Life's a beach Ep.4 Dreams

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Red is trapped by the evil Being in his dreamscape, can anyone help him? Find out.

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Life’s a beach Episode four, Dreams


All the kids except for Red stand outside the schoolhouse listening to the sound of their teacher being grumpy, there’s a hole in the wall shaped like a big monkey holding a stop sign and through it they can see the class is going to be closed. They’re all waiting with excitement to be told that it’s a day off. The kids are all shaking and jumping up and down. One is doing a pee dance.

Aroma ties D.J up to a post with his newly bedazzled leach and walks into the classroom, “Wow someone really jacked this place up.”

The teacher walks backwards towards her then turns around with an angered face, “I don’t know what car-jacks have to do with this… and it wasn’t a person it was some kind of giant monkey wielding a talking stop-sign! You don’t know anything about this do you?”

“No…” Aroma smiles like she’s innocent then gives backwards man a little hint, “Don’t you think this would be a good time to speak to your students, give them your strength so they can go on and know that school will someday resume.”

“Fine.” He says and exits the classroom backwards, “Now kids, there’s been some trouble, turns out the classroom is destroyed, so for today. Class is dismissed.”

The kids all scream and run away, the teacher yells, “But come back tomorrow, this isn’t over!”

Aroma unleashes D.J then smiles at Mr.Burkley, “I’m going to miss school soooooo much.”

“Yeah, get out of here, I need to start cleaning this mess, my classroom, my poor classroom.” Burkley says and shakes his head in sadness.


Siri and Mod walk over to Aroma and Siri watches Burkley freak out over his class, “That guy needs some help.” She remarks.

Aroma asks, “Where’s Red?”

Mod says, “I don’t know, he’s not with you, no one’s seen him?”

“We’ll let’s go to his house, check in on him.” Says Siri as she leads the way.


The Dawson’s are looking over a patient’s feet, “Well sir.” Says Marbles, “It looks like you have super-nasty ultra wrong green foot fungus.”

“But don’t worry.” Says Speckle, “We have just the trick, you can treat it with this.” He opens a cupboard and retrieves a pepper grinder. “Soak your feet in sea water with a few grinds of this stuff. Ten times over the next week at almost equal intervals. You’ll be cured of your nastiness.”

“What is it?” asks the patient.

Marbles smiles, “Interdimensional flesh-eating disease from a reality where people are made of nasty green foot fungus.”

The patient’s eyes open wide, “Okay, forget I asked, I’m just gonna soak my feet in it.” He leaves and they close up the office.

“Have you seen Red, he’s usually up by now?” Marbles asks Speckle.

“No, I haven’t heard a peep all morning, let’s go wake him up.” Speckle grabs a sci-fi blowhorn and the two of them creep up to his room. “It’s time to get up!” Speckle blows the horn in Red’s face and he doesn’t budge. “Red, you okay?”

Marbles listens to his breath then opens his eyes, they’re dark black. She gives a bad look to her brother, “You know what this means right?”

“We’re in a heck of allot of trouble?” Answers Speckle. “We need to see the alchemists.”


Red is in the dreamscape completely surrounded by tentacles, so tight that he can’t even move. The pyramid floats around him laughing.

Red keeps seeing flashes of things and places that were shown to him while he and the being were one. “What do you want from me?”

“Oh kid, you keep asking that same question, I thought it would be obvious by now. But that’s coming from something who knows everything. In reality kid, I only wanted to make a deal but you kept running away! First the twins tried and failed then Minerva. My only option was to come myself, we need your help kid. Desperately.”

“We’ll if you need me so bad why am I a prisoner?” Red struggles against the tentacles.

“A prisoner? That’s such an ugly word, I prefer to call you a guest with no where else to go. These things that you’re seeing, the black oozing mess around you. It’s all in your mind, so really, you control the dreamscape, I just mold it to fit what I want.”

“And again, what’s that?” Red asks while squirming

“You know, it’s the blinking key!” The being yells right in Red’s face.

“Right the key that I don’t have.” Red shrugs and calms himself, the water around them begins to recede until its just above the portal. Red relaxes further and the tentacles recede. “So, if we make a deal and i give you they key whenever I find it. Then you’ll let me go and we can leave the island. When will that be?”

“Time is irrelevant Reginald, here time can pass as fast or as slow as I want it to. A minute outside can be ten years here or it can be a minute, or less. You could be an old man by the time I let you go. But not if you take my terms.”


Speckle and Marbles set the coordinates on the well and jump in, “They’re right back where they started. “What’s happening?” Asks Marbles.

“We’ve never had interference before, I think it has to be connected to Red.” Speckle sighs and jumps through the portal again and arrives back in front of Marbles. “Blinkertots and split-variables!” He curses.


Aroma and the others run down the beach until she feels a strange feeling, like something is watching her from the water. A piece of paper is picked off the waves by the wind and hits her on the face. “Hey.”

“What’s that?” Asks Mod.

 Aroma looks at it, “It’s a letter, from Red.” she says, “But it’s old and wet, I can’t read anything but his name and, the words Your friend always.”

Siri makes her Serious face, “I think we better hurry, I’ve got a strange feeling about this.” She runs towards the road and the two others follow.

When they arrive, Speckle is repeatedly jumping in and out of the portal, “Why won’t this work?”

“Try a more scientific method Speckle, you know better.” Marbles has been watching him from the couch for some time knitting a sweater and cringes when seeing the kids, “Children, this might not be the best time, Red is in a slight pickle and we’ve got to focus to help him out.”

Speckle jumps through the well again yelling, “Focus!”

Siri shakes her head, “That’s part of it, we we’re wondering why he wasn’t at school and…”

Aroma cuts in loudly, “And we found a mystical letter from Red along the beach!”

“A letter?” Speckle runs over and rips it out of Aroma’s hand, “Now this does have interesting properties.” He shows it to his sister, “Marbles, what do you make of this?”

She sounds exited, “Providence.” The smudges of ink make up several items if you look closely enough. (Sling, Star, Flower, Glasses, Pyramid, squid.) “Ominous I know.”

“That’s right, this all points to something very… strange.” Speckle flips over the letter then flashes a black light on it glows exposing twinkling colors.

Mod and Aroma are getting impatient, Mod asks, “What does that mean!”

Marbles takes the note and rolls it up then hands it to Aroma, “It means we may need you to go through the well, we have a small task for you to do.”

“Yay. Woohoo!” The kids yell with perpetual excitement.


The next scene they are all surrounding Red in his bed. Siri asks, “What’s wrong with him?”

“Why don’t you just wake him up?” Mod asks then starts shaking him, “See, like this…just a little more…okay he’s in a coma or something.” Mod gives up

They all look at Mod and Speckle says, “Good try.”

Marbles explains Red’s condition, “There is a place deep within the subconscious mind called the dreamscape. There lives a being of extreme power and ultimate confusion. He has no name but we call him… well we call him “Him”.”

Aroma says, “And this thing has Red?”

Speckle responds, “Very astute young one. Now normally we would go ourselves and complete this task in no time then retrieve Red from the dreamscape. But something’s wrong with the portal and it doesn’t want to behave.”

Marbles makes a joke awkwardly, “Yes we’ll have to give it a little tough love later, but for now we need you three to visit the alchemists.”

“Alchemists?” Asks Mod, “Like make believe magic stuff?”

“You’ll see.” Says Speckle while Marbles cuts a grouping of hair from Red’s head and put’s them in a leather bag.

Marbles hand’s the hair to Siri, “Keep this safe and give it to the alchemists, you’ll need it.”

Siri smiles, “I’m the responsible one.”


Aroma pets D.J and gives him a forced kiss on the lips, “I love you big guy, Marbles and Speckle will take really good care of you… I hope.” She looks at Speckle, “You’re not going to do any weird experiments on my D.J are you?”

Marbles chuckles and crosses her fingers behind her back, “No, of course not, that would be very uncivilised to change your Raptor into a half plant monster of the night. Now go!”

Siri grabs Aroma’s hand and leads her towards the circle of light. Siri says, “I have a feeling we’ll be hearing that a lot today.”

They’re in front of the well and Speckle takes that second to tell Aroma, “Aroma, don’t lose that letter or you may not be able to come back.”

She gasps, “What?” But Siri and Mod are already pulling her through the well.


The other side is musty and lit by candles hanging on a stone wall. Most of the room is dark and the three look around for a moment exposing that they are in a circular building from the medieval era.

Mod takes a candle in his hand and moves the light around, “This is a tower like Merlin and the knights of the round table.” He says.

Someone standing in the middle of the room who was once hidden ignites a candle and exposes themselves. The kids jump and scream.

The voice, (Marbles reality Green-023 slightly british) says in a cocky voice, “The knights of the round table, I wouldn’t trust them to guard their own underwear and don’t get me started with Merlin that fraud.”

Aroma gets closer, the figure is wearing a black robe that covers her face but Aroma notices a small pin that the Dawson’s always wear. “Who are you? You can’t be…”

Marbles Green-023 removes her hood with a smile, her face is much dirtier and her hair grimy and dreaded. “Marbles Green-023 or you can call me Alchemist-M.”

“Yay!” Aroma screams, “Another Marbles, where’s Speckle?”

“Upstairs as always fiddling with the proper spells and potions to make gold.” Marbles sounds more depressed in this reality, maybe because she’s British. She leads the three kids up to the towers top where Speckle is hovering over a boiling pot filled with gallons of medieval soup.

Speckle has a metal rod in the soup and it stands twice as tall as the tower, he yells an incantation and a storm-cloud approaches. “Non-nacreous cumulonimbus capillatus nebulus nimbostratus. Bring energy hotter than fire and as fast as light. Rain acid down into my pot and transmute this iron into gold!”

A lightning bolt hits the iron rod and travels into the soup. A puff of smoke rises and we change scenes to the dreamscape.


Red has released himself from the vines and is floating in front of the pyramid, the Pyramid says. “Come on kid, just say yes.”

Red screams, “No!”

The being looks at Red’s glasses for a second. He says, “Spectacles, and so the cycle begins a new.” He floats over to Red and makes his glasses disappear. “How long do you think you can holdout here. Maybe I can motivate you.”

Red explodes, “This isn’t going to work, I’ve seen enough to know that you don’t care about what I want. I don’t even think you have any concern for life at all. Minerva Black, she told me part of her story and I think I can put it together now. You tricked her, like you’re trying to trick me.”

The pyramid shrugs, “Oh, big deal kid, she wanted a way to get home and I got her closer. It’s not my fault your whole monkey race has less than a hundred-trillion terabytes of juice up there. No wait that’s insulting to monkeys, I’ll rephrase.” The being turns Red inside out, “I’ll turn you back if you agree to my terms!”

Red stands there silently and closes the back of his eyes to look like he’s calm. He takes his finger and fibrates his voice box. “No way, back off.”

“Garshg, great, you little worm I’ll do worse!” The being turns him into a reverse mermaid. “That’s right fish on top legs on the bottom. Now swim little man, swim!”

Red kicks around swimming comedically with human legs and a fish body.

We return to the top of the Alchemists tower.


Alchemist Speckle yells with excitement after taking the rod out of the pot, “It happened!”

Siri takes a look at the part of the rod that was in the water, it sparkles with a slight shine. “Is that gold?”

“We’ll it’s gold coated.” Says speckle

Aroma adds, “Just not very well.”

Alchemist Speckle looks disappointed by the kids reactions, “It needs a few hundred more bolts of lightning, each one replaces more iron with gold.”

Mod sighs and says, “This is science, plating is the process of using electricity…”

“No, no, I don’t want to hear it!” Alchemist-S says and alchemist Marbles approaches to console him.

Mod gets frustrated, “Magic is just science that you don’t understand properly.”

Alchemist Speckle tries to remain calm, “Well I say that science is just magic that you don’t understand properly.”

Alchemist Marbles says, “We ask all visitors to respect our spirituality.” Marbles sounds slightly offended, “So, what brings you three here?”

Siri hands them the bag with Red’s hair, “Our friend has been trapped by Him.”

Alchemist Speckle and alchemist Marbles both breathe in deep, “Him, like you’re emphasising Him?” Asks Alchemist Speckle.

“Yes.” Says Aroma, “And I have this note!”

Alchemist Marbles grabs the note while saying, “Give me that.” She looks at it for a moment, in the smudges of ink is a design that looks like a pair of spectacles. “This is surrounded by a powerful magic. We need you to complete a quest to save your friend. This is of the upmost importance. You will find the elemental wizards four and bring us back the mystical items. Only then can you journey to the dreamscape and rescue your friend.”

The kids all look at each other then Speckle yells, “What are you waiting for, go!”

They run down the circular staircase and out the front door. Marbles yells down the tower wall, “The wizard Sea and Sand are on the beach!”


“So, what is plating?” Siri asks Mod as they walk down the beach.

Mod responds, “It’s when you sink a piece of conductive material into an acid and run electricity through it. If you then add other metals the electricity will attract them coating the conductive piece in gold or silver, whatever you want. My dad uses it to purify our sacred ornaments.”

“Woah!” Yells Aroma and the others stop behind her.

On the beach is a giant wave and above it is a man standing on his bare feet. He spots the children and the wave lowers him to the beach. “Sand, fair Wizard, bra we haveth company from travellers. They looketh tired and are in needeth of rest!”

A sand castle rises from the beach and a beautiful woman steps out, “Wizard Sea, why not, travellers are less and less since the king took his place. As well, why doth you speaketh like an illiterate Englishman?”

Mod is the closest he stands ahead of them, “King?”

The two wizards look confused, “Yes, in fact he looks quite like you.” Says Sand.

“Maybe a little bigger and more weathered.” Says Sea.

“That sounds like my dad, I wonder what the other version of me is up to?” Asks Mod curiously.

Aroma screams, “No, if you meet each other you’ll explode, or maybe that’s time travel.”

Siri pushes them both aside, “We’re here for the mystical items, we need to save our friend!”

Sand sits down in the lotus position and Sea walks back to his wave and does the same. Sand breathes in deep and a piece of driftwood shaped like a mask rises from the beach. She puts it on. “In order to receive the items of earth and water you must first pass our trials.”

“Fine let’s hear it!” Says Aroma intensely.

Sand continues, “Earth, sand, rocks, death. The planet is a living thing older and wiser than you could possibly imagine and its strongest ally is earth. That is how it came to be named after the element.”

Mod mumbles, “Earth is made of many elements.”

Siri punches him and says, “Listen man.”

“To be earth you must first understand it. Rock comes from the center of the planet, heated over and over it eventually bubbles to the top and becomes its true form, a solid form. Powerful, this rock will live for eternity being broken apart and moved around by time then broken even further until it becomes sand. Still it is strong enough to be the foundation on which we sit right now. Earth, on the other side is live giving it comes from the many eons of decay that without life could rarely spread. It is also life taking in the way that it craves the autumn leaves.” Sand picks up a hand full of… well… sand and lets a little run through her fingers. “If you can answer my riddle before the sand disappears you will receive my element. “I live forever even if I’m the last, I travel five hundred and eighty-four billion miles a year, that’s fast.  I’m always spinning to my left and you live upon my breast. What am I?” She opens one of her fingers and the sand starts to fall.  

Aroma says, “Oh, I know this, I know this!”

Siri grabs her, “Tell it to us first.”

Aroma pulls away, “No, be strong like the rock!” She stands in front of Sand and says. “You are the planet earth!”

“Correct you may receive my blessing.” Sand takes off the mask and it sinks into the beach only to be replaced with a dirty piece of dirt and rock with some … like roots or whatever.

“This is it?” Asks Mod unimpressed.

“Yes, now go speak to Wizard Sea tiny people.” A sand castle envelopes the wizard and she sinks into the beach.

The kids run over to the wizard sitting atop of his wave, the sound is loud until he starts to speak and it crashing quiets for him, “The sea is our largest and most beautiful body of water, but it is also the most dangerous. The planet will outlive us all and its healer is the water. Water rejuvenates us, it is connected to every living thing and without it we are nothing. But water is not alone, it is accompanied by its dance partner, the moon. Together the moon and the sea are held by the forces that bind all of us…”

Mod whispers, “That’s gravity.”

Aroma slaps him with her bag, “Shush.”


“To earn my element, you must present your knowledge of the ocean, “One of you must show me your dance with the sea.”

Mod looks at a giant pile of driftwood that resembles a collection of surf-boards and says, “I got this guys.” He grabs the board and runs into the water. “Hey Wizard Sea, give me a big wave!” Mod paddles out and moves his arms as is he were the raging river. A massive wave picks Mod up and he Surfs it like a pro.

“Yeah Modney!” Yells Siri.

“You go girl!” Aroma encourages.

Wizard Sea is staring at Mod with an open mouth as he glides into the beach, Mod plants the board in the sand and says, “How was that for a dance?”

Wizard Sea smiles and says, “Hey can I try that thing?!”

“Yeah you can have it, we just need the element.” Mod laughs.

Sea puts his hand in the water and pulls out a blue orb. “Here take this on your journey may it be safe and in haste.”

Mod takes the water, “You sure this wont just get me wet.

“It will stay as one until the spell is ready to be cast.” Says Sea then vanishes into the water.

“Can he breathe under there?” Asks Siri to Sand but she only pops her head out of the beach then disappears into the beach again.

Aroma yells, “Where do we find the wizard of fire?”

A line in the sand is magically draw before them with arrows. “I guess it’s this way.” Says Siri


By the far end of the beach there is a figure building a giant fire out of driftwood. They’ve built a series of bridges connecting the tall rocks to the fire on the tallest and furthest rock pocking out of the sea. The fire burns bright and the figure turns to face the town. The town has a big stone caste in the center and the rest looks poor as butts.


Aroma can’t recognise much about the main-street but she see’s her mothers bar, “Hey I want to see what my mom looks like here!” She starts to run and Mod stops her. “Hey what’s the big deal?” Aroma says.

“I thought we were helping Red.” Says Mod, “We should keep looking for the fire wizard.”

“It’s Wizard Fire.” Says Siri.

Aroma runs into the bar when the others aren’t looking, “Ha! You look like a wench!” she says to her mom’s lookalike.

Fabienne says, “Why, I am a wench, a bar wench! Get these children out of here!”

Siri and Mod find Aroma and are not surprised when two guards dressed in suits of armor bust in and drag the kids outside. They pass another version of Siri a thick cockney accent saying, “Spare a shekel, a piece of gold. Some shoes, I gots ten siblings I do.”

Real Siri looks at her disturbed, “Hey I’ll give you a gold coin. Help us out here.”

The guards keep dragging them to the castle while laughing, “No one’s going to help you lot, you got a date with the king.”

Aroma smiles, “I’ve always wanted a date with a king, is he handsome?”

“Oh, the handsomest as told by the law in the law of king Pockets law-book third edition special edition blockbuster pack DLC.” Says the guard as they enter the castle. The kids don’t know it but it’s the same castle that Minerva took Red. (Different dimension.)

They continue to be dragged into the main hall and Mod says, “It’s not a problem guys, I know the king he’s my…” They’re brought in front of King Pocket or better know as king Modney pocket. “Me?’

“An imposter pretending to be me! The alchemists said something like this might happen.” Says King Modney with a crass British accent. He’s covered in fine robes and heavy gold jewelry.

Siri says, “If you had paid attention you’d know that he is you.”

“Enough trying to confuse me!” The king screams and lets out a fart. “Oh my.” He sniffs. “Royal perfumer, royal perfumer over here. I need you!”

A version of Aroma holding a case of perfumes walks over to the king.

Real Aroma says, “Hey that’s me! Hi me!”

The perfumer doesn’t look over, she kneels in front of the king and asks, “What would you like today.”

“I don’t know, something that will get rid of the egg and cheese smell.” King Mod growls and raises his but to fart again while perfumer Aroma sprays perfume under the chair.

“Very nice choice sir.” Says the perfumer and walks away.

“Wow this version of Modney is a real jerk!” Says Aroma.

Mod sighs, “Yeah I hate him, is that possible to hate yourself?”

King Modney has had enough, “A jerk… you hate me…That’s against the law. Guard’s put them in the dungeon forever and ever!”


The kids are tossed into an old jail-cell and the bars are slammed behind them, Mod looks around at the nasty bucket of untold smells and the piles of hay to sleep on. Then he spots his dad. “Dad, what are you doing here?”

“Modney, you’ve forgiven me.” Says Adama Pocket dressed as a king with a twinkle in his eye.

“I’m sorry but I’m not your Modney, we came through the well so we could help our friend.” Mod says

Aroma is sitting in the corner, “This is terrible…Did you see how depressed I looked! We need to do something.”

Siri whispers, “We have bigger problems, what’s going to happen to Red now?”



Back in the dreamscape Red is continuously being changed in between animals, plants, objects, body parts, stellar phenomenon and various hybrids of each. He’s turned back to his normal self and yells. “That’s enough, this is my world to!” Red summons a giant creature of the deep by concentrating really hard. It’s a swordfish with an exoskeleton and a mean looking beak. It stabs the pyramid through the back.

“Oh garbage, you got me, now I’m gone forever!” The pyramid says while melting away. Its’ not a second before it comes back ten times as big and picks up the swordfish. It creates a mouth with nasty teeth and picks at them with the fish then turns into a smoky figure and goes inside the swordfish. “Now it’s my turn!” The pyramid says through the swordfish and chases Red around. “This would almost be fun if you were a worthy opponent. It doesn’t matter you’ll have to give in soon or your human body might starve!”


Mod is next to the dethroned king and asks, “How did this happen, why am I…Is he such a jerk?”

“It’s my fault.” Says Adama, “I was so busy running my kingdom that I didn’t see it coming, my son is evil. The moment he usurped my throne he began making laws. Horrible laws like, if the king likes your shoes he can take them or your horse or girlriend.”

“That’s sexist!” Yells Aroma.

“Exactly, he’s a monster and I created him.” Adama mopes. “It’s all my fault.”

Siri looks at the barred window and see’s the beggar version of herself, “Hey, Siri-2, give us some help.”

Siri-2 scratches at the bricks next to the cell bars and slides them out. She says in her cockney accent, “You need to go back where you came from, the king’s men won’t stop looking for you, ever.”

The kids climb out the window and Modney looks back at Adama, “I think I know what needs to be done.” He pokes his head into the jail cell. “Do you want your thrown back?”


The next scene is of the kids running away from the castle being chased by guards. Suddenly the guards stop, they’re standing in front of the old king Adama, He says in a strong voice, “I need to talk to my son.”


On the rock by the beach the fire has burnt down and the cloaked figure is still staring at the town, now staring at the three children as they enter her view. They run up the ramps and across the bridges until they’re a few feet from Wizard Fire. All three of them are out of breath but Siri squeezes the words out, “Are you… Wizard Fire?”

“You brought danger with you, young ones.” The hood is removed and it’s a young girl with straight black hair and an Asian accent. She’s tall for her age, almost as tall as Modney.

Mod blushes then says, “Hey, you look our age, who are you calling young ones?”

Siri and Aroma both slap Mod on the back of the head. Siri says, “Wizard Fire, we ask of you to grant us your element.”

Fire laughs, “Element, fire pun.” She clears her throat, “Yes, but first I have to tell you this whole thing about fire then give you a test, I guess I’ll choose you.” She points to Siri. “Fire is the most relentless of our planets elements, uncontrolled it could destroy everything…Everything! Even then it is completely essential for life to thrive. Without our greatest source of fire, the sun, the plants wouldn’t grow, we would be cast into darkness and worse, we would freeze to absolute zero. Fire gives and takes life. To wield its element, you must prove you are worthy.” The girl places Siri on a rock across from her and yells, “This is a test of control, show me your stuff!”

Siri shakes her hair and motions for Fire to bring it on, “Let’s go!”

Fire cracks her neck, “You asked for it, you’re so ugly that when you went to the hag for a cure she said, “Honey you can have my job!”

Siri is confused, “What is this?”

Fire continues, “You’re so smelly that when you walk under a bridge the ogres ask, are you my momma?” Fire lays out another, “Your so dumb you looked up an incantation for intelligence and it made you blonde!”

Siri chuckles, “That ones terrible, but I won’t let you get me mad.”

Fire says, “Good, then I’ll get serious for Siri, you know us wizards have a way of getting anything we want. Even names… Valentina.”

Mod laughs his head off, “Oh my god, your real names Valentina! That’s so girlie!”

“Siri is almost bursting a blood vessel in her temple, “RRRRRRRRRRRRRR” She growls for a while.

“I knew that.” Says Aroma

“No, you didn’t!” Mod answers

Siri looks over at them with a death stare, Aroma shrieks and says, “I love your name. it’s so pretty.”

Mod corrects Aroma, “She means… What name, you’re serious Siri. That’s the only name we know.”

Aroma nods her head repeatedly, “Yeah, right that’s the one!”

Siri looks back to Wizard Fire with intensity, she inhales deep and remains calm. “Say what you want but we have a purpose. Now give us that element!”

Fire chuckles again, “Pun.” She takes a second and cracks her knuckles, “I’m sorry…” There’s a pause while Fire makes a face of regret then says, “The beggar version of you has been captured by the king’s men. It’s all your fault Siri and there’s nothing you can do to save her.”

Siri’s eyes go red with anger and her fists clench, she breathes in deep then perfectly calm says, “You’re wrong, we’ll save her.” The big fire burns hot and a flame floats next to Siri. “let’s go!” Siri grabs it and the kids run back towards the medieval town.


Red is no longer being chased by the armored swordfish, the pyramid and him are floating in the middle of nowhere. Mid conversation, the pyramid says, “You’re going to go through so much kid, it’s a shame you’ll never be able to leave when it’s all over. Your friends, they go free, the town, them too. You get to suffer through hardship, heartbreak, loss, physical pain, insanity, confusion, mortals, immortals, backwards people, lies, evil, mutations, pug babies, purple nurples, giant smootie vacation times, etcetera… etcetera. And for what?” The Pyramid is spinning really fast, “I wouldn’t wish it all on my worst enemy and I have some bad ones. So why would you want to go on?”

Red growls, “Because I have to, because if I don’t people will suffer and I can’t live with that. I won’t live with that.” Red shakes his head no.

 “Okay, you’re so stubborn I hate it but I’ll do a little favor for you, check this out.” The being enters Red again and fills his head with images. There’s him crying by the beach, the sight of a dead sea monster, Horus writhing with insanity. Red being chained up underwater holding his breath. There’s aroma and him holding hands and then she pulls away and runs off. There is one of him and his friends tobogganing down giant mountains of ice-cream while being chased by bears wearing frilly ballerina dresses. And on and on.


Siri, Mod and Aroma arrive at the castle, each holding one element, they bust in the main hall just before Adama is to be executed and Mod screams, “Stop!” The whole court turns around and gasps.

King Modney chuckles, “Arrest them!”

The guards charge at the kids, Aroma thinks really hard while holding the rock and trees grow catching some of the men in vines and thorny brush.

Mod opens his hand and the orb of water lets out a flood that pushes people out of the way, “This is so cool!” He exclaims.

Siri releases fire into the air and the rest of the guards stop moving, they instantly drop their weapons. Siri yells, “King Pocket, let these people go free!”

“Oh, ho my…no. No one goes free especially not that man!” King Modney yells while pointing at his father, “Execute him!”

The man with the big axe looks at the king then back at Siri who’s ready to release the flames. “I think I’ll side with the girl who can roast me like a duck.” He drops the axe and helps Adama and Beggar Siri up. “I think this means you’re free”.

Mod walks over to Adama but speaks to King Modney, “Brother, that is the best way I can describe you, we’re so alike that it hurts to see you like this. Your dad loves you, he may have made some mistakes but it was all for the good of the kingdom and you are part of that kingdom.” Mod puts his hand on Adama, “Let your father be king again, please for the good of everyone.”

King Modney smiles and offers his left hand to his other self, “Agreed.” The king says then draws his sword and swings for Mods neck.

Adama jumps in and with his armor out and saves Modney then disarms his son. “I think it’s time you spend a spree in the dungeon.” He grabs the ex-king Mod by the ear. “Maybe it will teach you some respect!”

The old king Modney is making ow noises the whole way into the dungeon, the new king slams the bars and says in a nice voice. “And when your out we can feast together and celebrate your return. Because you are my son, and I do care about you.”

Modney only huffs.

“Maybe I was wrong and I’m going to try my best to make that up to you.” The new king says and smiles at his son. “Please forgive me.”

The old king Modney smiles and says, “Even kings make mistakes.”

“Even kings make mistakes son.” Adama returns the words. He walks back upstairs and the kids are gone. “Where did they go? We were going to feast!” King Adama laughs, “Let us feast anyways!”


The kids are in town yelling, “Wizard Air, we need you!” Aroma peeks in an outhouse.

Mod yells, “Wizard Air come out wherever you are!”

“Why didn’t we ask Wizard Fire when we left?” Siri says then pauses, “Oh right, I did that… Wizard air!”

Horus rolls out from under a whale carcass. “Somebody calling me?”

Siri and the others run up to him, Siri yells quickly, “We need the power of your element to save our friend!”

“Oh, that old thing.” Says Horus, “It’s got to be around here somewhere, oh right, I have to tell you a story.” Horus sits down in place and motions for the kids to join him. “Now it was really long ago, that I remember. I dreamt of something and it was important… oh well, guess it’s gone.”

The kids all moan and Aroma says, “Please the element!”

“Right, right… Air is the planets binding force between all living things. Much like the other elements it needed for life to sustain itself. But air is completely free and not bound by what we perceive. We can’t see it so we go about unknowing that its always around. It reminds me of a legend written long ago, or did I write it yesterday?”

“Please, the element!” All three kids yell.

“Right right, answer me this. What is the most necessary of the elements?” Horus chuckles.

“The three kids get their heads together, Siri says, “It has to be fire, fire is the most powerful.”

“No, that’s wrong.” Says Aroma, “Earth makes everything grow.”

“But nothing could grow without water!” says Mod.

Siri thinks, “Or air, nothing alive can exist without the four elements… I know the answer.”

“Yes?” Horus says,

“It’s a trick question, none are more essential than the others. They exist together.” Siri says proudly.

“Very good… Now can I talk to you about these pamphlets I’ve been making with my new printing press?” Horus stops talking when seeing the reaction on the kids faces.

Siri grunts, “The air please.”

“What do you think I am a dispensary? Air is all around us, just blow.” Horus laughs and blows, “Silly children, and I thought you were listening. So can I tell you a… oh they’re already gone.” Horus looks around and picks up and old shoe, “Waste not.” He puts it on and his toes are exposed but he’s happy.


The kids show up at the alchemists place out of breath and hand them the elements.

“Very well done.” Says Alchemist Speckle, “We’ll just put these in here.” He places the earth, water and fire in the bowl and they sizzle for a moment. Marbles adds a piece of Red’s note to the fire then the air by blowing in the bowl. It all goes up in a puff.

“That’s it?” Asks Siri

“It’s mud.” Says Mod

Alchemist Marbles grabs the kids shuffling them towards the stairs, “Quickly to the portal, this will be very dangerous, but remember you’re inside Red’s dreaming mind. You’ll have to hold onto him when returning. Hopefully you’ll end up home.”

Aroma sound exited, “Okay let’s do it!” She let’s Alchemist Marbles dab some mud on her third eye and the same on the other kids then she yells, “Let’s save Red!”

They jump through the portal.


Red is still entranced by the being, they’re floating in the lotus position as one entity. The pyramid is showing Red all the times his friends will be forced to make choices that negatively affect him. There’s Siri choosing to spend more and more time with her siblings. Mod with his dad and Aroma with her parents. Red’s spiritual form is crying, in each of these visions he’s been left aside. Red opens his eyes to see Horus still next to the portal looking afraid.

Horus perks up, “Well it’s about time.”

The three kids step through and Aroma yell’s “We’re here to rescue you Red!”

The pyramid laughs obnoxiously, “It’s pointless kids, he’s mine!”

Red smiles and forces the being out of his body, “I never took you’re deal pyramid.”

“Red, your friends are too late, I’ve already shown you your very disappointing future.” Says the pyramid

“Who’s this guy?” Asks Mod

“Yeah, he looks odd, like old-school animation odd.” Adds Mod, “Like remember those terrible movies about all the princesses.”

Aroma smites him, “Hey, I like princesses!”

The pyramid yells at them, “Shut up, you massive pains in my butt you… miniature people are dealing with things you know nothing about. I want you to leave!”

“Not without Red!” Says Siri.

“Then you’ll just die!” The pyramid sends out a series of twisted monsters that look like shadows of animals.

They begin to chase the kids and Red yells, “It’s all a dream, you can control it!”

Aroma turns around and faces the shadow, it poofs into a Sea-pony with a saddle, she hops on and rides it to attack to other shadow monsters. “I’ll rescue you!” She imagines two of the other shadows as friendly creatures, one is a giant sparkling D.J and the other a giraffe with seven heads, “My Hydraffe! Attack the evil shadows and save my friends!”

Mod is cornered by a shadow and imagines, it turns into a stick figure police officer, “Ha, I did it.”

The pyramid strains, “What are you doing, that’s not even very good!”

Red joins his friends, “We’re going to beat you and I’m leaving!”

Siri tries to imagine something, she yells, “Come on unicorny-centaurny!” Nothing happens and she’s picked up by the giant shadow monster. “Help!”

“See, your friend is a goner and the other two are next!” The pyramid conjures more monsters and all the kids are trapped. He approaches Red. “I’ll destroy them one at a time unless you agree to join me!”

“No, Red don’t do it!” Siri screams as she’s squeezed tighter by the shadowy tentacles.

The pyramid laughs, “Really if I did it I’d be saving you allot of problems, do you really want to go through those horrible things I showed you? Do you?”

“No, I don’t.” Red looks down at his feet, “Let them go, I’ll do it.”

The kids are carried back to the portal and the shadow monsters disappear, Aroma’s imaginairy creatures remain, the pyramid is still laughing, “With all your efforts it wouldn’t have worked anyways, you’re still missing one element! Ha, puny brained morons!”

Aroma stops and thinks, “One last element?”

“There are five?” Ask Mod.

“Duh.” Says the pyramid.

“One last element.” Says Siri.

The pyramid cackles, “Did you hear what I said, yes, you’re missing one more dummies!”

Aroma grabs her giant version Of D.J and squeezes him tight, “Oh I love you Giant dream D.J jammy jam.”

“That’s it!” exclaims Siri, “Something that life could not live without. Love!”

“Red we love you, don’t let him take you!” The three kids yell while charging to Red, they all grab him at the same time and a powerful beam of light shoots from their bodies and hits the pyramid.

The Pyramid wails, “I’ll be back, you can’t stop me!” And disappears.


They walk through the portal past Horus who’s back to being asleep and into the original living room. Red disappears and the kids are confused. “Where’d he go?” Asks Aroma

Marbles looks at her happily and points upstairs. The kids run up and jump on Red in his bed. “You’re back!” Aroma gives him a hug then backs off bashfully.

Red wipes his eyes, “Yeah I feel like I’ve slept forever.”

“Just one day.” Says Siri

“And we you didn’t miss any class, a giant monkey tore it apart.” Mod laughs.

Red gets out of bed and has a hero’s expression, “Well it looks like we have a giant monkey to track down!”

The kids all laugh and the camera pans up over the island slowely red’s voice is talking to his friends in the background, “I was wondering, why do we have school in summer?”

Siri’s voice responds, “Don’t think about it.”

Red’s grunts, “Argh!”




Credit scene

Red is remembering one of the things that the pyramid had shown him, they’re sledding down the vanilla ice-cream swirl being followed by bears in Tootoos but when they reach the bottom the bears only give them more ice-cream.

Red’s voice says, “That can’t be real.”


Credit scene

The patient from earlier in the episode is soaking his feet and looks really relaxed until the tub of green ooze comes to life and attacks his face.



After credit scene

The ex-king Modney is stewing in his cell and Beggar Siri comes back to the window, “Give me a shekel and I’ll let you out.”

The ex-king throws up a few gold coins and several bounce around the cell, “Now let me out peasant!”

“Oh, sorry I forget the price just went up.”

“What how much?” Asks the ex-king ticked off.

“Enough to rent me and me mum and me brothers and me sisters a fine house.”

King Modney grins ang growls, “RRRRRRRRRRRrr.” He pauses and laughs for a second, “Yeah, I can do that.”


The next scene is beggar Siri laying in a porcelain tub eating pheasant, “Now this is what I’m talking about.”

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