In Search of the Tao. The story of the Shiatsu book

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This is the true story behind the authors book Shiatsu. Skills development.

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018




As an author, the hardest part to fulfil is the obligation to write my own story. Authors perhaps experience deep, dark secrets, great dreams, and great upheavals. Authors do justice to language except when tackling this huge reservoir of human experience, sensory and emotive recall, connectivity to other stations in divine and human orbits, that produces the ambiguous phenomenon known as ‘Self.’

This incarnation is perhaps a ‘Landing page’ in the world of words where books reflect purpose, divine will, inspiration, agility to transform and transcend. The human soul lives and performs within range of the cosmic intelligence, if blessed with great and abundant grace from the Creation.

Acupuncturists are taught of the three ways in life. The first is the way of basic recovery and mobility based on cause and effect. There is a higher call at the second level where practises in wellness can support a permanent transcendence and healing. At an even higher octave, the transformation may show a meeting point of seer and student, of heaven and earth, that may enable a changed destiny.


So little said, and my storyline begins to speak for itself. At a young age, against great odds I travelled to China from Kolkata and became a professor of English. I made a special effort to travel from Guangzhou, down south, to Beijing, to see the Great Wall of China. Very enamoured with the great landscape, I continued to travel through this route, and ventured to where the Great Wall met the sea in Badaling. The many layers of concealed coding of the language, landscape and people was yet pleasing.


 I was told that I was to be a wise one as I had travelled the Great Wall of China. This was a mystery, a secret sound and call, a voice from the unknown speaking out. I listened and saved the proverb for a later time.

Someday I was to understand the secret of the human body which contained a seed within for immortalization. This was the art of the seer, the sage and the mystic. The Yellow Emperor of China, Huang Di, was a unique disciple who incarnated to manifest and reveal the secret doctrine in a scripture called The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine that was to support human health for centuries to come. His achievement was not easy. He was rejected by his Master when he asked to be taught the secret of longevity, for being an arrogant King that commanded the spheres at his will, changed the seasons according to his fancy and did not respect the Tao, or natural rhythms of the universe. The Yellow Emperor returned to his Master with a begging bowl and clothes of a beggar. He renounced his riches and kingdom and lived as his Master taught him with humility. After his Master was satisfied that he would learn and respect the secret, he began to teach him about the human body and the secret of immortality.


My Shiatsu book reflects something of my search for the lost Dharma of my land. It travelled the Buddha route into remote routes and settled distally. It found another expression. My book searches this divine current out, even though it is only meant to be a technical Shiatsu workbook. The Chinese vibrations and energetics based on the greatly humane lesson of the Yellow Emperor, and his arrival spiritually through new lessons into Immortality, show the energetic release of the awakening that China saw, similar to India when the Lord Buddha was awakened.


This newly released transformational elixir moved onward to Japan where more diviners and immortals came to be and the heritage of the Yellow Emperor's teachings for human health found new mentors and great teachers. The traditions of Zen and Japanese healing arts in practising natural medicine, correcting imbalance and elevating human energetic orbits to prepare for new thresholds of divine consciousness.

These are cross currents and recollections of my unconscious search for a Great Truth and reason for being. It was just the Tao that propelled me onwards as I trekked across the momentous landscape of the Great Wall. The Tao taught me for many years later, through an International acupuncture license from WHO, China, through many great healings and witnessing of miraculous recoveries from Shiatsu practise, through my sponsored days in the US to ground my research further. The Tao became my teacher. The Tao and the invisible became a presence and visible that could read into the five layers of energetic matrix associated with the elements that all physical and environmental life belonged to. Earth, water, air, metal and fire in the human energetics could aspire to divine alchemy when managed exactly, in Zen disposition, and promote a better wellness, conducive of an everlasting state of bliss for aspirants.


As the yogi acquires powers of body, mind and spirit through focus on the third eye chakra, in his yogic practises, so does the Shiatsu therapist acquire expertise in strengthening the body-mind. Where sickness is from emotions and negative density, healing is from divining, respecting and nurturing the universal spirit in the sick orbit to promote health in touch and technique.


Zen, Tao, and yoga reflect systematic traditions of practises for healing and salvation and yet the mystery is the same for one and all. I was drawn to Shiatsu for its highest octave in discipline and grace as a pure and perfect healing promise.Shiatsu took me away from India, towards Japan… beyond China. It took me into clinical practise, energy healing, mysticism and more. It took me to the USA through private sponsorship, and paid for my PG research in clinical massage. Shiatsu connected me to Japanese patrons in my numerous Delhi healing outlets. Shiatsu gave me an advantage. I remained balanced in meeting with races of the world in spirit zone. Finally Shiatsu took me towards living masters of the tradition.


My book (available only for students) was reviewed as 'The best book on Shiatsu in English ever written.' It was also clipped in the marketplace for infiltration of community malpractices from human trafficking zones.


There was no pain and no loss in the arrangements of the world to the book when it was released. Perhaps the great ancestors of the healing legacies in the world had effectively sublimated my thoughts and will in the alchemical tradition. The author and the book met with a resting place simply in the materialization of its substance.


Some sacred words are shared below :


A  Daoist book, The Huai Nan Zi 122 BC, makes references to the concept of no form.


“No form is the great ancestor of matter.

No sound is the great ancestor of the voice

The child (of no form) is light.

The grandchild ‘of no form’ is water.

All are created from no form “(HNZ 2-59-60)


The same text later reveals


“Light can be seen; it cannot be grasped. Water can be molded; it cannot be destroyed. Therefore, of all things that have matter, nothing is more respectable than water.” (HNZ 2:59-(0)


Form and no form were found in daoist concepts of life, death and rebirth:


“The form is the abode of life.

The qi is the fullness(plentitude) of life.

The shen is the controller of life (HNZ 77)


The higher aspects of philosophy in relation to the origin of matter is hinted profoundly by the daoists in the lines below, indicating a great mystery in the body mind to manifest the high potential in synchronization to the Eternal.


“ It is said, no form is said to be of the One. It is said that the One cannot be compared with anything below heaven (HNZ 61)

 From the pages of my bookSHIATSU. Skills Development. Spa therapies Framework

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