This is goodbye

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This poem is about a toxic relationship. Someone who I once loved, but could not let them come back into my life.

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



This is goodbye 

This is not a "I'll catch you later"

Hope it hurts like serrating razors, grazing the skin, scraping, scathing you 

with every word you read on this paper 

You are toxic by nature 

This is goodbye 

Goodbye forever

I've written hundreds of letters 

Its therapeutic I'm feeling better 

With every word I string together

Memories I treasure 

But today I open what was locked away 

Preserving your memory is undeserving 

I'm burning every picture

In your absence I shiver 

But I'm pouring out the pitcher of liquor

The only elixir's I need

are the scriptures I read 

or write to feed

this emptiness you left me with

I crave affection

I fear rejection

I'm cutting what's left of this connection

that is you and me 

Loving you was agony

Now I'm free

Love is just a chemical

No longer feeling strangled

tangled in your tantalizing tentacles 

The loneliness is now bearable 

Pain has subsided 

Now I'm open-minded

I hear the I miss yous 

I hear the I love yous 

You sing 

You sing... a beautiful tune 

You string words that harpoon my heart 

But with each passing moon

I become immune 

To your infectious ways 

that were once effective 

This is goodbye

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