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A poem of ending

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Scars? I've got plenty

Bad days ? I've seen many

Words? I've used them all

They spew with such fluidity

And correct me if I'm wrong but

This is like a race with no finishline

A bad book with a good story line

It just don't make sense

You ask but I lie

Cause the intentions of my soul I'd rather not advertise

You see everyday I wake up and put on my make up

Just another attempt to change my chemical make up

Cause a smile ain't easy to make up

But as i wash off last night's tears

And after i dress my wounds

I become an artist

Shit even I'm convinced

You can call me the joker

I'm a joker

Life's got it's hands around my throat

It's a choker

And this note, to whom should it address

My family and friends or those who put me down to inpress

Give it a nice title

"To those that didn't know I was depressed"

Nonetheless stressed

Look through every smile

Pick them apart and throw them away

You were supposed to know that i wasn't okay

It's just another day if you make it through the night


You were supposed to know something wasn't right

Put down the candle and turn on the light

You missed my opening statement

I hope you understand my closing remarks

Every life has its ending and this is where it starts 

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