, which I was told meant that it was either real LSD or plain paper. I hoped for the former, but began to lose hope around 11:45 when I didn't notice any difference in my feelings or surroundings. After discussion with the Shaman, we decided that if we still weren't feeling anything by midnight, we would just say "fuck it" and take the other 2 doses. Shaman says that he wants to take a shower because when he had tripped in the past the water felt amazing on his skin. I decided I would take a shower after him to experience the aforementioned euphoria.

Midnight approaches. I am sitting on the loveseat next to the bed I had chosen and am watching South Park on the TV. Shaman is in the bathroom and the water has stopped running. The lights in the room seem like they've been turned up with a non-existent dimmer switch. That's interesting, I guess. Shaman has now stepped out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel from his waist down. I stand up to get my clothes ready to take a shower. We both notice that the lights are insanely bright all of a sudden and just kinda laugh and say "I guess we're feeling it a little bit..." Before getting in the shower, I look at the clock and the time is 12:10am. We decide we're going to take the other doses at exactly 12:11am, one hour from the first. We touch fingertips again and place the second small piece of paper on our tongues.

This one feels a little different though.

The paper tab felt... Furry. That was interesting. I let the furry paper sit on my tongue for a moment and then began to chew and swallow (mind you it was only about the size of the nail on my pinky finger, if that)

Now it's time for me to take a shower. I'm super excited to feel the water on my skin, as I've now noticed that the air feels good on my skin. Now that I think about it, this shirt feels good on my skin. I laugh to myself. I'm feeling it. This is interesting. I'm glad I got this hotel room. This is going to be a good night.

I step into the small bathroom in the hotel room, and I'm instantly faced with a dilemma. I've read and been told that looking at your reflection while tripping is never a good idea, but as I enter the bathroom the entire back wall is mirrored and there is a full length mirror on the back of the door. Why? Oh well, I'm just tripping, there is no way I'm going to let my reflection freak me out. Hell, I look normal anyway, maybe a little blueish under the bright ass light overhead. I turn on the water to a mild warm temperature and I begin to disrobe and step into the stream.

My whole body feels kinda fuzzy. The water feels like rain and it's not hard to imagine that I'm outside dancing in it. Shaman was right, this is awesome! Rubbing soap on my skin is... Truly sensational.

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