Warlock F: Call the Doctor

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Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



The day was perfect. The sun was bright as Sherlocks vagabond sailed through the clouds. The massive golden ship sliced right through the fluffy clouds as its engines roared, pushing it along. Inside, Eurie rests in the medbay with Erwin nearby. The flamboyant young wizard was feeling ill today. Despite today’s weather being perfect for flying, Eurie was under the weather, so to speak.

“Ahhh-chooo!” Eurie sneezed, “Uh oh.”

“Whats wrong Eurie? Nothing happened.” Erwin asked as he looked around the room.

“Wait for it.” Eurie replied before he blew his nose into a tissue.

“Oh okay.” Erwin said aloud before getting back to work at his desk.


A moment later Alpha busted through the door with a strange blue haired dog next to him. The dog had piercing red eyes. Alpha looks over to Eurie and smirks.

“So, the little wizard managed to turn her into an actual bitch. Well done, mate.” He said as he smiled, “But can ya turn her back before I get in ta some real trouble, alright.”

“No problem. Sorry about that.” Eurie replied as he waved his hand in front of him. Suddenly the dog appears as Nightly.

“Ah! ‘Bout fucking time!” She screams as she regains her true form. Eurie’s nerves are tested as Nightly begins to scream and rant at Alpha about god knows what. His breathing became heavy and he coughed aloud.

“Oh shit.” Eurie said, “Not again.”

“What’s wrong small fry, its neither of us? What’re you worried about, mate?” Alpha asks.

“I don’t know who I got this time.” Eurie explained, “I guess we’ll soon enough.” Eurie continued before sneezing three times in rapid succession, “Son of a bitch!”


Strangely enough, nothing happened for a solid few minutes. Alpha and Nightly were still arguing when the door swung open. Huli walked in and stared at Eurie with irritation. A red crab with a scar across its shell and a mechanical claw rested on her shoulder. Alpha peeks away from his argument to see Huli.

“Oh, looks like the tinman gave Foxy crabs.” He said, “Leavin’ ya mark, noice!” Huli blushed at his comment.

“No!” She shouts back to Alpha before turning to Eurie, “Can you just turn him back? We were… uh… busy.”

“Oh, my apologies. Right away.” Eurie replied as he waves his hand, and a moment later Sherlock appeared next to Huli. His clothes were gone but he didn’t care. He stood there proud as Huli blushed in embarrassment.

“Noice one, mate. Get back to that beddin’, tinman” Alpha called out as Sherlock and Huli walked from the room.


Alpha reached his arm around Nightly who seemed to have calmed down tremendously. He pulled her and they both stepped toward the door, but it burst open a moment later. A white cat with a scar on his right eye flew into the room using red and black feathering wings. The blood red pair of Elijah’s horns protruding from the sides of his head. Right behind the white devil cat followed a small brown haired kitten and an orange tabby. The orange tabby had horns and had a solo black and white feather wing on his back.

“Alright, looks like the party is about to get started. Just look at ole scarface, all ready to pounce!” Alpha taunted.

“Oh shit! Please don’t eat me, I taste like seagulls!” Eurie shrieked as Elijah flapped his blood red feathers. Opus bursted into the room, running straight for Eurie. He stopped between Elijah and his target.

“Wait if you would. This is a big misunderstanding, yes?” Opus said as Elijah stopped flapping and landed. A moment later, he turned to face Eurie. He waves his hand over Euries chest and head as a purple aura appeared around his hand. Eurie took a deep breath and Opus pulled his hand away, the aura disappearing in the process. Elijah had reverted back to his basic cat form and Luka appeared next to him along with the small brown kitten.


“Mind reverting them all back, yes?” Opus requested, looking at Eurie.

“Uh, yeah. Sure thing!” Eurie replied as he waved his hands. Elijah, Luka and Kathrina all appeared next to Opus. Elijah had a nasty scowl on his face as Kathrina tugged his hand, leading out of the room. Alpha and Nightly followed behind them. Opus turned to face Erwin and grunts.

“And why didn’t you just take care of this before it escalated, yes?” Opus asked.

“Its not my job to heal a common cold.” Erwin complained. Opus shrugged and walked out. A moment later Eurie stood up and walked out the door but was stopped by Erwin.

“Hey!” Erwin called, “Stay out of trouble, handsome.” He continued as he winked at Eurie. Eurie shuddered as he left the medbay closing the door behind him.

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