Life's a beach Ep.5 Spirit

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After their last encounter with the Being, the kids must find peace and learn the way to protect themselves from Him.

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Episode five, Spirit

We open with the view of a well portal toppled over on its side at the bottom of the ocean. A genderless voice, almost pure says, “He is older than time from a place that existed before matter, before even the great vacuum that collapsed and created the multiverse. He has always been and always will be.”

The scene pans out and above a great underwater city weathered by countless years under the sea. Everything is so dark down at the bottom that only the well and schools of luminescent fish expose the golden monuments.

There are the figureless shadows of twelve sea monsters and as the section of the city becomes visible one of the figureless shadows becomes the giant one-eyed octopus. Another is revealed as the mosasaurus with a single red eye, the same Minerva-Black described bringing her to the island.

The two creatures each stare at each other and look like they are about to attack. The scene jumps upwards rising above the ocean.


Life’s a beach. Ep 5


The scene opens above the island looking quite different, it is covered in bright pink.

Before you see the kids, you can hear Aroma’s voice, “I love this place!”

The scene zooms in to the point where you can see the island is covered with Pink fluffy plants. They shiver and move like they’re alive. Finally, you can see the kids, Aroma and D.J are snuggling In a giant pink bush. Aroma tickles it while she slides herself off and the plant makes a giggling sound.

Red is looking at a hand drawn map of the island with three big words written on it. The words are, “Find peace here.” Red reads it aloud to his friends, “We should be close.”

Instead of jungle like plants the pink plants are all bushes and thick trees like oak and cherry, even elm. Their leaves however look like soft little pillows covered in kitten hair. All pink of course.

Siri says, “It’s too bright here, which way to peace?”

The trees around them all giggle and sway in one direction. Aroma screams, “I could live here!” She hugs a tree with bark made from the softest furs.

“How can we find peace anyways?” Asks Mod, “It’s kind of an abstract concept.”

D.J runs around them then disappears into the forest.


Red is quiet he breathes in deep and has a flashback, He’s sitting in the Dawson’s home with Marbles and Speckle. The living room has a slight shine to it unnoticed to the three people inside.

Speckle says, “Most of the things he showed you were only to mislead and trick you.”

“But they were so real.” Says Red, “Some of them felt like I was there and others were like looking back on a memory. At first  he was showing me everything, but now I can only remember little bits. It’s frustrating!”

Marbles is sitting next to Red, she takes his hand, “This is big, especially for…”

“For what, a kid?!” Red yells.

Marbles is calm, “I was going to say especially for Speckle and I. We’ve never been visited by… Him.”

“Never?” Asks Red

“No never.” Replies Speckle.

Red says, “But why me then and what can I do to stop Him?”

Speckle and Marbles look at each other and have a light bulb moment. “You need to find Peace.”


We’re back to the pink island, there are no buildings except for the well portal. And no people that they’ve seen so far. On the island (This is the same on every island) there is a high point that leads from the well portal to the jagged rocks on the other side of the island. Red and his friends are following this path which seems to be the only way to go forward. Even on Red’s map there’s a dotted line leading directly to the other side.

Siri watches a grouping of pink fluffy birds with long pink tailfeathers fly above them singing sweet songs. She takes out her sling and picks up a rock. She swings it around but before she can let go Aroma stops her.

“Wait.” Aroma seems scared. “look.” She points at the trees closest to Siri, they’ve turned from pink to dark-red and are growling. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Right.” Says Siri while putting the sling away. The tree’s look slightly less angry but still make menacing gestures to the kids.

Mod keeps his distance while saying like you would to a rabid dog, “Nice plants, good trees.”

“Come on.” Says Red, “Remember what Speckle and Marbles said about Minerva-Black?”

Mod shakes his head, “No actually I don’t.”

Aroma agrees, “Yeah it feels like Marbles was talking and then maybe I was daydreaming.”

Siri laughs, “You two don’t remember anything ever.”

Mod stares at her, “Do you?”

Siri thinks, “No actually.”

Aroma gloats, “See, it was like they were speaking through kazoos.”

Red sighs, “I was paying attention. Minerva-black is a version of my grandmother that’s gone insane, she thinks that I’m somehow connected to getting her off this island.”

Siri adds, “So she’s crazy, we have worse problems. Remember the pyramid with that messed up eye!”

Red looks at the map again, “I won’t have to worry about Him if we find what we’re looking for.”


We jump to another flashback of the same scene with Marbles, Speckle and Red in the living room.

Marbles is saying, “Only if you find peace will you be able to hold-out against Him.”

Speckles says, “Bring your friends, you never know what’s out there and they can help in ways we never could.”

Marbles cuts in, “And don’t forget the sandwiches and pineapple juice. I made them especially for this trip.” Marbles finishes by giving Red a wink.

Speckle takes a small sci-fi tool out of his pocket, its the color red. He says, “This is a much less complicated version of the Transmutation device. I built it with you in mind.”

Marbles says in a happy voice, “That’s why it’s red!”

Speckle clears his throat, “I think he got that.” He takes a moment then continues, “There are ten options you can choose from, all are nonlethal and not permanent. You have Freeze, shrink, enlarge, phase walk.”

Marbles adds in, “There’s also, friendify, give life, super strength, plant friends, grow life…”

Speckles says, “Don’t confuse give life with grow life, give life will let plants or objects obtain sentience. Grow life will make crazy plants shoot out of the ground. Anyways there’s also petrify, nullify gravity, anytime-skin…”

Marbles pushes her brother aside, she says, “That last one is good for sunscreen too!”

“Yes, sunscreen up to a million degrees. It also makes you impervious to cold and getting hurt by bludgeoning or blades.” Speckle growls while in a shoving battle with Marbles.

Marbles says, “May I finish?!”

Speckle steps aside and sighs, “Yes sister.” He brushes his lab coat off and stands by her side.

Marbles says, “The last option is the most important, It’s reverse. If you do anything to crazy or want to undo some of these marvellous effects then simply use reverse.”


We’re back to the kids being surrounded by pink trees, Mod opens his bag and takes out one of the sandwiches, “These are really good sandwiches, Iguana and goat cheese.”

They arrive by a clearing on the far peak of the island. There’s someone sitting in the center of the clearing. The person looks androgynous, completely bald with the characteristics of both Marbles and Speckle to make up one person.

Aroma walks into the clearing with D.J and the others follow close behind, Mod makes it in fine but Siri and Red are stopped by some invisible wall. They comedically bounce off.

Siri says, “Why can’t we get in? Even the Raptor got in.”

D.J rolls around on it’s back showing Siri his belly from the other side of the invisible wall.

The person smiles and says, “This is the place of Peace.” They close their eyes and hum a beautiful tune in the purest of voices.

Red looks at Mod and Aroma, “Why do my friends get in but not us?”

The person says nothing, only keeps on humming.

Siri grits her teeth, “This isn’t fair, let us in, we have to find peace!”

The person speaks in such a calm soothing voice that Mod and Aroma sit down in lotus position. Zee says, “You are far from peace, you can not enter. They may because they are close to peace.”

Red looks over at Siri and spots the sling coming out of her pocket, he says, “Siri, disarm.”

They both lower their weapons to the ground, Red enters the circle and Siri bounces off the barrier. Siri curses, “What now!”

Red walks over to the other side and takes her hand, “You have to be calm, find peace.”

Aroma looks at them holding hands and makes a jealous face.

Siri closes her eyes and breathes.

Red says what he heard Siri’s brother say, “There will be times of peace and joy.” They both step through the barrier.

Red asks the person, “We were told to come here to find peace.”

“You have found my grotto.” The person says, “Please sit.”

Red and Siri take a seat next to Aroma and Mod.

Siri asks, “Is this how we find peace?”

“Young one.” Says the person, “Is that all you seek?” The person reaches over and touches Siri’s forehead.

Siri closes her eyes, then opens them wide, “You’re Marbles and Speckle, how?” Her voice has lost the tone of anger.

The person smiles, “You may call me unity, I sense ambivalence in you child.” Unity takes a moment then says, “Before we begin, where is the offering?”

Mod opens his bag and takes out the sandwiches and drinks, “You mean this?”

“Yes, very good.” Unity takes a sandwich and opens it, she wraps it back up and gives it back to Mod. “Your offer has been accepted.”

Red asks, “Why did you give it back, was there something wrong with it?”

Unity says, “We have accepted your offering; however, we have no need for it.”

Aroma says, “You mean you’re immortal and don’t have to eat?”

Unity responds casually, “We’re vegetarians.” Zee closes zees eyes then begins to hum, after a few second zee begins levitating and approaches Red. Ze breathes in deep and exhales a powerful force of wind on to Red.

Red feels tired, his eyes are forced shut by exhaustion and his body enters a relaxed state.

Siri speaks calmly, affected by the earlier touch, “What happened to him?”

“He is connecting his jinn right now, the hidden space deep within the physical form, it act’s as a vessel for the soul and connects to everything.” Unity lowers to the ground and comes face to face with Red.

There is a great booming sound that comes from the well portal and a thousand pink fluffy birds fly into the sky scurrying away from the portal.

Siri says, still calm, “What was that?”

Unity closes zees eyes, “A disturbance, another visitor.” Unity opens zees eyes and has a look of horror. “Watch.”

The kids are all given a glimpse of the portal, Minerva-Black is standing out in front with her regular put together suit out of animal and lizard skins. She raises a weapon that looks like a futuristic blunderbuss and fires at the nearby pink forest. The trees and bushes are hit by a massive wave of vibration and their leaves fall off.

“That’s Minerva Black!” Says Mod, “She looks furious.”

Siri’s says, “It’s okay bro, we’ll do something about it.”

Aroma says, “She’s destroying the forest, why are you so calm?” An invisible force picks Aroma up and drops her outside of the grotto.

Siri says, “We can’t just charge in to this, Minerva-black is dangerous.” She walks over to Aroma. “We need to be smart.”

Mod picks up Red’s laser and Siri takes her sling, the kids and D.J run back towards the well portal. They hear Unity’s voice in their head, “The forest will help you if you understand peace.”



Red is in the dreamscape surrounded by the darkness, no tentacles only darkness. “I’m back… I guess…This doesn’t look the same though.”

Unity’s voice says, “Because it isn’t. This is my dreamscape.”

Red asks, “How’s that possible?”

“Simple, all minds are connected, mine, yours, Minerva’s. I’m focusing your mind through my own. This place has existed before existence and the beings that dwelled here were the first. Without form they lived in balance until the day…”

The dreamscape changes so that Red is watching twelve giant forms moving around in the plane of ultimate darkness. One of the figures begins to change colours and suddenly comes to shape, it’s the pyramid.

Red panics, “It’s Him, get me out of here!”

Unity’s voice echoes, “Don’t worry Red, it is but a memory.”

Red watches the pyramid spin around the other forms until it stops at one of them, in a language no one understands the pyramid begins to beckon the misty figure.

Red asks, “Who’s memory?” The pyramid appears to be coaxing and recruiting the figure, it’s tone is still the same.

Unity says, “One borrowed, one shared.” The dark figure begins to glow like the pyramid. Unity’s voice is heard. “Not a memory is a memory, defining this anomaly would take more focused thought and realisation than I am capable.”

The glowing mist takes form and it’s a Mosasaurus, the giant sea creature moves fast trying to get away from the pyramid and charges right through Red. It stops and Wails, the pyramid says something in it’s language and the Mosasaurus begins to be pulled back. It screams in pain.

Unity says, “He was the first and since his conception evil has ensued. He is older than time from a place that existed before matter before even the great vacuum that collapsed and created the multiverse. He has always been and always will be.”

One of the shadowy figures begins to glow as if in rage. “But so has light.”


The pink forest screams and shiver as the beautiful trees are hit by Minerva-Black’s air cannon. The trees behind her are bare, they shiver and hold each other with their furry libs.

A rock is launched from the forest and hits Minerva in the head, she yells in the pyramids voice, “What, who threw that!?”

There’s the sound of a sling being whirled around in the forest and another rock fly’s past her face. “That’s it!” Minerva screams and shoots her air-canon in the direction of the rock thrower. The forest squeals as its leave’s are thrown backwards. “Come out you!” Minerva growls, “Whatever you are?!”

Aroma screams from behind Minerva, “You need to stop destroying this forest!”

“And what are you going to do about it?” Minerva asks laughing and aims her gun at Aroma.

Aroma puts her hands in the air, “Not me.”

Mod shoots the freeze laser at Minerva and it bounces off the invisible shield around her. A tree is hit by the laser and freezes. Minerva laughs, “You can’t hurt me with my own inventions!”

Siri yells and launches a rock, “You didn’t invent that, the Dawson’s did!”

The rock hits Minerva in the head, “Ow, you little twerps.” She shoots the air-cannon at Siri and it throws her into a bare tree. “Who do you think taught Marbles and Speckle about the portal, it was a Minerva!”

Mod and Aroma grab Siri and disappear into the forest.

Minerva shoots her gun at another grouping of trees and the leaves fall off piling on the ground beneath. A group of birds are left sitting on the bare branches, then they fall unconscious and into the leaves. The trees are left shivering. Minerva mumbles, “This is a waste of time.” Minerva continues down the path and towards the grotto with a dark intent.


Red is watching the pyramid torture the Mosasaurus, the newly glowing figure begins to assemble itself. Eight giant tentacles reach out of the glowing cloud and grab the Pyramid. There’s a struggle and the tentacles are knocked away. The Mosasaurs’ eye glows red and the pyramid laughs then let’s go. The squid comes into full shape and attacks the pyramid. The struggle is brutal, the pyramid and the squid are equal. Then the Mosasaurus attacks. The squid is injured and thrown away into the dark.

Red loses sight of the squid, “Where’d it go? Why are you showing me this?”

Unity’s voice echoes, “Because it is the beginning.”

The scene fades and Red is back in a dark abyss, “No, I want to see what happens.”

“What does it matter, it’s already happened, it will happen again and is happening now. We want to show you something.” Unity’s voice is coming from a space far away in the dark.

Red sighs, “More.”

He’s brought forward to the moment where the pyramid was showing him everything, “I remember this, I didn’t understand at the time.”

“But now you do?” Unity is floating around as a ball of light.

“Yes, I think… it was like a wave of places, people and things were all around me and in my mind.” Red says with a naïve amazement.

“Nouns, is that all?” Asks Unity.

Red opens a window to one of the memories, “That’s Minerva.” He says.

“Yes, Minerva Black. Watch.”

Minerva is sitting at the head of her grand table with a whole bunch of the towns people having a feast. She toasts, “Today is the day we go home!” She sounds proud. The hall goes dark when the sun eclipses outside. Minerva closes her eyes then says, “All mighty one, I accept your offer and ask you to deliver us from this place.” Her eyes open and they’re glowing black.

The pyramids voice comes through her, “It’s time, I knew someone would take the bait!”

Minerva’s mouth opens and she begins to inhale all of the islands people’s souls. They all stop in place.  The portal begins to shake and shimmer, It moves like Red’s never seen before then turns black. The pyramids voice sounds disappointed, “This isn’t right, what happened. Why am I still here?”

Minerva’s eyes return to color and she looks around, “No, what did you do?” She’s horrified.

They pyramid’s voice comes through the portal, “I tried to find a way out of this perpetual darkness. Instead I trapped all your people and broke your portal. Sorry.”

A tear drops from Red’s eye. “This is terrible, I don’t want any more of this.”

“You’re the one controlling what you see Red. We only opened the door.” Unity echoes.

Red focuses and see’s Horus in that dreamscape again, Horus’ eyes close in a peaceful way and Red focuses on something else.

Before him is the city of gold, he watches a small cloaked person enter a building way on the east side of the city. Inside is a portal laying on the ground and a man, he looks nervous and scared.

“What’s happening here?” Red asks but Unity doesn’t say a word. Red watches as the nervous man tries to stop the cloaked figure and fails. The cloaked figure jumps into the well and everything starts to shake. Water begins to come out of the portal and covers the city.

Red screams, “Get me out of here!”

“Not until you see what you have to.” Says Unity

Red yells, “I want to go home!”

He’s suddenly watching Minerva wearing explorer’s gear, she’s climbing a tree and almost looks right at him when taking her perch.

Unity says, “You must find her Red, and only then can you resolve the greatest cosmic fault. Only you can repair what has been broken. Explorer Minerva cracks open an egg and lets the goop drop into her mouth. Her voice is heard, “Delicious.”

Red see’s Marbles and Speckle wearing lab coats with the single eye on them. They’re bending over the worlds tiniest pyramid and then their eyes glow black. He see’s them capture explorer Minerva and lock her up in a cage with three others in dark hooded robes. The three hooded people are locked in different towers but one of them manages to escape.

Red see’s another scene with the same Minerva and the three hooded figures, they’re standing by the ocean with a tiny boat. He recognises his glasses in the boat along with Siri’s sling and some other items.

“What is this? Those are mine.” The boat sets out to sea and lights on fire when riding a returning wave. He see’s explorer Minerva howling at the sky. A bolt of lightning strikes and behind her two of the cloaked figures are shown as Marbles and Speckle with scars. Still the third figure remains dark.


“Did Minerva bring me here? Did my grandmother bring me here?” Red breathes in deep and closes his eyes, “Show me.”



Aroma is dragging Siri and she wakes up. Siri yells, “What happened?”

Aroma shushes her then says, “You were hit by that vibra-cannon thing. It’s going to be okay, we have a plan.”

“How?” Asks Siri, “She’s resistant to the laser.”

“We got it, but you’re not going to like it.” Says Aroma with a quirky look.

Siri gasps, “What won’t I like?” She still sounds extra cool even for someone recently injured.

“Well.” Aroma says and looks over at the bushes as Minerva walks though them, “We’re bait.”

Minerva black smiles, “There you are.”

Aroma yells, “You know lady, you’re crazy, just bonkers, bananas, bongos crazy! I liked you a lot more before when we were pterodactyl buddies.”

Minerva aims her gun at them, “I’ll show you what I do to my buddies… Wait weren’t there three of you?” Minerva looks around for Mod.

Mod and a giant D.J crash through the trees and Grab Minerva,. D.J shakes her in his mouth then throws her through the forest and back to the main path.

The kids cheer and Mod rides D.J to find her.

Aroma helps Siri up and they hear Mod say, “Guys, she’s gone.”

“What do you mean she’s gone?” Asks Siri as she starts to walk alone. “Oh.”

There is no sign of Minerva on the road.

Aroma looks around, “She can’t have gone that far, let’s find her!”

Giant D.J begins to sniff around and stops at a random place he smells the air then yelps when a random laser blast hits him and turns him miniature.

Aroma yells. “No, my giant D.J.” She runs over and hits an invisible wall.

Minerva disengages her invisibility cloak and Aroma is on the floor in front of her. She’s almost standing on her feet. Aroma gasps, “Oh no.”


Red Is watching Explorer Minerva tell scarred Marbles and speckle about the ritual. He looks like he’s heard some terrible things so far. Minerva is saying, “Marbles, this is black magic. We need to lighten it up.”

Scarred Speckle says, “That isn’t how it works and you know it. The kid will only be a puppet.”

Minerva says, “Not if we are all puppets.”

Marbles motions to the third cloaked figure and says, “What should we do?”

The cloaked figure speaks in the same language that the pyramid spoke. Its face is exposed an is a super-nasty tentacle monster thing with eyes and a weird stretched puckered mouth.

Red blocks his ears and closes his eyes, “NAnanananananananana! I’m not watching I’m not listening, all this stuff is horrible. What am I supposed to do?”

Red opens his eyes and see’s his parents looking back at him. His mom in a beautiful dress and his father in his suit. They both have tears in their eyes and his father says, “Welcome home son.”

Red cries and the scene changes, he’s watching a younger version of Horus being tortured by the triangle, Horus says, “This is how it has to be, my sacrifice keeps others safe!” Another version of Horus is asleep next to the well just like in his dream. For a second Red see’s himself instead of Horus then turns away to see the triangle force waking Horus towards the well. Before he’s tossed in he holds on to a tentacle for dear life and is split into many versions of himself that enter the portal one at a time. Only sleeping Horus is left.

Unity’s voice says, “We don’t have much time Red, Minerva is here and she’s on her way. I’ll have to guide you where you need to go.”

Red closes his eyes and says, “Okay, I’m ready.”

Unity has a calm tone that sinks deep within Red.

In the real-world Unity places Zees finger on Red’s forehead. Unity appears in the dreamscape and opens a doorway into a new memory.

They’re standing next to the well portal surrounded by walls of water a kilometer high. The sky is dark purple and the stars differ in colors. The city of gold in untouched and looks ancient. Red watches himself next to the portal, he places his hand on the well and the colors envelope him. Red watches himself begin to glow. The whole scene is covered in blinding light then Red and Unity are back to being surrounded by ultimate darkness.

Unity says, “Reality prime. I’ve never seen it so clearly before. This is a look into your future. But nothing is set, in order to get there, you’ll have to walk the path. For now, we’ll direct you to the safety spell. Guard your mind, believe that you are truly protected against the dark. Believe that you are a healing light and you will be.”

Red watches the dreamscape change and swirl like water down a drain.

Unity says, “He showed you everything, you’ve seen it all but you’re holding on to so much, clear your mind. Find the memory that makes you feel the safest. Only that exists.”

Red sees the vision of himself making it back his parents, he’s holding them tight. “I’m home.”



Minerva has a section of the forest obliterated and in the center are the three children and D.J looking up at her. D.J is bound by his legs and on his back, he’s even smaller than usual.

Minerva sighs and digs through Mod’s bag, “Hmm sandwich, don’t mind if I do.” Minerva talks while chewing, “I want you kids to know this is nothing personal, I just need Red.”

Aroma yells, “He’s your grandson, do you have no soul?”

Siri agrees, “Yeah you’re a monster.” But she sounds extra calm about it.

Minerva laughs, “You kids still don’t get it, he’s not my grandson. My grandson never made it to the island, he’s probably back home living it up. Your version of Reginald Red Redding is unique, that’s why we need him.”

Mod says, “Hey now that I think about it your voice sounds allot like that pyramid thing from Red’s dream. Didn’t we beat you?”

Minerva replies, “Oh honey, that’s so sweet, not in a million years could you defeat me. That would be like a bird deciding never to fly and living in its parents place untill it was thirty. Or ants starting a protest against their queen.” She finishes off the sandwich.

Siri asks, “So Red only exists in our reality?”

Minerva slaps her forehead, “Why do you think you didn’t see another version of Red when you visited the alchemists? Because he’s not there, that realities Red is living in a castle halfway across the world sick with scabies pooping in a bucket.” Minerva finishes a bottle of juice from Mods back and says, “I’ve had enough of this, lead me to the grotto and we’ll finish what we started.”

Aroma says, “No never, we won’t betray our friend and Markles!”

Mod asks, “Markles?”

Aroma explains herself, “Yeah it’s the combination of Marbles and Speckle.”

Siri says, “I thought it would be Sparkle.”

Aroma smiles and nods her head enthusiastically, “Oh, that’s better!”

Minerva takes out her laser, “That’s enough!” She shocks each of the kids then says, “Lead the way to the grotto.”

Aroma and Mod both say, “Yes Minerva right away.”

Siri has no idea what’s going on, she plays along, “Yes Minerva right away.” She says and joins her friends in a line walking down the path.

Siri pokes Mod then Aroma, “Hey you guys okay?”

Mod and Aroma look like robots, they say nothing.

Siri thinks fast she turns around and snatches Reds laser and her sling from Minerva’s pouch then runs into the forest.

Minerva yells after her, “You brat!” Then snaps at the other kids and says, “Don’t mind her, if she comes back I’ll squash her!”


Siri keeps running through the forest, she gets ahead of them and hides while looking through the laser’s settings. “What does friendify do?” Siri skips through a few more and waits until they get close. She shoots Aroma and aims for Mod but Minerva blocks her shot.

“That’s enough!” Yells Minerva. The kids and D.J start to float in the air like their being lifted by invisible hands. Minerva drops a gadget on the ground and laughs that makes a whooshing sound. “Maybe you three should just hang around.” Minerva laughs her head off.

Aroma screams at her, “You’ll be hearing from my lawyers lady, let us down!” She struggles against nothing.

Siri is calm she says, “It’s meant to be friends.”

Mod is still in trance from Minerva’s laser.

Minerva is almost out of sight, Aroma yells at her, “You messed with the forest and now it’s going to mess with you, pink trees and bushes of the fluffy forest unite! Attack this evildoer with retribution avenge your fallen comrades’ leaves!”

The trees all start to turn red and point their thick leaves and seed pods at Minerva, she says, “What’s all this, you want to fight?”

The trees start to spit seeds at Minerva from all directions, “Arg, oh, geese.” She fires her cannon at the nearby trees and runs away.

Aroma looks at a nearby seedpod and says, “Hey do you mind getting us free?” The seedpod shoots at the sci-fi tool on the ground breaking it and the kids fall. Aroma yells, “I can’t believe that worked.”

Siri says, “Yeah but now she’s running towards the sanctuary!” She zaps mod with the laser.

Mod says, “What happened, did I miss anything?”

They run after Minerva and only catch up right in front of the grotto. Unity and Red and unaware of what’s happening and in a deep trance state.

Siri has her sling armed and launches a rock at Minerva, “Hey lookout!” Siri yells while Mod shoots the laser at the rock, it grows to a hundred times its size and crashes on top of Minerva.

She’s squashed but only for a second. A crazy sound comes from under the boulder and it explodes. Minerva looks really ticked off.

Siri shoots the laser, “Friendify, friendify, friendify!” They all bounce off Minerva and hit various trees and birds.

Mod takes the laser, “let me try that!” He shoots her with petrify and it bounces back hitting D.J turning him into stone.

Aroma freaks out, “What did you do? Turn him back, turn him back!”

Minerva shoots her laser on a wide stream and petrifies the three of them, “You can join him. I hate kids.” She smiles when seeing Red and Unity then starts to move faster. She walks face first into the barrier crushing herself against it. “Gosh darn it!”

 Minerva examines the barrier with her hand, “Impassable, we’ll see.” She sits down in lotus position, a dark shadow leaves her and enters the grotto then into Red’s mind.


Unity is telling Red, “Reality prime acts like a magnet on the others. It pulls on currents that flow through the portals.”

An image of a sea-sponge-like figure appears with many currents passing through its intertangled web. Red and Unity take a ride through one of the currents that travels through a tunnel taking many different intersections until reaching the end. They do this a few times.

Unity continues, “You and the water both are connected to the magnetic pull of the prime reality. As you make your way through the realities you will find yourself drawn closer and closer to a specific one. This is your destiny.”

Red is amazed by the many tunnels and possibilities through the sponge or swiss-cheese like network, so many entrances and exits so many intertangled webs. Red says, “I keep hearing words like destiny and providence, fortuitous. Aren’t these all things a kid my age shouldn’t have to worry about? Like, it always comes back to the same questions, why me?”

“Sometimes a question in itself can be an answer, and sometimes there is no answer. Accepting this will bring you closer to peace.” Unity looks strange, the images around them disappear and tentacles begin to arise. Unity says in an urgent tone, “Red, you need to walk this path alone but not by yourself, your friends are part of this trust them. And brush your teeth once in a while.”

Red is confused, “Wait what?

Unity’s eyes glow black and ze screams, “I am not an isosceles triangle!”

Red gets in close, “Are you okay?”

Unity clenches then the pyramid is forced out through zees forehead. The pyramid says, “I’ve been wondering what that brain of yours was like, for two beings intertwined I’m disappointed you’re not even smart as one and a half people!” He creates two random people then removes half of on of their brains and puts it in the poor persons hands. Poof they disappear.

Unity breathes in deep and remains balanced, “You’re here but you’re not allowed to enter. I’ve protected all Marbles and Speckle’s minds from you.”

The pyramid gets really close to Unity and begins spinning fast, “Is that what you think?” It stops spinning and its eye looks really scary, “Wrong!”

A scene of Red in his dreamscape appears, it’s odd, and he says, “It’s like looking at yourself in between two mirrors.” He watches himself still mid dream and the giant squid approaches with a letter in its tentacle. There’s the sound of chimes and the sound of a gong.

They’re under the sea and an ominous but somehow friendly voice speaks in synchronise with the chime, “Beware Urag.” The voice echoes in the vision and in the dreamscape creating a strange interference sound and the words are only heard once.

Unity’s looks like zee’s seen a ghost, “Urag.”

The pyramid appears and says, “Let me play my part. Time to wake up!”


Unity and Red’s eyes both open at the same time, Unity says, “Oh crap.” She looks at Minerva and watches the evil woman cross the barrier carrying a weapon. “That’s impossible.”

Minerva laughs, “Nothing is impossible!” She zaps Unity in the heart and it burns a hole in zee’s chest.

Red looks in horror, “How could you do that!?” He runs at Minerva looking like he’s going to punch her but dives and grabs a device off her belt instead Minerva doesn’t notice and Red keeps running.

Minerva laughs, “So after all that you’re going to run away like a coward?”

Red stops beside Mod and takes his laser out of his petrified hand. “Nope.”

He shoots his friends with the normalize setting and they come to life. He shoots D.J with the enlarge setting.

D.J runs at Minerva and is thrown into the forest as if she were super strong.

Siri and the kids all look at Minerva, “Let’s get her.” They charge passing through thebarrrier as if it were never there..

Red shoots Siri with the anytime skin setting and yells to her, “You’re impervious to punches and stuff!”

Siri says, “Thanks.” Then jumps at Minerva.

Minerva shoots Siri with the vibration gun and it sends her flying out of the grotto. Siri hits the ground and shakes herself off.

Mod is about to punch Minerva and Red zaps him with super strength, Minerva is knocked down and whines, “You’d hit an old lady? Well this old lady can hit back!” Minerva drops a metal pad on the ground then steps on it. The metal grows around her body and expands into a mech suit like in a bad anime movie. “it’s time to die kids!”

Red jumps on the metal Minerva’s back and begins bashing at the suit, she throws him off.


Aroma is on her knees next to unity, “Don’t die, please, we need your help.”

Unity takes Aroma’s hand and a flash of light passes between them, Unity says, “The power has always been inside you.” Unity struggles to keep zees eyes open.

Aroma takes a second to look at Mod having a battle with Mecha-Minerva. Siri jumps in to help and is knocked away again. Minerva gets the upper hand on Mod and pushes him into the dirt. Red is still trying to get up.

Minerva howls with Joy, “It’s almost over!” She turns to Aroma and Unity and makes a fist. “I’m going to smash you, then I’m going to smash the yoga freak!”

Aroma looks afraid but yells, “No!... Powers of the forest please help us by beating the pulp out of Minerva!”

Minerva laughs, “Not this time!” A blast of energy exits her suit and all tree’s around the grotto lose their leaves and cower.

Aroma cries, “No, you monster, I’ll get you!” She runs under the mech’s legs and grabs Red’s laser off the ground before Minerva can step on it. Aroma zaps the ground and a series of plants grow around Minerva’s robot feet.

“You think plants will hurt me?!” Minerva swings at Aroma and knocks her next to Red.

Red picks up the laser and jumps through the setting on the laser looking for one that can penetrate the armor. Each one bounces off Minerva’s suit and hits something random.

Aroma puches herself up as Siri and Mod go for another round. She runs over to Unity.

Minerva laughs at Aroma, “No more cheat sheets, no more pink fluffy forest, no more hope!” She’s about to punch Aroma when a giant vine shoots out of the ground and surrounds her me ha-arm. “What is this?”

Aroma doesn’t know what she’s done but says, “I don’t know what I did but It worked!” She looks back at Unity who’s starting to glow and sobs. “You’re sacrificing yourself. Don’t!”

Unity’s hands are pressed against the ground and all the life energy of the forest starts to return. Unity’s life force however, is diminishing. Unity says, “Red needs you, don’t give up, never give up.” Unity glows gold and then the forest is back to full strength. When the glowing subsides, Unity is Marbles.

Marbles look pissed off, “It’s over Minerva!”

The vines entangle Minerva’s suit and tare it apart leaving only her, unharmed. Minerva screams, “This is not over.” She aims her Vibra-cannon at Marbles and Aroma.

Red yells, “Not this time.” and shoots her with his laser. She freezes, all except her head.

Minerva says, “What happened to my shield!”

Red holds up the device he stole from her before, “You mean this?” He stomps on it.

Minerva screams, “No!” And her head freezes that way. The vines carry Minerva over the forest and toss her back into the well somewhere completely random.


The kids gather around Marbles, she’s back to meditating.

Aroma says, “I’m so sorry about your brother Marbles.”

Marbles responds, “Everything Is as it should be. He sacrificed himself to save the forest. And myself. But it’s not all lost.” Marbles motions to the mouth of the grotto.

The kids turn around and there’s Speckle looking very much like this reality’s Marbles.

Mod asks, “How’s that possible?”

Speckle smiles and says, “Balance.” He sits next to his sister and takes her hand, they both hum loudly then a glowing light encompasses them and they are one. “Unity exists in the multiverse again.”


The kids are astounded and Red says, “It looks like I found what I was searching for.”

Giant D.J appears from the forest and gives Red a big lick from his feet to his face.  Red Laughs and turns him back to being small. He hits Mod and Siri with the reverse setting as well and starts the walk to the portal. They all say goodbye to Unity and venture back through the forest.

Red has one more flashback of his conversation with his version of the Dawson. Speckle says, “There are plenty of paths you can choose to take Red.”

Marbles continues his sentence, “But they all lead to the same places.”

Red asks, “Why does everyone keep telling me things like that?”

“They’re trying to open your mind.” Answer the siblings in unison.


Red and his friends step through the portal and back into the living room, Marbles and Speckle are knitting a two-sided sweater for what looks like a two-headed dog or goat. “How did it go?” Ask Marbles and Speckle in unison.

Red says, “Do I have a story for you, all you’ll need is an open mind.”

Siri shakes herself off, “Why have I been so calm all day?”

The kids all laugh.


The scene expands slowly exposing the island and Red voice narrates, “In the past few days we’ve learnt a lot. We saw how family and friends are more than just that, they’re people that you can rely on. People that will always be there for you. More than that, I found something I never knew I had lost. A quest a task a journey an adventure, whatever you want to call it. It’s calling me.”


We’re transported to the pink island and zoom in to see Unity meditating, we zoom further into Zee brain. Unity is floating in the lotus position surrounded by light and beyond that nothing but darkness. Tentacles begin to grow in all corners of the dreamscape and unity opens zees eyes. “You’re back.”

The pyramid replies, “Well now that I can enter your mind, I’m going to come and go as I please.”

Unity says, “You may not enter my mind.”

“It’s not your mind I want. By coming here as I please I’ve opened the doorway to the rest of your dreamscapes. So, it’s more your minds that I want.” He puts emphasis on minds. “Plural is always better than singular. You no longer hold the door closed to the others and once my magnificent plan is ready, you’ll rue the day you stood in my way! Ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ah ah ha!” The pyramid disappears.

Unity says, “Aw crap.”


Credit scene

Red is in his dreamscape and the tentacles approach, they get in close and Red pictures his happy moment.

The pyramid comes out of nowhere and slams right into him, it says, “What the… How are you doing that? I want in!”

“Never mind that triangle, just leave.” Says Red sounding annoyed.

The pyramid yells, “Common, don’t you want to see more cool things?”

“I’ve seen enough for today thank-you…” Red laughs, “The being with no name. what a crock.” He points his finger at the pyramid without even opening his eyes. He turns the pyramid into a pink bush. The bush says, “Hi I’m George bush Senior.” It says in a goofy voice.

“Better.” Says Red. Then the bush lights on fire.



After Credit scene

Red is fiddling with his new laser, he shoots a bush and it starts moving around, the bush says in a goofy voice, “HI there, I’m George Bush, who are you?”

“Uh, undo, undo.” Red says panicking

“No, I like being alive!” The bush is zapped and goes back to being a bush.

Red sighs, “Like we need another one of him around.”



After Credit scene

Unity is meditating in the grotto with the living vines that destroyed Minerva’s suit. Unity looks at a sandwich left behind by Mod and winks. The sandwich takes form into a sandwich colored iguana and scurries away. It stops at the edge of the grotto and look back to Unity to nod thank you.

The Sandwich lizard is quickly scooped up by the plant vines and stuffed into a crack in the ground. The chasm burbs and Unity says, “Ugh, excuse you.”

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