Life's a beach Ep.7 Home for misfits

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The being is possessing Doctors, but for what? Find out.

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Life’s a beach ep 7 home for misfits or Supermoon


The scene is blurry as if in a memory, aged-Marbles rises from her bed. It’s morning and she heads to the bathroom to brush her teeth and comb her hair. The sound of Speckle whistling while cooking comes from the kitchen.

Aged-Marbles rubs her eyes and yawns while walking down the stairs, stomping on each step. “Speckle brother, do I smell sweet-berry-pig bacon.”

“Yes sister, how did you sleep? It looked like you needed it.” Speckle flips a pancake-berry cross-section of pig high over his head and it lands on Marbles plate.

Marbles waits for her brother to sit down then pushes his chair in. “Oh, brother I’ve never felt better.” She leans closer to his ear and whispers, “Urag.”


Red jumps awake, before he even knows it he’s sitting up in bed wide eyed and bushy tailed. There’s the sound of Speckle whistling while cooking, Red inhales deep and sighs. “That was a bad dream.” He sniffs the air and hops out of bed charging down the stairs almost drooling. “I love bacon-berries!” He sit’s down at the table and starts eating. “Weird.” He chews in between his words, “I just had a dream about bacon-berries but the Marbles in my dream called it sweet-berry pig bacon.”

Marbles sits down at the table as Speckle flips the pig-shaped pancake-berry onto her plate. “Dreams are an insight into how were feeling. You could have been smelling it from upstairs and poof. You dreamed of pig shaped berries being cooked with immaculate batter and palm-oil.”

Red has a strange look on his face, “It’s more than that.” He licks his plate clean and the look of seriousness is replaced with a goofy pink mark that stretches from his chin to his forehead.

Marbles laughs, “Hold that thought, “You may want to go clean up before that stains.”

Red huffs and rushes to the washroom. When he returns he sits back down to eat another and pauses, “What was I talking about? I mean I remember a pancake but who was flipping it?”

Speckle finally sits down to eat and says, “Dream dementia, your dream state wasn’t lucid so when you awoke those neurons holding the memory went dark.”

Marbles adds in, “Or they’re being used for more important things like remembering that today is Sunday. No school.”

Red’s eyes light up, “Really? I have so many plans, where do I start? I can look for my grandmother, I can try to locate the prime reality. I can go swimming.”

The look on marbles and Speckle’s faces change, Speckle says, “No swimming today!” He slams his hand on the table.

Red looks confused, “Why?”

Marbles says, “Haven’t you been told? Tonight is the super moon.”

Red asks, “Super moon are you sure that’s a real thing?”

Speckle sound angry, “Of course it’s a real thing and it’s very dangerous!”

Red asks again, “Why?”

Marbles explains, “A super moon is when a full or a new moon are closest to Earth.”

Speckle says, “In this case the moon will be less than three-hundred-thousand miles kilometers from our planet. When is gets it’s closest well…”

“Well what?” Ask Red impatiently

Speckle loses his words and stutters for a second.

Marbles takes over, “We don’t actually know.”

Red overreacts, “What?”

Speckle is still stuttering.

Marbles says, “Don’t worry about it Red, go play with your friends and enjoy the day off.”

Red has a paralyzed look on his face as he rigidly stands and walks away from the diner table.

Speckle stops muttering and says, “You can do anything just don’t go swimming!”

Red returns to his room and lays back down on his bed, after a few seconds he get’s up, grabs his notebook and laser then runs towards the beach.

By the cove Mod and his dad are building a giant sandcastle. Surf and Sandy are sitting on their boards chilling out. Usually Surf is in the water riding a big wave at this time of day.

As Red passed by the two silly surfers he says, “Super moon tonight, the Dawson’s are warning us to stay out of the water.”

Surf laughs in his cool tone, “I know bro, that’s the only reason I’m not riding a wave right now.”

Sandy adds, “Todays going to be a boring day.”

Red keeps walking, he follows the beach all the way to Mod and Adama in the center of a six-foot sand castle.

Mod’s wearing a jellyfish on his head like a hat and looks through a window in his castle to greet Red, “Hey dude, how do you like our castle?”

Adama is just tall enough to see over the castle walls. “Hey Red.”

“Hey Mayor Pocket, nice sand castle.” Sais Red them turns to Mod to ask, “I was going to go exploring through the well today. Want to come with me?”

Mod shrugs, “My dad’s going to teach me how to file paperwork today. Sorry.”

It’s okay, “I’m going to go Siri and Aroma then. Hope you have a good time Mod.” Red waves at the Mayor, “Bye Mayor Pocket.”

The Mayor waves back then says to Mod, “I hope your ready to organise my paperwork, Miss Pooperschnitzel has been neglecting her tasks.”

Mod imagines himself surrounded by file-folders and paperwork with an expression of confusion and panic.


Red walks down Mainstreet to find Aroma and her father cleaning fish. Her father is gutting them while Aroma chops their heads off while shivering each time.

Aroma’s father says, “You’ll get used to it.” He cut’s another fish and slides the extra’s into a bucket for D.J.

Red takes their attention, “HI Aroma.” He has a sweet smile on his face like he was overly happy to see her.

Aroma’s dad steps in between them and says to Red, “You must be Red Redding, I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m Rob.” His voice is just as silly as Aroma’s or her mother’s.

Red shakes the man’s hand, “You’ve heard about me?”

Rob says, “Aroma likes to talk.” He steps aside while pointing at the buckets of fish on the nasty table. “Why don’t you join us, we have plenty of work to go around.”

Red looks at the table, “I was actually wondering if Aroma was able to come exploring.”

Aroma says, “Yeah!” She looks at the nasty bucket of fish remains. D.J is half in the bucket eating away. Aroma shivers then asks her dad, “Can I go.”

Rob sighs, “I need your help here Aroma.”

Aroma moans, “Awwwwwww, why?”

Red pat’s Aroma on the shoulder, “Help your dad, it looks like your needed here.” He walks away feeling awfully bad and says to himself, “I hope Siri’s able to explore with me.”

Behind his Aroma is still begging her father, “Please!”

All he says is, “We all have jobs to do Aroma.”


From the roof of the Dawson’s home Marbles is looking out to sea with a powerful sci-fi telescope. It can penetrate the reflective light and looks deep into the ocean. She takes a few notes and says, “Maybe I’ll meet you tonight.” Marbles scans down the beach with the telescope until she has a perfect view of  Mayor Pocket and Mod, she continues to scan and see’s Aroma and Rob. Then she spot’s Red knocking at Siri’s door.

Marbles scans the rest of the beach and watches the hooded figure burning driftwood. Marbles says, “She must be boiling by that fire. Marbles catches a glint from the corner of her scope and shifts it over to see Siri and her brother’s hiking towards the grotto. “Poor Red.” Marbles climbs down a ladder leading into the dark room and put’s on a pair of goggles. “Speckle, are you in here?” She stares through her nigh-vision setting at the Angler fish in it’s tank. The fish dives into the glass making a scary face. Marbles says again, “Speckle?” She turns around and her brother is standing directly behind her like a scary movie.

Speckle says, “What?”

Marbles jumps and hits the ceiling, “Ow.” She rubs her head, “I have a feeling Red will be back soon without his friends. Maybe it would be a good idea to take him on an adventure.”

Speckle leads Marbles through two doors so the light can stay out. The first door closes and the second door opens, exposing them. Speckle asks, “Where should we take him?”

Marbles has stopped at the top of the stairs, “You’ll take him wherever you feel like.”

Speckle sounds surprised, “You mean me? Alone with him?” Speckle takes a deep breath, “Marbles, you know I’m no good with kids, why can’t you take him?”

Marbles looks unimpressed, “This is a chance to get to know the boy, one day we can go the three of us. But todays the super moon and someone needs to be here.”

Speckle realises she’s right and says, “Then I agree.”

Marbles laughs and walks back into the dark room while saying, “Try and make it good!” The door closes before Speckle can respond.


Siri’s door is opened by her youngest sister, all the other girls braiding each others hair. The youngest who’s braids are merely tiny twisted locks. She has attitude, “Siri’s not here, she went up the path with the boys.”

Red has a flash of the pyramid. “Deja view.”

One of Siri’s older sisters says, “Shaquana, get back here and finish off this weave girl!”

The door is slammed in Red’s face, he feels even worse then walks away, “This is one of the moments Urag showed me. Huh” Red walks back towards downtown and gives Aroma a wave. She shoots him a sad look. He’s seen this before and has a flash of that moment with the pyramid again.

Red stops outside of the school-boat and listens to Mr. Burkley talk to himself. “Everything is this room is backwards. Heck, the kids choose to sit backwards, even the mountains are…” Burkley see’s Red by the door. “Mr. Redding, school is closed for the day, I’d like to spend the rest of it organising my class-room.”

Red steps through the door. He looks at the class, everything seems normal. “What’s wrong with the room?”

Burkley laughs, “Are you serious? Some brats decided to reverse almost everything in this room last Saturday night. I’ve had to live with this pandemonium for six days. No more!” He start to arrange things strangely, like turning his desk the opposite way.

It’s when Burkley starts to turn a bookshelf around that Red says, “Okay, well you enjoy that. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Red disappears leaving Burkley to struggle with flipping the bookcase. “You’re probably in on it anyways. They’re all in on it!” Burkley is out of breather sits on his chair facing the student’s area but not his turned desk. “That’s better.”


Red opens the door to the Dawson’s home and starts up the stairs when he realises he’s just walked past Speckle but in an adventurers clothing. He Looks back at Speckle. For some reason Red says, “Speckle you changed clothes?”

Speckle looks confused, “Sure why not kid, want to go on an adventure?”

It’s Red’s turn to be confused, “Really, did Marbles put you up to this?”

Speckle laughs, “Marbles? She’s waiting for us, we’ve got something amazing to show you.” Speckle has a nervous twitch in his left eye. “We should go soon or you might miss it.”

Red smiles, “and I thought today would be terrible, “Yeah, an adventure with Speckle and Marbles, it’s about time!”

Speckle steps through the portal and Red follows with urgency. “This is going to be so cool!” He steps through the portal. On the other side, there are massive tree’s all screaming silly nonsense. Although what they were saying was funny and in cute strange voice, their demeanor was less that friendly. The tree’s strike at Red and he cowers. “Oh, it’s over.”

Speckle jumps in the way and cuts through the vines with a laser-sword. He picks up red and they jump through the portal again. This time the reality looks quite peaceful, it’s covered in green grassy plains with small pine tree’s and plenty wildlife sounds. Red can see the shore and gases for a moment before noticing that Speckle is rushing. Red says, “It’s so beautiful, looks like no one has ever set foot on this island. Pure.” Red turns around to see speckle zapping different parts of the well. “What are you doing?”

Speckle chuckles, “You’d never understand.”

Red says, “Try me?”

Speckle shakes his head, “Fine it’s your headache kid.” Speckle throws a computer-chip looking device at Red and it Zaps him unconscious.


Marbles is in the dark room with some crazy goggles on. We see through her view as she examines a glass of water. Her measurements devices give her a readout, they tell her, “Compensating for instabilities.” Another reads a degree of point-zero-zero-two. “Interesting.”

The darkroom door opens and she hears her brother’s voice, “Marbles, have you seen Red?”

Marbles turns her view to see Speckle in his white lab coat. She says, “Did you search the beach? Maybe he decided to follow Valentina and her brothers on their hike.”

Speckle says, “Well, would you at least keep a lookout for him?”

Marbles stomach growls, I’ll do more than that, I’ll make you both sandwiches!”

The two of them head downstairs and walks through the living room to get to the kitchen, Marbles takes out a laser knife and slices A berry-pig then spreads it on pink-flour bread. She asks Speckle casually, “So, where did you finally choose to take Red?”

Speckle takes his seat at the table, “I was going to take him to the zero-Gravity falls where the sextuple rainbow shines all lunch-hour. Then maybe to the…”

Marble grunts, “He can do that with his friends, take him somewhere exiting, show him how cool you are. So where did you set the portal to first?”

Speckle sounds intrigued, “How do you mean?”

Marbles looks at her brother, they both realise what must have happened and run to the portal. Marbles says, “Portal what’s your destination?”

The portal shows a few symbols and stops one-digit short of a full set. Speckle looks around the living-room for footprints with his sci-fi goggles. He scans one of his prints and comes up with some data. “These foot-prints have traces of di-trillium, di-trinium, di-trillions, plutonium and horse gunk.”

Marbles says, “That’s not my horse gunk!”

Speckle says, “It’s my footprint.” Speckle and Marbles open the vault and Speckle loads his utility belt with a bunch of sci-fi tools and a boomerang looking thing. He Click a button on his belt and teleports back to the portal with Marbles.

Marbles says, “Good luck.”

Speckle says, “I don’t need luck, I’ve got science!” he steps through the portal and into a giant Vine monster.

Speckle fights with the monster for a second but it gobbles him up and burps. The monster turns back to the other vine monsters making up the forest and joins them by napping.



Red wakes up, he’s being carried through the well portal into yet another dimension. Adventurer Speckle drops Red on the ground and begins to zap the portal some more. Red lifts himself and looks around at the reality, the sky is black with no stars and all around them are burning torches. Red feels strange he looks at his hands then his feet and finally adventurer Speckle. “What did you do to me?”

Adventurer Speckle doesn’t neglect his task, he continues zapping the portal while saying, “I said you’d have one heck of a headache, ask yourself what I’ve done.”

Red thinks, What did he do to me? The next thing Red knows he’s answering his own question, “You sent an electrode pulse through my brain that allowed certain neural structures to be re-written.” Red looks shocked, “Uhh, okay that’s cool.”

Adventurer Speckle laughs, “Yeah sure kid, cool. This is going to be our last jump so start getting exited about your surprise.”

Red asks himself, What’s he doing? He answers again, “Speckle is using his transmutation device to overload the portals memory and remove their coordinates.” Red asks himself, Why are we covering our tracks?  Again, he answers, this time less enthusiastically, “There are dangerous people out there.”

Speckle finally finishes and says, “Yeah kid, there are dangerous people out there.”

Red says, “You usually call me by name Speckle.” Red looks at Speckles face and notices his eye twitch, he looks Speckle up and down then has a flash of adventurer Minerva in the exact same clothes. Red asks, “What’s my name Speckle?”

Speckle twitches and says, “We can’t stay here much longer, the lanterns will go out soon.”

Red asks again more seriously, “Speckle, what’s my name?”

Adventurer Speckle points his laser at Red and like a quickdraw Red has his on adventurer Speckle. Red says, “You aren’t my Speckle.”

Adventurer Speckle laughs, “No, I’m not, but that doesn’t negate the fact that those torches are going out.”

Red looks at the dwindling fire’s, “What then Adventurer-S, what happens when the torches go out?”

Speckle howls and a hideous hairless bear-beast gets closer to the light and howls. It’s skin begins to smoke and boil. The bear looks at Red hungrily then walks just out of sight and lays down.

Red looks around the darkness as a great many dozens of green eyes start to shine in his direction. “I get your point. You go, I won’t follow I promise.” Red says sarcastically.

Speckle chuckles, “I’d estimate we have thirty seconds of light left. Make your choice.”

Red shakes his head, “This isn’t how I saw things going today between us Speckle. So before we’re torn apart by what I can only assume are hairless vampire bears. I have a question.”

Adventure Speckle says, “Fifteen seconds.” The lights grow dim.

Red asks, “Do you have Minerva? My Minerva, my grandmother.”

Speckle has a simple smile, “Don’t you think I’d say anything to get you there?”

Red laughs, “You’re right, I wouldn’t have believed you if you’d said yes.” The bears start to get closer as the light almost completely fades.

Adventurer Speckle says, “How anticlimactic.” He fires at Red

Red fires back and Now the only lights is coming from the Blue and green lasers. The bears are upon them.



The vine monster who had eaten Speckle look’s like it’s having a great nap, it snores while exhaling and inhaling a small vine. A pink light starts to glow inside the beast and Speckle cut’s his way out, “Awww!” Speckle pushes himself past the tangle of vines, he’s covered in aloe. The other vine carnivorous vine creatures begin to appear as if they’re waking up from a deep sleep and Speckles talking to himself isn’t helping. He wipes the plant slime off his lab coat, “That’s so gross. He turn around to see a vine creatures directly in his face, it squeals from a dark hole in it’s tangle of vines.

Speckle says in fear, “Oh my science.” The beast swings at him and others approach, Speckle dodge’s and with his hands out says “I’m not your enemy vine monsters. The creatures all look at the dead monster Speckle had crawled out of, they motion to their fallen friend.

Speckle tries to explain himself, “You see, I walked through the well portal and your friend ate me. Without warning or anything, he didn’t even ask permission.”

The creature closest to him lunges again Speckle cuts through the beast with his sword, “That’s just really rude.”

All the creatures charge in his direction and he begins to cut off vines and tear apart flowers. He uses awesome karate moves and kick a creature in its mouth area. The vine monster begins to inhale him, speckle says, “Not again!” He cuts himself loose and starts bushwhacking through the monsters and towards the well, he fights them off while asking the portal. “Portal, what is your destination.” Each word he swings his sword again and again.

The portal shows him an incomplete set of coordinates, “I don’t have a good feeling about this.” Speckle jumps through while grappling a creature off his back. Speckle tears the beast off and throws it through the portal. “Good riddance.” He stands prepared to face any others if they come through but they don’t.

Speckle looks at his surroundings, it’s full of green valleys and pine trees about his height. Speckle smiles, “Maybe they stopped here. It looks nice enough.”

A friendly deer peers out from behind the small trees Speckle gasps and kneels. The deer shyly approaches Speckle. It sniffs at him, Speckle says, “So majestic.” The deer get’s even closer it’s eyes have so many highlights it looks like an anime. Speckle has a huge open mouth smile, “I love you deer, I wish Red was here to see this.”

The deer sits down like a dog and looks ever cuter, Speckle gasps, “Picture time.” He snaps a couple shots then says, “I really should go now.” He starts to turn away when the dear stands on it’s hind legs. Speckle looks at it, “This is pretty strange deer behavior.” He clicks another phot without looking at his camera. The deer’s antlers start to jiggle as if they were made of jelly, its face and body continues. Speckle starts walking backwards towards the well and realises there are hundreds of birds and forest animals in the area around him. They’re all moving like the deer. “Okay this is too weird I’m going now.”

The deer opens up like it was a suit but inside is just a mouth with thousands of horrible jagged teeth, the deer’s body contorts and it runs at Speckle. “Ah, run!” speckle dodges a beaver with the same dysfunction along with plenty of birds and squirrels. He doesn’t even ask the portal anything this time, only jumps through.

The other side is full of nasty smelling gas, the island is a yellow colour and the ocean is bubbling. Speckle breathes then coughs and falls back through the portal. Everything is dark for a moment until Speckle opens his eyes and sees a dozen hairless albino bears drooling over him. He slaps his belt and a hamster ball like bubble appears around him. The bears keep attacking with their scary faces and long hairless claws. The bears push the ball around like a volleyball throwing Speckle around. He pulls out a device and shoots the ground, a glowing light appears and exposes the entire area with a sun like brightness. The bears freak-out and scatter allowing Speckle to finally hit the ground in his giant ball.

He rolls over to the portal and sits down to rest.


Adventurer Speckle drags the shot and half-dazed Red into a home that looks very much like the Dawson’s home but the furniture is all placed wrong. As if it were backwards, the bookshelves are facing the wrong way, same with the chairs and couches.

Adventurer Speckle takes off the jacket and puts on his lab coat, he says, “Sister I’m back with a surprise!” he turns away from Red.

Red see’s the eye on the back of his lab coat, he stands lazily and pushes himself into the Kitchen. He tries to get at the window while listening to Marbles voice, “Goody goody, we finally got the brat.”

Red pushes himself up onto the counter next to the window then falls backwards. Speckle makes a grumpy sound and finds Red on the floor. Red tries to stand but falls. He see’s Marbles approach from behind her brother. Both of them sound just like the pyramid. “Don’t worry Red, nothings going to happen to you, we need you.”

Red lets Speckle pick him up and place him in the doctor’s office on the backwards checkup table. Even the posters that usually spout motivational quotes ore showing the white backs with price stickers and bar codes.

Marbles stares at him from above, “What did you do to him Speckle he looks shot.”

Speckle sighs, “It was unavoidable.” He runs a laser over Red’s wounds then gives him a shot.

Red jumps up and take a deep panicked breath, “You two gave yourselves to Urag, how could you possibly do that?” Red looks for a way out of the room and goes for the window.

Speckle opens the door to the hallway and then the door to outside. “You’re only a prisoner on this island not in this house.”

Marbles says, “See, being one with Him isn’t that bad, we get our autonomy as long as we do his bidding.” She smiles and twitches like her brother.

Red sighs and says, “I don’t believe a word of it, that pyramid is devious but he’s starting to get somewhat predictable.”

Speckle grabs Red and with Urag’s voice says, “I’ll show you predictable!” Speckle drags Red to the beach where Mod and Adama are making their sand castle. He can’t see them but sand is being packed into a high tower from inside.

Red steps on a grouping of rocks and a harsh girlish voice says, “Hey dude, watch where your stepping. A woman’s figure emerges from the sands, she’s made of stone.

Red steps back, “Whoa, I’m sorry, I had no idea.”

The rock version of Sandy says, “Oh it’s okay I’m used to it, just don’t drink my friend he hates that.”

A man made of water waves at Red from a bucket by the ocean.

Red walks away dragging his feet, “Weird.” He reaches the sand castle and hears Mod’s voice, “Who goes there!”

Red peeks through the sandcastles window to see Mod is a giant yellow sandfish, Red asks, “Mod?”

The starfish version of Mod says, “Yeah, do I know you?”

Red looks at Adama who’s a lion-man, “Where I’m from I know someone that has a similar voice.”

Lion-man Adama says, “Apparently he has the same name too, does this Mod happen to look like a lion-man?”

Red says, “No, he looks like me.”

Adama says, “It’s just that lately the people of this island have been turning into strange things. But those people think that everyone else has been changing. There hasn’t been anyone new in a while…” Adama drifts off, “So if you want good fish you can walk all the way to main-street and..”

Marbles is standing behind Red with a devilish smile, she says, “It’s okay Adama, you can continue telling Red about your changing towns-people and their delusions.”

Adama acts like a cat and his hair raises on his back, his mane expands. “I wasn’t saying anything Marbles, just telling this boy where he can find some lunch. Mod and I were just leaving anyways.” Adama walks right through the sandcastle.

Mod looks shocked even with his featureless star-fish face, “Dad, you broke it.” Star-fish Mod looks through the window at Marbles, she stares back at him until mod says, “You’re right I think it’s time to go.”

Red stares at possessed Marbles and says, “They’re afraid of you.” He starts walking towards town, “I’d appreciate it if you left me alone. I’m not going anywhere obviously.”

Marbles has the pyramids voice, “They’re scared of me and rightfully so. Each time they come in for a checkup in their own reality Speckle and I exchange them with their counterpart from here.”

Red says, “The backwards people reality.”

Marbles says, “Again, very astute Red, you are well worth your weight in garbage.”

Red exclaims, “Leave me alone you witch!”




He runs towards town, when he reaches main street he looks behind him, Marbles is still following him but she hasn’t moved very far.

Red watches Aroma as fish-person and her father as a humanoid tree. Still they’re preparing yesterdays catch. Tree Rob guts the fish and passes it to Aroma who shivers then cut’s it’s head off. She says to her father, “Do I really have to do this?”

Tree Rob replies, “Everyone’s got a job to do Aroma, just because you look like these suckers doesn’t make you any less a fisherman’s daughter.”

Aroma sighs and looks at the bucket full of fish parts, “I wish I had a dog to get rid of this stuff.”

Red walks past them and slips on some entrails, Aroma turns around to help him up with her weird fish hands.  She asks, “Who are you?”

Red looks at Aroma and asks, “Isn’t it strange that a fish person would be preparing fish?”

Aroma slaps him, “I’ve helped my dad with fishing since I was six years old. Cause I’m a fish person doesn’t mean I don’t eat fish, fish eat fish!”

Red steps off and stumbles into the classroom. Mr. Burkley is mumbling to himself, “Someone comes into my class and messes with my things.” He places his desk the right way and sighs.

Red says, “There’s an explanation for that.”

Forwards Mr. Burkley excitedly says, “You’re just like me. You aren’t walking backwards or a humanoid animal crossover.”

Red smiles, “Yeah we’re from the same place, I know how we can get home too. But we’re going to need help.”


Speckle is still sitting in his hamster ball at the mouth of the portal. “Do I step into another trap to save Red?”

An old man’s voice comes from behind him, It’s Horus. “I think you should wait, the kid might surprise you.”

Speckle turns to looks at him, “How do you know that, how do you know anything about all this?”

Horus laughs, “I know a heck of a lot more than you think Speckle. For example I know this is the last jump before you find the kid. But I also know that if you jump through now you’ll only fall into Speckle’s worst trap yet.”

Speckle shoots a laser at a rock and it turns into a small cooler with drinks and a sandwich. Speckle hands Horus a drink. “Tell me how you know all this?”


Red is out on main street watching all the different citizens go about their routines, “it’s as if nothing’s changed.” He says then asks himself, Why does a fish person still go fishing, why does a Starfish want to make a sand castle?  He had forgotten being zapped by possessed Speckle’s device and shocks himself when saying, “Each choice is made uniquely to each reality, a difference of shape or species doesn’t mean a change in character, actions or routine. Even if it doesn’t make any intelligible sense from a divergent perspective. It will exist. Everything exists.” Red covers his mouth then says, “Will this thing ever shut up?”

Red see’s one man is a green fungus person another is dressed as a samurai. One woman is walking on her hands and carrying her daughter with her feet. The daughter is made of grass. Another person looks like they’re a werewolf and their friend is Claymation.

Marbles stops in front of Red blocking his view to the street. She says, “Do you understand yet?”

Red says, “I understand this is some kid of sick game to you. People’s lives, why did you do this?”

Marbles laughs, “Everything has a purpose.” She pauses and looks at Mr. Burkley, he cowers and she turns her attention back to Red. “The portal that you’ve been using as a way to find your favorite play time happy land. Haven’t you ever wondered what it is, where it came from?”

Red starts to walk back towards the Dawson’s home, “I have a feeling I’m going to find out.”

Everyone cowers as Marbles walks by and she seems to take pleasure in this. Marbles says to Red, “Do you recognise any of these people, have you been to their realities?”

Red asks, “What does that have to do with it?”

Marbles laughs, “Everything!”

Red stops waking and stares at a woman made out of pillows riding down the beach on a horse that looks like a giant rose flower.

Marbles stands beside him, “Each one of these people are from the same timeline in different realities. You’ve recognised that at least?”

Red says, “Yeah, I’ve noticed. It’s like you’re trying to put together a puzzle where the pieces fit together but their from different puzzle sets. Still it looks like something. What’s the picture you’re painting here Marbles? Or should I call you Urag?”

The pyramids voice comes through clear, “There really is no fooling you anymore is there? I guess that’s my fault. Meh, you win some you lose some.” Marbles’ body does a possessed backwards flip down the beach and her spine cracks.

Red stares, “That didn’t sound healthy.”

The pyramid says while continuing to flip, “In practicality it’s not. Not at all healthy for my hosts, but it’s pretty cool, you’ve got to admit!”

Red speaks in an angry tone, “Stop, you’re hurting her!”

Marbles body pauses in mid flip, “She knew the consequences when she offered herself to me kid. There’s nothing you can do about it, we’re bound now and until death, like marriage.”

Red can’t believe what he’s seeing, “Fine, I’ll bite just stop messing with possessed Marbles and tell me what’s going on.”

Marbles floats forward dropping to her feet in front of Red, Marbles voice says, “Finally, I thought he was going to o that forever.”

Red shakes his head and sighs. “I know it’s still you pyramid.”

Marbles says, “Whatever you want kid. See, what we’re doing her is the oldest trick in the book. Long long ago, in a reality exactly the same as this one there was an exchange.”

Red says, “An exchange?”

Marbles grunts, “Pat attention! On a night very much like this one an entire town of backwards people fell into the primordial well.”

Red says, “Primordial well?”

Marbles scratches her head and yells, “Just listen!” She takes a few panic breaths then says, “The first well was birthed way before any life existed in universe. No one knows why it opened on our planet but it started everything, the ocean was brought to us by this phenomenon and over millennia life sprung from the ocean.”

Red says, “I’ve seen the well.”

Marbles says, “That’s not possible!”

Red tries to explain, “I saw it in a vision that Urag gave me!”

Marbles slightly says, “Really?” She thinks for a moment then looks out to sea, “Then you’ve seen the city?”

Red doesn’t want to answer, “It’s possible.”

Marbles chuckles, “That is interesting, tell me, what did it look like? Was there a large rift in the center of the city, glowing like the well?”

Red starts to smile, “I’ll never tell you.” He watches Mr. Burkley sneak up behind Marbles with a bat and hit her on the head. Marbles falls unconscious.

Red says, “I’m not sure what they’re planning but it doesn’t sound like something a good Samaritan would do.”

Burkley looks at the bat and then at Marbles laying in the sand, he turns her on her side and says, “I can’t believe I just did that.”

Red grabs him and they run towards the Dawson’s home.


Our Speckle is still staring at the portal, he asks Horus again, “Can I go through now?”

Horus says, “Not yet.”

Red and Burkley are in eyesight of the house when Possessed Speckle opens the door and says, “I thought you might try something like this. What did you do to my sister?”

Red says, “What, Urag hasn’t told you yet?”

Speckle grunts and in the pyramids voice says, “You little brat, everything went black, you think I’m all knowing. Let’s see how much you remember after I know you out!”

Burkley stands in between them with his bat, “We’re leaving Speckle.”

Possessed Speckle laughs, “You’re not going anywhere, tonight is the night Urag is set free and nothing you do can stop that!”

Mr. Burkley swings his bat and possessed Speckle zaps him with little effort. Burkley curls up into the fetal position and sucks his thumb.

Speckle asks again with an evil look, “Now tell me, what happened to my sister?”

Red says, “Even though you’re misguided puppets I still care for Marbles and Speckle, I wouldn’t let them get hurt.”

Speckle almost looks relieved he says, “Thank you.” Its not a second before he points his laser at Red.

Again, the two of them are in a standoff with their lasers out, Red says, “Last time you were lucky Speckle, put the laser down.”

PossesedSpeckle laughs, “You’re a kid, what could you possibly do better than me?”

Red shoots and hits Speckle in the chest shrinking him down to bite sized. “I’m more than just a kid!”

Possesed Speckle zaps himself back to normal size and Red shoots him again, this time with the friendify laser. Speckle has no idea what’s just happened he smiles and says, “Hi friend. What were we just doing?”

Red walks up to Speckle and says, “You were going to help me and the others get home.”

Possesed Speckle says, “Right, I knew that.” He runs to the living room where there is a massive laser-drill facing the portal ready to chew-up anyone that comes through.

Red says, “Disarm that would you Speckle?”

Possessed Speckle unlocks the drill and shifts it slightly to the side before grabbing his head and screaming as his eyes glow black, “I’m not your friend!” Urag is back and zaps Red, “You should have disarmed him when you had the chance.”

Red becomes paralysed other that his eyes and mouth and says, “Oh geese!”

Possessed-S howls with laughter, it sounds like both him and Urag together, “It’s almost over kid, once we sacrifice all these people to the primordial well I’ll have no need for corporeal forms. I’ll be able to exist here and everything will pay!”


Our Speckle looks over to Horus and starts to ask, “How…”

Horus says, “Now is as good as you’re going to get. Go save the kid.”

Speckle steps through the portal and the laser-drill starts up almost carving him to pieces. Speckle dive-rolls with his laser out and scans the room. The room is empty, he scans the house with x-ray goggles. No one’s home .

Speckle exits the house and watches the sun go down by the beach. High in the sky, the moon appears larger than he’s ever seen. “Magnanimous.”

Speckle hurries towards the beach where he can see a whole towns worth of misfits from different realities gathering. The tides on the beach begin to be drawn further out to sea and when Speckle gets close enough he can see small building tops peaking out of the water. He hides behind a palm tree and watches the town gather by the water.


Red is planted in the sand by his feet with his body totally rigid from paralysis. He faces the super moon and it reflects off his eyes. The water continues to lower and Red recognises the buildings being exposed. It’s the golden city.

Marbles and Speckle are standing next to him with evil smiles, Speckle howls, “It’s almost here! Finally, I can’t believe it. It’s almost here!”

Marbles approaches the water and waves at the towns people, they don’t seem to fear her as they did earlier that day.

Red says, “What’s happening behind me, are they terrified?”

Marbles laughs, “No Red, they’re lying in wait for the big moment.” Marbles zaps Red and he falls down to his knees. “Looks, calm as Hindu cows.”

Red looks at all the people, versions of his friends and neighbors all about to become fodder for a demons revival. “You’re horrible, how do you even know this will work?”

Speckle speaks for Urag, “When the primordial portal first opened, an entire community of people fell in and passed through the different realities. As this happened their life forces became part of me and Omb we struggled for an eternity. Omb wouldn’t let me leave and I was too stubborn to let him win.”

Red lifts himself up and says, “That still doesn’t prove you’ll be able to escape, it’s a dream a waste of your power. After all you’ve seen, you’re still merely darkness. You’ll never be anything more.”

Speckle sounds stumped, “Hmm. Maybe your right? Still I’d like to finish my story.”

We see a clip of the giant-squid wrapped around Urag, then Irr charges and divides them. Omb floats away like red had seen before and we return to Speckle.

Urag speaks through Speckle, “I’m thinking you know the story. But do you understand it? Omb had been thrown into oblivion. Then something miraculous happened, the portal opened and we could finally leave. Since the beginning of time all we could do was wait and now we we’re free. The others got away while that one stupid kid floated in to my realm. I almost got free and then Omb grabbed me. That dumb squid shoved the kid back into the rift and followed close. Before I could leave the dreamscape the portal was closed and I was the last one!”

Red pictures a clocked child floating amongst the monsters. Then says, “You lost, Urag. Do you know what that tells me? Light will always prevail over dark.”

Possessed Speckle yells, “Lie!”

The water decreases to the point where the outer building are fully exposed, they’re covered in sea-weed and barnacles. Red looks at the town people, “They’re all under your control, aren’t they?”

Marbles joins them and gives Red a big smile.

Red says, “Of course they are?”

The sun is cresting over the ocean as the water recedes all the way to the center building. It sets and a deep purple glow comes from inside the center building. Red says, “It’s the rift.”

Marbles, Speckle and Urag all say, “Yes it is.”

The towns people start to walk towards the purple light, they follow a path of drawn sand through the rusted-golden city all the way to a tare in the ground surrounded by a stone well. Marbles and Speckle drag Red to the mouth of the rift and drop him facing the towns people.

Possessed Speckle says, “Siri, you’re first!” Siri is dressed in medieval armor with a huge sword, she stands and stares at the well.

Red stands quick and jumps at Medieval Siri, he tackles her to the ground. That’s when the other misfits start to walk towards the well. Red sounds sad and panicked, “I can’t stop you all!”

Our Speckle appears behind everyone and says, “You won’t have too!” He shoots Possessed Speckle and widespread zaps the towns people. All of them are frozen in place taking steps towards the rift.

Possessed Marbles says, “There’s no way you could have found us here!”

Our Speckle says, “I had a little help.”

Horus jumps out from behind a golden building and zaps Marbles. The Rift begins to shake and shiver the Urag’s voice is heard, “This isn’t the end Red, I’ll be seeing you real soon.”

Horus zaps the townspeople and they all return to normal. Medieval Siri says, “What happened?”

Starfish Mod looks Around, “This is just to strange, how did we get here?”

The rest of the townspeople all say the same kind of things as they walk back to the beach.

Red stares at the portal with intent, “This feels familiar.”

Horus picks up the statue of Marbles and says to Red, “Of course it feels familiar, maybe one day you’ll realise why.”

A second version of Horus that looks exactly the same but more tanned shows up and says, “Hey it’s me!”

Tanned Horus picks up the statue of Speckle and the two of them walk up the beach. Pale Horus says, “So how’d you feel about changing places brother?”

Tanned Horus drops the statue o the beach, “And go live with the hairless vampire bears, no thank you.” Tanned Horus breaks off from his twin and heads back towards main-street.


Red and our Speckle walk up the beach, Red asks, “How did you get through those realities?”

Speckle looks totally beaten up, he says, “It was no problem Red, I fought some monsters. Ran into a friend and almost got torn apart by a laser-drill. You wouldn’t have had anything to do with that last part did you?”

Red chuckles, “I may have gotten it moved a bit to the left.”

Speckle says, “There’s a reality out there like that.”

Red says, “I bet, but more importantly what’s going to happen to these people?”

Our Speckle laughs, “We’ll get them home.”

Red, Speckle and Mr. Burkley are the first to go though the portal, they return with backwards Burkley and grab Knight Siri.


Credit scene/ After Credit

Speckle and Red and Going from Reality to reality and replacing the backwards people with their counterparts each time they replace someone the backwards person looks confused and lost. Knight Siri is brought to a medieval castle. Starfish Mod to the Starfish world, Fish Aroma to her fish people. The rose horse to the rose people where everything is built of stems and flowers. The pillow lady to her pillow people universe. Rob the tree person was brought to his reality where people are trees and trees are people. An inside-out person was brought back to their home where even the houses are inside out. The rock version of Sandy is brought to her reality where everyone is made of stone. Kids are made of sand and their pebbles grow over time. Surf the liquid person was brought to his home where the island is a lake surrounded by desert.  The bring a tiny person to their tiny home through a regular sized portal. They bring Boomer to a reality where everyone is faceless then another kid to a reality where everyone is children. An adult goes to a reality where everyone is an adult. A fire elemental to where the island is a volcano. They take a native man with tattoos named Queequeg back to a reality where a giant white placoderm from the Devonian period is mocking A version of Ahab.

Ahab has his harpoon ready and yells, “One day you cursed whale, One day you’ll move closer to shore and I’ll spear you and make you into candle oils!”

Red and Speckle are watching this strange sight, Red says, “This is getting a little strange.”

Speckle farts.


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