Life's a beach Ep.6 Questing

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Check out Red and his friends as they visit new realities, and maybe fall in love. Find out

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Life’s a beach ep 6 Questing or Hollow kid

A rip-off of Ray Charles’ Mess around plays, the kids are in class and everyone is having a great time doing arts-n-crafts. A bunch of kids are dancing on their desks with Mr. Burkley doing some strange backwards dance. “Do the jump around, do the jump around. Everybody do the jump around.”

Siri is doing a shy cool dance while Aroma totally rocks it, Aroma watches Red at his desk mixing paints for a color wheel. He’s concentrating hard on mixing orange.

Aroma blushed while walking over the desks towards Red, she steps on several drawings and one girls collage. Aroma offers Red her hand and says, “Want to dance?”

Red looks up like he’s been asked to cut his own ears off. “What…when now?” He’s flabbergasted. On one hand, he likes her. A thought bubble opens above Red’s head, it shows him dressed in a fine suit with a handsome tan. Red’s dream version of himself has a deep voice and bends down on one knee to say, “Aroma would you do me the honour of this dance?” both their eyes sparkle while they spin as if they were in a ballroom. 

In reality Red mumbles, “On the other hand.” His thought bubble has a small clip of him stepping all over Aroma’s feet, then she beats him with her purse. Red watches the thought bubble as if it were a tv screen that only he can see.

This entire time Aroma is still waiting with her hand out, “What are you looking at?” She asks, remarking his unusual posture.

Red shakes it off, “Never mind.”

Aroma looks insulted, “So you don’t want to dance with me?” Aroma gives Red a nasty look and says, “Never mind, your loss then.” She walks back over the desks intentionally stepping on top of other kid’s collages.

The song ends and Mr. Burkley says with a smile, “Class is out for the day, don’t forget to clean your places.” But by the time he finishes his sentence the classroom is already baren.

Aroma gives Red a mean look when meeting up with the other kids on the beach. Red doesn’t know what to do or what to say.

Mod and Siri can tell there’s something going on between them.

Siri breaks the tension by giving everyone a big smile and announcing, “I think it’s time we explore the multiverse!”

Mod adds, “You know, start searching for your grandmother and reality prime, whatever that is.”

Aroma looks at Red and her inner monologue says, “He’s going to regret not dancing with me. But for now I’ll play nice.” She takes Red’s hand and deviously shakes it.

Red’s inner monologue sounds like an extended grunt, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.” His expression is that of worry.




(The Ray Charles “Jump around” rip-off plays.)

There are several snapshot images of the kids doing ridiculous things in different realities.

They’re riding down the beach on giant horned bunny-rabbits with grass fur and adorable big eyes. Red and Aroma are on the same rabbit, she’s intentionally digging her nails into Red’s shoulders with an evil/loving smile on her face. Click

Mod and Siri are on a tug of war team against Red and Aroma. In between them is a pit of nasty green gunk. Aroma let’s go of the rope and Red is pulled into the nasty goo. Click

A whole bunch of the towns people made of nasty green goop applaud Siri and Mod’s win, Red is attempting to pull himself out of the sticky pond in the background. Click

Siri and Aroma have climbed a giant jungle treehouse and are staring down at Red with devilish intent and two buckets. D.J is also there looking confused. Click

Siri drops a bucket of water on Red. Click

Aroma drops a bucket of nasty green goop on Red. Click

The two girls laughing with a tree-dwelling version of Horus. Click

The last photo is of the kids with other versions of Mod, Siri and Aroma but are covered in multicolored poke-dots. Non-dotted Aroma has put bunny ears on Red.


We join the kids standing by the edge of a normal looking jungle, in front of them is a single stream waterfall. (This area is where the grotto is in Unity’s reality, Ep 5.)

Aroma is jumping up and down next to D.J who’s exited just by the fact. She wails like a girl, “I told you all, I told you they existed!”

Siri asks, “What? I don’t see anything but a waterfall and a pond.”

Mod says, “Yeah, explain yourself, you’ve told us plenty of things we don’t believe.”

Red is in the background looking like he’s avoiding Aroma. He’s picking at small clumps of green goo stuck to his skin.

Aroma says, “This is the waterfall, and the pool… None of you remember, you guys are the worst!”

“Yes, we are.” Mod sighs, “But you’ve got me curious, what’s in this little pool of water?”

Aroma bends down by the water and in a hushed tone says, “Be quiet and you’ll see.”

The kids all bend down by the pool’s edge and wait. After a few seconds, a small pony’s head pops up from the water, and neighs. It’s quite miniature. The pony looks around then dives back down.

It returns with a dozen more and they start playing Sea-pony games by jumping around in the water and neighing.

Mods mouth is gaping, “I can’t believe it. Sea-ponies.”

Aroma shifts closer to Red and says, “Aren’t they beautiful?” She gives Red a second to let his guard down then pushes Red in the pool and he’s pelted by jumping sea-ponies.

Aroma and the others laugh, Aroma gloats, “See, I told you sea ponies were real! You guys never believe me.”

Aroma and Siri turn away from Red offering no help but Mod picks his friend out of the water. The boys trail behind the girls and Red asks, “What is up with all the torture today? Why does Aroma hate me?”

Mod smiles and pat’s Red hard on the back like a proud father would. His voice sounds a little more mature as he explains, “There comes a time in ever boy’s life when he meets a girl who’s just crazy. The same can be said for anyone…” Mod pauses and thinks about the right words, “Sometimes people express the way they feel by being a little mean, Aroma is one of these people.”

Red says in a surprised voice, “Aroma likes me!?”

Mod chuckles, “It certainly seems so.”

“Oh geese.” Red blushes

They stop at the well portal and Red opens a folded piece of paper. He reads the sequence, “Pink-140-967.”

Before they enter the portal, Siri says, “Marbles’ list only leads us to easy places, like the grass world or a reality where everyone is over friendly.”

A random islander pops out from the jungle and says, “Hi, it’s nice to see some new faces.”

Siri continues, “like that guy, for once I was hoping we could go to a place like the crustaceous island. With all the dinosaurs, it was so exiting.”

Mod agrees, “Yeah we had an adventure, it wasn’t a carefully chosen island with giant treehouses or fluffy pink bushes.”

Red takes another look at the map, “Each one of these might bring us closer to the prime reality. There’s no telling how long it will take us to get on the right path.”

The islander grows closer and repeats, “It’s so nice to see newcomers!”

Aroma smiles and offers the man her hand, “I like friendly people, I’m…”

Sir and Mod both grab her and pull her through the portal, D.J follows them happily. Red says to the man, “No time to talk, we’re late…” And steps walks backwards through the standing well.

The living room looks exactly the same as the Dawson’s back home. Red says, “Maybe I pressed the reset button or something?” Says Red.

“No that would be impossible, there’s a randomise setting.” It’s Speckle’s voice but older, he looks older and with a different haircut.

Aroma says, “Hi, I like your haircut!”

Red says, “I don’t think we’re going to find anything here, this is a waste of time.”

Siri looks at him, “That was extremely rude.”

Mod says, “This is all too candid for my liking…”

Older Speckle says, “That’s because here you’re incapable of lying and you always speak your mind.”

Red asks, “Where’s Marbles?” He’s always wondered what they do when not together.

Speckle says, “She’s testing out our new methane recovery system at the moment, basically she’s taking a poop in a toilet we’ve designed to recycle poop, it uses a chemical reaction and a vacuum system to separate the different components in your waste and…”

Mod says, “I don’t want to hear anymore of this.”

Siri grunts, “There’s a definite downside to this place.”

Red asks, “I want to know what it does?”

Aroma says to Red, “You’re always asking so many questions, do you ever stop?”

Red get’s shy but can’t stop himself from being honest, “I can’t, I need to do something to keep my mind off my parents and I like to think. Is that a crime? You’re bullying me and I don’t like it, leave me alone!”

Marbles enters the living room and Mod asks her, “How was your poop?” He catches himself and says, “Sorry.”

Marbles laughs, “It now exists as pure water along with a nutrient supplement and several useful chemicals and minerals.”

Siri says, “Gross.”

Aroma yells back at Red ignoring her friends, “If you weren’t so nerdy and sunburnt all the time maybe you would notice me!”

Red is blown away, “I can’t talk to you right now!” He runs to the portal and stops suddenly. His hair flutters as if it was being pulled towards the well, he says, “You’re not going to believe this. We found our first link.”

Siri and Mod both look over, “What, really?”

Aroma scoffs, “That’s a lie, just another way to ignore me.”

Marbles and Speckle both says, “Lying is impossible here.”

Red looks at the well like he’s trying to think about what to do. “What do I do now?” He opens the sheet and scans through it. Then looks back at Aroma who’s getting closer to him.

Aroma starts yelling at Red again, “Then if lying is impossible here I want to asks you something Red.” D.J barks at Red like it was a game.

Red turns around with a scared look and says, “Randomise.” The well portal changes color and he steps into it.

Marbles and Speckle both gasp, they look at each other afraid and do rock, paper, scissors. Marbles wins and sighs.

Speckle gives his sister a hug and she runs through the well after Red.

The three kids stare at the portal wide eyed and gaping mouths, Speckle steps in front of them like a line backer blocking the other teams quarterback.

Siri looks for a way past him then asks, “Where’d they go?”

Speckle sounds serious, “That’s why only Marbles went. They could be anywhere, they could be anything. We don’t yet understand all of the well’s properties. They could be dead.”

Aroma starts to cry. “He left because of me!”

Siri says, “Woah man, that’s harsh.”

Mod agrees

Speckle says, “I’m sorry, this is a harsh reality.”

Aroma looks angry, “Can you find them?”

Speckles asks the portal, “What coordinates are you leading to portal?”

A series of symbols appear in the colorful waves. Speckle rights them down then translates them into a verbal code. “Green-017-721” The second seven has a Spanish symbol above it. He pronounces the number, “Sneven-hundred and twenty-one.”

Mod scratches his head, “Sneven?”

Speckles sits down on the couch and starts doing calculations while telling the kids, “The first time we encountered this phenomenon Marbles and I weren’t able to get back.”

The kids all stare at him horrified.

“We had to find another way out, it brought us back to our same reality but…” Speckles doesn’t sound happy.

“But what, what happened?” Cries Mod

Speckle gulps and says, “We could only return while someone else was using those coordinates.” Meaning we returned here twenty years earlier.

Siri says, “That’s why you’re older than our Speckle.”



After running through the portal Red somehow started drifting forward like he was weightless, he drifted all the way to the other side of the island and ended up on the inside of a volcano. Red is surrounded by pockets of bubbling lava. He looks around amazed. “This is probably the first ever human look at an active volcano from the inside. Too bad I don’t have control of my body. Whatever.” He takes out his notepad and starts to jot down impressions.

Old Marbles floats through the volcano wall and says, “It’s always in the last place you looks isn’t it?”

Red turns his head because he can’t turn his body to see, “Marbles, what is this, why am I floating and transparent?” He shoves his hand through his non-corporeal form and says, “And I’m a ghost!”

“Remain calm child, have you been to the dreamscape?” Marbles says while doing front-flips in non-corporeal form.

“More than I would like.” Responds Red.

Marbles drifts closer to him and says, “Move like you would in the dreamscape, concentrate.”

Red closes his eyes and starts to float upwards. “I think I’ve got it.”

“By blob I think he’s got it!” Says Marbles.

Red opens his eyes and makes a superman pose then shoots into the air above the volcano and stares at the island from overhead. It’s a volcanic mess covered in streams of lava and rock. The island is in a different shape than usual. Instead of a circle with light tentacles this island is long and winding with a snake like shape. “So that’s what the island looks like, I’ve always wondered. Doesn’t seem right though.”

Marbles catches up to Red, “This is bad kid, when I came in after you I never imagined we’d be trapped here like this.”

Red’s voice cracks while he asks, “Trapped, what do you mean?”

“Sparkles and I were trapped in this form for ten years before we found a way back.”

Red says, “Ten years, I don’t have ten years! But you found a way back. And I don’t really want to go back just yet anyways.”

“What?” asks marbles shocked

Red says, “Yeah, I’d like a little break from all the drama, this girl, Aroma, I like her but I’m terrible with girls. I never know what to say. I’m thinking we spend like a week or two here, by then I’ll know what to say.”

“Don’t be obtuse, you’re talking to me.” Says Marbles

“We’ll yeah, you’re Marbles, we’re friends.”

“You and Aroma were once friends. Am I right?” asks aged Marbles.

Red knows she’s right, “Yeah.”

“Then you shouldn’t need so much time, girls like decisiveness it’s a sign of confidence.”

Red says, “Thanks, I know what to do.” They’ve arrived at the portal and Red inputs the coordinates to aged Marbles reality. The portal does nothing.

Marbles laughs, “You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?”

Red sighs, “I guess not, it’s never that easy. So what do we have to do?”

Marbles says, “You’re not going to like it.”

“Tell me.”

Marbles makes a stressed face, “You have to promise not to freak out.”

Red growls, “I promise.”

“We have to wait until someone opens the well from the other side and go through.” Marbles smiles like it’s no big deal.

Red screams, “What!?”


Aroma stops crying and asks, “So, what are you doing to get him back?”

Speckle keeps writing calculations under the graphics displayed on the well. There are long lists of strange symbols and hieroglyphics combined with mathematics. “If I can come up with a better solution then maybe we can help. The number sneven or another example would be the dreaded number eighnt, they trap you in the reality you travelled to but in a spectral form. You can float around weightless watching people go about their day, you don’t get hungry or thirsty. It’s like your soul has been separated from your body.

Siri says, “like astro-travelling.”

Speckle says, “That puts an idea in your head what it’s like. Just like astro-travelling, you can move through walls, you don’t feel or smell or taste. All you can do is look and listen like a ghost.”

Mod says, “Spirit is a better term, they can have an effect on the material plane if they’re called by name. Or if the spirit is angered or has an intense purpose.”

Aroma says, “We don’t need any of your families spirit myths Mod. Red could be in serious trouble. We might never see him again, or worse he’ll come back as an old man.”

Speckle smiles and says, “That actually helps, when Marbles and I were trapped by the number nigne. We found we could do little things, push the wind. Affect electronic devices minutely. But only if we did it together.”

Siri asks him, “How does that help us?”

Speckle makes the same strange face as his sister earlier and says. “It doesn’t, but I find it interesting.”

Mod has an idea and looks proudly at Speckle. “What if we all went through, then we may be able to combine our efforts and open the portal from the other side?”

Speckle shoots him down harshly, “No, that will never work. Imagine all of us coming through the portal combined in a spiritual form. Who’s to know what could happen?” Speckle looks at the kids, “Anyone have ideas?”

Mod says, “We could end up switching bodies.”

Siri says, “our consciousnesses would all be connected like robots!”

Aroma scoffs, “Both of those are ridiculous, I don’t know what would happen but I hope we’d be turned into a giant lion-eagles with fur and feathers.”  D.J barks at her and makes a sad face. Aroma says, “Oh right, how do we help Red?”

Speckle writes faster and flips over the page. He sounds instructive, “That’s called a griffon.”

Mod stares at Aroma, “Why are you being so crazy today Aroma?”

Siri says, “Yeah where’s our happy, excitable friend who makes the best out of everything.”

Mod adds, “Yeah!”

Aroma says, “You want to know what’s wrong with me? I have a crush on Red but he doesn’t like me back!” Aroma covers her mouth trying to keep it shut. She get’s angry at Modney, “You’ll pay for that.” She takes a second to let Modney cower then asks, “Who was your latest crush?”

Mod replies without thinking, “Siri…oh!” He covers his mouth and looks over at Siri with an embarrassed face.

Siri chuckles and says, “It would have never worked out between us Mod, I’m to sassy for you.”

Mod looks embarrassed, “Why not, I’m just as good as anyone on the island?”

“Because I don’t like boys.” Siri is the first to answer and not look embarrassed.

Mod says, “I get it.” Mod shuffles his feet and thinks, “What is one of your embarrassing secrets?”

Siri chuckles, “I dream that I’m taking a pee and when I wake up I’m using a boot in my closet. It’s my brother’s boot.”

Mod says, “Damn. That’s rough, do you tell him?”

Siri says, “Nope. My turn. Aroma, secret now!”

Aroma says, “Sometimes I dress D.J up as a prince and marry him in my castle. The castle is a tent made out of my sheets. Arrg.”



Red and marbles are sitting by the portal and Red says, “You know, I’ve been on the island for a week and already I feel so intertangled that I’m becoming claustrophobic. The only time I’ve felt myself was when I was with my friends or Marbles and Speckle, just doing nothing. No science or craziness. But I’ve never really gotten to know Marbles.”

Marbles stops meditating and says, “What would you like to know?”

“That’s the thing, there’s so much mystery and mayhem going on all the time that when we get to talking it’s always about the island or some demon. I want to know about you before the island?” Red gets closer and enters the same weird yoga pose as Marbles.

Marbles starts her story and we see a flashback, “Speckle and I weren’t born like you, we were developed by our biological parents to be the next generation of problem solvers.” We see a scene of an embryo in a large test tube the size of a womb. The test tube isn’t made of glass but a fabric covered in vein-like structures. A long string of hard tissue is extended to the center of the tube and connected to the embryo. Suddenly the embryo undergoes mitosis and becomes two. “Our parents had only planned on having one child as test for the uberman stock. Instead they received twins. They suddenly and unexpectedly shut down the program and hid us in a bunker under their home. As I said, we weren’t born, the moment my brothers eyes opened our father opened the artificial womb and pulled him out.” A faceless man smacks the infant on the butt and baby Speckle cries.

A man’s voice says, “That’s one strong baby boy. What about his sister?”

A woman’s voice says, “She’s a late bloomer, I’m estimating another twelve hours fifty-two minutes.”

Marbles voice narrates, “I was born twelve hours and fifty-two minutes later.”


We return to the kids and Speckle. Siri is freestyle rapping and every time she makes something up she says. “That’s a lie. I’m he worst of the worst, best of the best I’m the queen of the rest. That’s a lie. Who’s more serious than Siri please tell me why. Do I tell the truth because if I don’t I might fry? It’s hard to rap without making things up, embellishing the story like I own the golden cup you know I’m making this stuff up. That’s a lie…” Siri grumbles and asks Speckle, “How do you live here, this place controls everything you say?”

Speckle is on his third sheet of paper, he looks up with a slight sweat on his brow. He says, “I don’t need to make stuff up so I can look cool. I’m already cool.” He goes back to work on the paper.

Aroma sighs, “This isn’t getting us anywhere.”

Speckle looks up again angrily and motions to all the calculations he’s done. “Mmhm.” Speckle clears his throat. “I’m getting somewhere, be patient.”

Aroma stands up and frown, “I don’t want to wait around anymore. Siri, when I go through randomise the portal.”

Speckle yells, “No, it’s not safe!”

Aroma is already through the portal and appears on the other side in front of Red and Marbles. She turns around and says, “let’s go!” She then floats right through the portal not going anywhere.

Red says, “Aroma, what are you doing here?”

She floats back through the portal towards him, “I was sorry and wasn’t sure what to do.”

Red chuckles, “Yeah, that’s how I got here.”

Marbles says, “Company is company child, I’m happy to have you here. I was just recounting the story of how…”

Aroma says, “I’m sorry Marbles but I need to tell Red something.” She makes sad eyes, “When you didn’t want to dance with me I thought to myself that you just weren’t interested and it could never happen. Then I thought maybe if I tried harder you’d end up liking me. But when I thought I had lost you, that’s when I realised that as long as we are friends I’ll at least have you around.”

Red takes her hand, “I like you Aroma.” Red thinks for a second and regrets what he’s about to say, “I like you as a friend, I need you as a friend.” Red starts to unintentionally float away.

Aroma has a half-smile, she asks, “What’s wrong?”

Red looks around and attempts to swim over, “I don’t know, I’m not doing this!”


Speckle is staring at the portal with his mouth wide, “Why would she do that?”

Siri is about to say, “Random…”

Speckle covers her mouth and says, “Don’t you dare randomise the portal.” The portal swirls like it does when it’s changing reality. Speckle takes his hand away from Siri, “I can’t believe I just did that?”

Siri says, “If you hadn’t, I would have. Aroma obviously had a plan and I think we should try it.”

Speckle says, “I didn’t hear a plan, she said randomize it and jumped through the portal!” The well randomises again and Speckle slaps his forehead. “What do we do!”



Red is being pulled back towards the volcano same as when he arrived. Marbles and Aroma follow him into the giant molten pit.

Aroma asks, “What’s going on?”

Marbles makes a face and says, “I dunno?”

Red is almost to the point of touching the magma pocket when a giant worm soars from the lava. Red asks, “Could that be?” The lava drips from the worm and exposes its sharp teethed face and smooth scaled skin. It was a dragon. “A dragon.”

Aroma keeps watching with amazement, “I can scratch that off my bucket list.”

The Dragon circles around the three of them and stops while still in a loop around their non-corporeal forms.

Red is inquisitive as ever, “Who are you?”

The dragon exhales a fiery breath through it’s nostrils and says, “I am Dagon the sea dragon.”

Marbles says, “You look like a Chinese serpent Dragon crossed with a sea dragon a thousand times it’s size.”

“I am a sea-dragon, don’t you people listen?” Dagon huffs then fly’s around them and brings his giant face to Red’s. “You smell like him.”

Red has a flash of insight, “You’re one of the twelve, aren’t you?”

Dagon breathes fire as he says, “Yes.” Smoke continues to rise from his nostrils, I came after Err and before the opening of time unto the first reality.” Dagon flares its colorful scales, “This isn’t why you came to me.”

Red says, “I came here by mistake.”

“No.” Dagon stretches out his long-twisted body. “You already know all you have to about Urag.”

Red says, “The pyramid.”

Marbles head begins to hurt but she isn’t noticed by Red or Aroma.

Aroma says, “Don’t give him any power he’s a triangle.”

Dagon says in his extended speech pattern, “He’s not the reason you’re here. I feel you’re confused and in pain, as is she.” Dagon motions to Aroma.

The kids stare at each other and blush. Aroma asks, “How could you know that?”

Dagon ignores her question and flies to the mouth of the volcano, “Follow me.”

They follow Dagon to a crest of perfectly clear-blue water. The dragon dives deep into the center, he furls himself into a knot and floats in place like a weighted bobber.

Marbles says, “Why the change of scenery?” She sounds distressed, as if she has a bad headache.”

Dagon says, “You may journey back to the well as you call it. These two must stay.”

Marbles squints and says, “I’d rather stay.”

Dagon extends his long neck from the knotted part of his body and reaches Marbles. His eyes shine and he says, “Go back to your well and wait.”

Marbles turns and floats back towards the portal without complaint.

“Why did you do that?” Asks Red angrily.

Dagon entangles himself even further, “Sea-dragons sense the oncoming of danger and blend, it’s natural defense mechanism. The can also sense when others do the same.”

Aroma asks, “Are you saying that old Marbles is hiding something?”

Dagon responds, “You all are. But she cannot be helped by me.”

Aroma yells, “How dare you… you giant Phycodurus, I trust Marbles!”

Red offers Aroma a high five, “Nice science slam.”

Aroma says, “I’ve been reading.” She smiles.

Dagon says, “Trust…” He slithers around the children and then back into a knot. “Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Whether they be familial or friendships, trust is always a component. You two trust each other am I right?”

Red says, “Yeah, of course.”

Aroma nods, “I trust Red.”

“Yet still you harbor such complex and paradoxical emotions for each other. Why?” Dagon scales begin to lift around the knot, they extend outwards. A thousand leaf-like tendrils open and catch the sunlight bouncing through the water off the coast of the volcanic island. Only Dagon’s face can be seen within the colourful globe of feathery leaves.

Aroma looks at Red and says, “I only wanted to dance.”

Red looks over, “I…” He stops talking.

Dagon asks Red, “What are you hiding little one? Trust is based on honesty and a relationship on trust. Be open and others will accept that.”

Red divulges himself through a flashback. His mind is one with the pyramid’s and the picture we see is the one with Red and Aroma’s hands letting go of each other’s.

Red says, “The pyramid showed me a moment in time. A moment where Aroma was mad at me and she left. All I remember was feeling alone and sad.”

Aroma looks sad, “Dagon, is this true?”

Dagon glows with all the colours of an underwater peacock, he extends his long neck from his glowing body and place one whisker on both their heads.

Red and Aroma see another moment, one where they’re running down the beach laughing and holding hands. The memory changes to another where they’re having a picnic by the waterfall. Aroma feeds the sea-pony society an handful of bread and they panic as it falls onto their city like wet meteors. Red and Aroma are smiling and happy.

Dagon removes his whiskers while saying, “Urag is dark, he can show only darkness.”

Aroma says, “Show me more good stuff.” She’s blushing so hard but doesn’t care.

Dagon says, “That would ruin the excitement, your futures are cloudy and unforeseeable for a good reason. One that you will have to figure out yourselves.”

Red asks, “If this is our future…”

Aroma grabs him and gives him a ghostly kiss. “No more questions. Dagon the dragon is right, I don’t want to know any more about this, we have time.”

Red blushes, “That’s very mature of you.”

Aroma laughs, “Well I’m a very mature person!”

Red says, “If it’s in the future I think we should walk the path and see what happens. Friends for now?” He offers her a hug.

Aroma says with a little disappointment, “Yeah, there’s still time.”

Dagon unravels himself looking really cool, he chuckles, “There is only one more thing to do, Boy, you know what it is.”  Dagon begins to sing a rip-off of Frank Sinatra’s (As time goes by.)

Red offers Aroma his hand, “Would you like to dance?”

Dagon finishes the first verse and Aroma raises her hand and says, “Dagon, give us a funky beat!”

Dagon makes a sound like he’s stopping a record then rubs several of his leafy scales together and taps a few more making the beat from The Beasty-boys song Brass monkey.

Aroma and Red start to do the robot and the worm and other funky moves like the hot-potato and one that aroma calls, “This is the funky monkey!” She acts like a monkey and breakdance spins in mid air.

Red makes one up, “This is the interdimensional party-rift!” He does front-flips while opening and closing his arms and legs.

Dagon is also doing an awkward dance.


Speckle has a giant pile of papers on the coffee table he’s been working at. His hair looks crazy as well as his entire demeanor. “They could be lost forever if we don’t do something and I’m all out of ideas.”

Siri takes one of the pages and looks at all the crazy ridiculous calculations. “This doesn’t make any sense to me?”

Mod watches over her shoulder, “Nope, none at all.”

Speckles wipes the table clean and opens a new pack of graphing paper. “You’re looking at it backwards. Please, children, why don’t you go home and I’ll send your friends back to you if I can figure this all out.”

Mod says with worry, “If?”

Siri is looking at all the papers Speckle had pushed onto the floor and spots the paper with the coordinates. She picks it up and reads, “Green, One-hundred and seventeen, sneven-hundred and twenty-one!” The portal jumps around.

Speckle sighs, “It’s no use, they can only enter at a time before the one they arrived at.”

Mod asks, “Meaning?”

Speckle says, “Meaning we’d have to jump back in time to…” Speckle smiles, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Siri asks, “What?”

Speckle writes down a knew set of coordinates, “We’re going back in time.” He grins.


Aroma and Red say goodbye to Dagon, but before they leave Red has to ask, “If you can show us the good and Urag can show us the bad, what about the other ten?”

Dagon flies back to his volcano while saying, “We are all part of the spectrum, each are alike yet completely different.” Dagon disappears.

Red says, “Well that was a lot of help.”

Aroma tries to slap him on the back but her hand passes through, “That was great, you danced with me!”

Red says, “Yeah it was fun, let’s do it again sometime.”

They reach the portal with Aroma saying, “Remember, just friends.” She mumbles under her breath, “For now.”

Red asks, “What?”

Aroma quotes him from earlier with some attitude, “Never mind.”


Speckle, Mod and Siri step through the portal to see yet another version of Speckle and Marbles playing a strange mini racquetball game.

Siri says, “Sorry, but we need to use your portal, she put’s in the sequence again, “Green, one hundred and seventeen, sneven-hundred and twenty-one.”

The resident Speckle and Marble’s say, “I hope you know what your doing?”


Red, Aroma and Marbles are all floating in front of the well as if expecting a long wait, then the portal opens. Marbles excitedly says, “This could be it!” She dive’s through.

Red takes Aroma’s hand one last time and they fly through to see their friends and two extra scientists. Red says to Aroma, “I really like being your friend Aroma.”

Aroma responds, “Me too. But I’m kind of confused, why are there two sets of the Dawson’s?”

Old Speckle says, “Let’s get you kids home.”

Old Marbles says, “Yeah, I think we’ll all need some rest after today.”


The kids enter the portal from aged Marbles and Speckle’s living-room. Marble puts her hand on her head, “I need to get some rest brother. Too-da-loo.” She heads straight to bed and falls face down in her pillows. Instantly falling asleep.

Marbles is in her dreamscape, she’s using this time to write some very complex combinations of math and chemistry on a black-board. Several of the number’s begin to float around on the board until they make up a drawing of the pyramid.

Urag says, “All work and no play makes Marbles go crazy!”

She jumps back, “How did you get here, I though I was protected?”

Urag laughs, “Not any more, I made sure of that when you heard my name. So now it’s time to join the club!”

Marbles is afraid she attempts to float back to her portal but Urag blocks her way. Marbles says, “I need to warn the others.”

Urag continues laughing, “You need to warn the others, you need to warn your brother… but you wont. You won’t even know what I’ve done until it’s all over!” His eye glows black then the scene zooms through him.


The scene opens with Red and his Speckle, Red says, “We found our first link, what now?”

Speckle opens a diagram with millions of dots and interconnecting lines. It’s the same image as the cover of a book Red had seen in Mayor Pocket’s office. Red says, “I’ve seen that before.”

Speckle chuckles, “I bet you have, but let’s move on to more important things. Finding the magnetic point in Reality Pink-blah-blah leads us closer.” Speckle draws a circle on the page and an arrow to one of the realities. This is where you just came from. The prime reality will be somewhere…here.” Speckle draws a second arrow in the middle of the page. “This brings us closer but you still have a lot of searching to do.”

The scene zooms upwards and shows the island


Credit scene

Frank Sinatra’s, I’ve got you under my skin, plays. We see more photos of Aroma torturing Red earlier.

Aroma has buried Red neck deep in the sand and is watching as the tide reaches his face with a big smile. Click

Aroma drops D.J on Red from the treehouse above after he’s been covered in goop. They’re both freaking out. Click

Aroma Zaps Red with the petrify setting on his laser. He’s frozen up to his neck and Aroma takes great pleasure in dragging him towards the beach. Click

Red is still partially frozen, aroma has built a Poseidon statue made of sand around his body. Red does not look happy. Click

Siri and D.J are swimming in the ocean with snorkels. Click

Siri and D.J sneak up on Red, they look like their going to attack him from underwater.

Red is swimming happily, he can see Aroma sunbathing and is sure nothing bad can happen. Click

Sir and D.J jump out of the water scaring Red out of the water. Click

Aroma appears next to the frightened Red and with a bucket held over his head she douses him in green goop. Click

Red is running from Aroma like two kids in the schoolyard. Click


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