The Fall

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Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



It all started with the death. That was when I knew, the world was a cruel place. He taught me how to live. How breath. How to love. He was taken from me. I was left to rot in this cruel hell called life. 
I was by myself. No one was there. Now I dont have anything to hold on to. He was my light in this dark cruel world. Without him, I am nothing.

2008: The fall
People say that you dont know how much you love something until its gone. They dont say how much it hurts.
"Josh?!" My mother cried in a wimpering sigh.
"Josh come here!?" She roared, voice trembeling.
I walked out of my room with curiosity of her yell. I walked to the kitchen where she lay on her knees with her hands in her head.
She noticed me standing there watching scared.
"Josh..." She let out one last wimper before she ran to me grabbing me tightly and squeezing.
"He's gone... He's gone..."
"Mom?" I said as my voice began to shake.
"Mom what is it? You're scaring me." I begged to know what she pleaded.

He was gone. My father... is gone.
"They killed him. Josh, they killed him." She said as tears poured down her face.
my father was killed.
This wasn't apparent to me as a child. I didnt understand my mothers cries. all I knew was that he was gone.
He was my only friend in life. The reason I went on. Without him, I had no purpose.

He was gone.

2009: The Pictures
"Mom?!" iI yelled in fear. I budged at her bedroom door but it woulnt pry open. I slammed the door with my whole body but it only opened slighty each time. I screamed as tears ran down my face. 
I could feel my arm bruising and getting more sore with each lunge at the door.
"Mom please!" I screamed but the tears kept rolling. I kept slamming at the door. I sat at the end of the door in exahstion. I held my head down and began to cry.
I got back up and went back at it on the door.
Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.
Until finally it gave way. There was a chair blocking the door. I was in the room. And then I saw her.
She was hanging from the cieling tied by her own clothes. Under her and the floor were pictures of my father and memories of the good times when he was still around.

She was gone.

Her body dangled lifelessly in front of me. I screamed with a mixture of terror, anger, and depair. My only other carer in the world... was gone.
i was alone.

2011: The summit
I sat there. Viewing the city. It's must, odor, and wickedness. From up here the darkness was more prevalent than ever. I had nothing in my life. My happiness was raped and taken from me.
I stood up. My hands were on the rail. The tears began to produce and the lump in my throat was the size of a boulder. Why would the world set me up for failure. I learned
at a young age that God doesn't care. He merely watches as we tear ourselves apart. As I look up into the sky I remember when times were happy. When my father and mother would 
take me out to play. Care for me. Now the only thing that cares for me is the devil himself. I reflect upon my life with agony. Most people
find happiness in love, sports, or friends. I found my happiness in my despair. Why was that such a strange concept to understand?
I leaned forward so that my tears would fall to the ground and the Earth would feel sympathy for me.
I leaned further.
And further.
Until i couldnt lean any more.

I was gone.

2018: The End

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