" the late night visitor"

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Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



In 2001 a fifteen year old girl was babysitting her ten year old brother at there home. It was around 1 in the morning. Her parents were away visiting family for the weekend. She had put her brother to sleep several hours ago and stayed up late to watch a horror movie on tv. She had fallen asleep and was awakened to her cell phone ringing. She grabbed her phone and swiped it to the right and answered her phone. 


"Hello?" She said.


"Hello...I was wondering if this is Susie?" The voice on the other line asked. 


" yes my name is Susie who may I ask is this?"


"I cannot say.. but I am warning you grab your brother hid upstairs and do Not answer the door, do not call the police if you hear noises it's for your own protection...he's on his way.."


"Look if this is a prank call I swear.." Susie got cut off.


"It's No prank call seriously if you don't want to die tonight hang up get your brother and hid upstairs.." the voice hung up.


Susie grabbed her phone looked outside the window in the family room. In the distance she could see a red light and it was moving fast from the woods. Susie ran as fast as she could upstairs and woke Conner her ten year old brother up and told him 


"Ok we're gonna hid in the closet hear for a little while I need you to be brace and

Make No noise and we'll be ok I promise."

Conner grabbed two pillows and ran into the closet, I climbed in and shut the closet door. We waited a few minutes and I heard a crash that sounded like a gunshot. 

I put my hand over my mouth Conner stayed quiet. We heard loud footsteps coming from downstairs. And a few crashing sounds. My phone rang again I immediately turned the ringer off and answered 




It was the voice again. 


"The man is in our house right?" 




"Good it's important you tell me where your hiding." 


"Are are you sure? I asked."


"Yes please trust me I am trying to protect you I've dealt with this psychopath before...please trust me."


"Ok... I say... we are... in...the bathroom. I say."


A few seconds later we hear the footsteps run up the stairs and break down the bathroom door. I heard the sound of glass breaking. Just then I heard another noise this time a gun shot went off from downstairs and I noticed police lights were lighting up the sky. I heard one last loud noise and figured whoever was in our house was gone. 

We stayed in the closet a few minutes when the police entered our bedroom and we came out. They asked if we were ok. We said yes and they contacted our parents and one of the officers stayed with us for the night. We still have no idea who was inside our house or who that person on the phone was. I think whoever was in the phone was the killer, how else would he have ran up to check the bathroom so fast? To this day I have a bad feeling that he is still out there somewhere will he come back? I hope not.

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