Life's a beach Ep.9 Time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Do you think you understand time travel? Are you creative enough to play with unknown theories? Find out.

Life’s a beach Ep. 9 No time to lose


We start the episode while zooming out of Red’s bedroom window, it’s night-time and we are zoomed out past the earths moon and shown a massive chunk of the multiverse. Red’s voice is narrating as if it were the end of the episode. He says while the scene continues to zoom outwards, “I guess the lesson here is that not all of us end up being what we want to be, but if we follow our hearts we can be what makes us happy.”

We hear Horus’ shrill voice, he says, “That’s not the lesson you should be learning!”

The scene quickly zooms all the way back to Red’s room. Red is in bed under his covers dressed in blue pajamas, he’s staring at Horus in his doorway, “What are you doing in my doorway Horus?”

We hear Speckle opening his bedroom door upstairs and stops to the ledge of the stairway. Speckle grunt’s, “It’s time to go to bed, Horus, come back tomorrow like a normal patient.”

Horus says, “I’m not here to see you, I’m here for Red.”

Speckle yawns, “Fine, just as long as he’s back here in time for school.” We hear Speckle’s footsteps lead towards his room and he slams his door.

Red has a shocked expression on his face, “What?”

Horus drags him out of bed and down the stairs into the living-room, he looks around as if they were being watched and says, “Red, something horrible has happened!”

We hear Marbles shush them from upstairs then her door slamming.

Horus repeats himself in a hushed tone, “Something terrible has happened.”

Red rubs his eye’s, he says, “Aww but Horus, can’t this wait until I’ve had some sleep, I’ve got an algebra test tomorrow.”

Horus says, “Algebra...algebra! Do you have any idea how important this is to you, to the fate of existence!”

Red sighs, “Okay, okay, okay I’ll bite, what’s happened?”

Horus sounds insane, “Today, this entire day, was never supposed to happen!”

Red asks while yawning, “How’s that even possible? It happened and it was a good day. Why erase that?”

Horus says, “Not erase, like you said Red, it already happened. We’re just going to round up your friends and start from where you should have started this morning.” Horus leaves the house with Red still in his pajamas. 

Red looks tired, he complains, “Aww Horus, it’s too late for this kind of adventure, I’m tired I don’t even understand. I’m supposed to be sleeping.”

Horus says, “Half of our entire lives is spent at night, we sleep for most of that time. You’ll catch up on your sleep tomorrow night.  And Confusion about something new is normal Red, it just means you have more to learn.”

Red says, “But Horus, my friend’s parents aren’t going to be happy with us waking them up. And on a school night.”

They get to Aroma’s bedroom window and Horus opens one of his many zippers and removes a flip-phone looking sci-fi laser, he zaps Aroma with the laser then zaps the ground and Aroma instantly teleports to the dirt. She’s asleep on the ground making a gesture’s as if looking for her blanket.

Horus tells Red, “Their parents should be happy, I’m giving you all a lesson in temporal anomalies and reality displacement theory. That’s like first year university, I guess. I didn’t get past sixth grade.”

Red says, “Yeah I’m supposed to be doing sixth grade after this summer.”

Aroma starts to open her eyes and looks at Horus then Red, she sleepily asks, “What’s going on?”

Horus says, “We’re going to a reality where people are animated differently. Shh…”

Aroma smiles and takes Red’s hand to get up, “Like cool anime style?”

Red says, “Were not supposed to be talking about this, time travel imperative.”

Horus says to Aroma, “Right, like cool street fighter pixelated stuff.”

Aroma gasps, “Yes, I’m so down for that!”

Horus says, “We just won’t be going there tonight.”

Aroma makes a sad face, “Fine, I’ll come with.” She yawns. “It’s time for an adventure.” She forces herself to be exited even in her half asleep state.



The scene cut’s to the three of them at Siri’s bedroom window. Siri’s still awake and looking super annoyed because her older sisters are talking about boys in their outdoor voices.

Siri’s oldest sister says, “That Kendrick boy is cute!”

Siri jumps out of bed and climbs out the window while telling her sisters, “You girls are so not my style.”

Siri’s oldest sister sticks her tongue out and blows a raspberry in her direction.

Siri jumps the window and lands on the ground, she’s surrounded by Red, Aroma and Horus, Siri smiles, “Adventure time?”

Horus says, “And the set is almost complete.”

To get to Mod’s room you have to climb a small fence around his garden to keep the many animals out.

Siri says, “I’ve got this.” She throws her rope over the fence then climbs up and over.

Aroma whisper says, “Be careful.”

Siri knocks on Mod’s window, when he notices she makes a funny face and waves him over.

Mod opens his window and says, “Go away, it’s too late for games.”

Siri says, “But it’s time travel.” She makes a doe-eyed face.

Mod can’t resist, “I’ll be right out, I’m going to go ask my dad.”

Siri laughs, “Good call.” She jumps off the balcony then climbs the fence while saying in a sarcastic tone, “He’s the responsible one now.”

Mod exit’s his front door still in his P. J’s but with a jacket.

Horus tells the kids, “Now that you’re all here, we’re going through the well.” Horus shoots them with a wide beam laser then presses a few buttons and they teleport in front of the well portal in the Dawson’s living room.

Mod says, “Cool.” And scratches the stuff out of the corner of his eye’s.

Horus mumbles the words, “Lady butterfly steps through the cellar door.” The portal changes color and swirls around forming a luminescent sky-blue circle. 

Red says, “A perfect circle.” Then yawns for a long second.

Horus steps through the portal and the pajama wearing preteens sleepily follow him through.

Siri yawns while looking around the new reality, the sun is up and looks closer than she’s ever seen “Aw, it’s hotter than…” Siri’s eyes start to adjust but the scene is that of a yellow and white blinding light, she asks comically, “What’s the hottest place on earth?”

Aroma says, “Here.”

Red says, “Iran, in the Lut desert, they have a place called Death Valley that’s gotten up to 136 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Horus has no problem with the sun, he’s taken a dark pair of blues-man sunglasses from a random pouch in his jacket and smoothly puts them on. The scene clears and we can see the desert around them that stretches for as far as the eye can see. Horus says casually, “This is somewhat hotter than that.”

We hear Aroma gasp, “This is a desert!”

The kids all say, “Aww!”

The portal and the islands highest points are the only solid matter around for miles, Horus zaps the kids and hands the laser that looks strangely like a phaser from star trek to Red. Horus chuckles, “You’d call that one Anytime-skin. The laser also acts like a teleporter, shoot someone and then shoot somewhere and that person or thing will be teleported. But enough about all this jibber jabber, let’s carry on.” Horus points along the highest ridges of the island. It makes a long rocky path through a sea of sand. 

In the furthest distance, amidst the yellow, red and brown grains of sand is a mountain peak, slightly higher than the rest. Horus takes off while saying, “Beware the giants.”

Mod asks, “There are giant’s here?”

Horus answers, “Giant sand dwelling centipedes!” Horus cackles, “You never let me finish my sentence.”

Aroma freaks out, “I hate centipedes, I miss D.J! Why didn’t I bring D.J?”

Siri pats Aroma’s shoulder and says, “It’s all cool A bomb, we’ve got our gadget’s and each other. Nothing can stop us from doing what we have to do.”

Red asks Horus, “If we travelled back in time to this morning, then aren’t we changing time by being here? Weren’t we supposed to do this without you guiding us?”

Horus chuckles, “Time travel is a paradox young one. But good question.”

Aroma asks, “What’s a paradox?”

Mod agrees, “That’s a good question.”

Red explains, “A paradox is a fact that goes against common sense and what we know. Like saying, here are the rules, ignore all the rules.”

The sand to the left of them begins to shift and two tiny translucent spikes rise from it. They’re more that a meter apart and click together a bunch of times before rushing towards the mountaintop path.

Aroma freaks out and taps on her rose hair-clip, she yells, “Rose thing, bubble suit, bubble suit please. Please!”

Mods belt opens and starts to flash, the sassy ladies voice says, “Modney, that girl has some serious issues.” The belt says to Aroma, “Girly! His name is Hawthorn.”

The charging beak is a foot away, Aroma begs, “Hawthorn please, bubble suit!”

The sand sprays upwards into the air right in front of Aroma, a giant translucent centipede stands at ten feet tall with another ten feet still hidden in the sand. It drools and dives at Aroma. The bubble suit activates and Aroma grows to twenty times her size. 

Red was running over to help when he witnessed this transformation. He watches astounded as Aroma picks up the centipede and throws it out of sight. There’s another burst of sand from behind Red and a second centipede wraps around him and lunges in to take a bite. Horus jumps on top of the massive bug and they both dive into the sand. The kids can hear Horus’ voice yelling, “Ride-em cowboy!”

The kids look at each other and Red says, cautiously, “Everyone watch our surroundings!”

Aroma shrinks back to normal sizes and her suit disengages. She sighs and says, “Thanks Hawthorn.”

The polite British voice illuminates the hairpin with each syllable, it says, “You’re welcome.” Aroma shrinks down to normal size.

Mod asks, “What’s next, what do we do?”

They can’t hear Horus anymore and the sand has stopped shifting and squealing.

Siri and Red both say at the same time, “We should move, Jinx!”

Siri laughs and Red repeats, “Jinx.” He leads the way down the path towards the mountain face.

Mod says, “Do you think that was supposed to happen?”

Aroma asks, “What?”

Mod replies, “Horus being taken away.”

Red says, “This is time travel, and he somehow knew what we were supposed to be here.”

Siri asks, “How?”

Aroma says, “Maybe he’s been here before.”

Red says, “Maybe this was supposed to happen and we were supposed to find our way. Maybe nothing is predestined and we can change our fate. Or maybe we were supposed to do this alone and nothing we do can change destiny, only divert it for a while.”

Siri says, “So you’re saying there’s a reality where we didn’t come here and the giant centipede went on without us?”

Aroma says, “Hopefully.” Aroma spots a shiny object in the sand a few meters away, “Look shiny!” She steps into the sand and sinks a little but keeps stepping closer and closer to the shiny. 

Red says cautiously, “I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” He steps out into the sand to follow Aroma, she doesn’t listen to him like she’s hypnotized by the brilliant silver rock.

Aroma says in a slow hypnotized voice, “Shiny.”

Red is but a meter from her when he notices a circular patch of sand falling like an hourglass into a chasm below. Red yells, “Stop!” 

Aroma is already too close and steps right next to the falling sand. A large circular trapdoor opens and a white, hairy, ugly, spider grabs her and pulls her in. Aroma screams a high-pitched banshee wail. 

Red thinks quick, “He grabs the teleporter Horus had given him earlier and zaps her then zaps the rocks by Mod and Siri.

The giant albino trap-door spider is surprised by loosing its breakfast, and begins to growl at Red. Red steps back a few feet then notices Aroma’s Rose hairclip, he speaks to the spider. “I know you’re angry, but we’re not your food.”

Siri, Mod and Aroma are all yelling at Red from the rocks, “Get back here!”

Red steps forward and the spider lunges at him, Red’s pulled down into the pit and the trapdoor is closed above him. It’s dark down there, Red pushes himself away from the spider and into a dried-out giant wasp. He pat’s his watch and it surrounds him in a fiber-mesh suit. His boots and shoulders-pad’s light-up and he can see a whole variety of giant wrapped insects. He gulps, “The spider’s previous meals I guess.”

The spider turns around and looks directly at him, it has one giant silver spike on its back that shines with the light from Red’s suit. Red dives into a far corner of the trap and scrambles to get away from the spider. He hears the sounds of his friend’s voices getting closer and the spider turns to wait back at it’s trap door. 

Red says, “Hawthorn, are you down here?”

The Rose glows and says in a shy voice, “Be quiet, you’ll get yourself mummified like the rest of these poor insects. But… yes I’m here, come save me!”

Red watches the spider reach for it’s trap door, he says, “You can’t have my friends, you beasty!” He Zaps the spider with his laser and it shrinks down to the size of a tarantula. “That’s better.” Red picks up the spider and smiles, “You aren’t so bad.”

Aroma is panicking at the edge of the trap door, she’s pacing back and forth then tries to jump into the trap. Siri and Mod hold her back. Aroma yells, “Red could be hurt, I need to save him!”

Siri says, “Red will be fine but we need to be patient, he’s a smart kid.”

Red’s head pops out from one of the corners of the trap with the spider on his shoulder. “Were you worrying about me?”

Aroma runs over and is about to give him a hug when she notices the spider, “What is that? Get it away!”

Red pick’s up the spider and says, “He can leave whenever he wants to.” He starts walking back towards the rocky ridge with a slight confidence.

Mod laughs and jumps up and down, “I knew you could do it.”

Siri says, “Yeah, you’re a boss!”


They keep walking until they reach the mountain where the grotto usually is, there’s a wide cave opening at the base and Aroma says, “Wow.”

Its not the cave that she’s amazed by but the thousands of caterpillars crawling deep within one the moist walls. Aroma walks inside and shivers, “It’s cold in here.”

The other three follow Aroma and look around at all the cave dwelling creatures, there are large luminescent beetles and caterpillars leading the way down into the cave. The path widens and around the bend there is a grand glow. Millions of luminescent cave snails coat the walls, moths with glowing eyelike dots on each wing are fluttering around and collecting pollen from the luminescent mosses and algae’s hanging from the cave ceiling. The cave floor resembles the wild grottos in the way that it’s smooth and circular.

The spider on Red’s shoulder climbs to the ground and over to the center of the cave. The hairs on it’s back begin to glow and its silver spike lights a small patch of darkness in the center of the room. A bald girl is meditating in the lotus position with here eyes shut.

Mod whispers, “That’s wizard fire.”

Aroma whispers back, “But where’s her hair?”

The spider climbs the girl and perches on her head continuing to glow brighter.

Mod says, “She’ got to be the cutest Buddhist.”

The spider stops glowing and the girl opens her eyes. She speaks softly while palming the miniaturized giant spider, “I see you’ve met the locals.” She whispers to the spider, “We all have our parts to play Arak.” The spider shines bright illuminating the room then climbs back to Red’s shoulder. 

Mod stutters in a cute way when he asks, “Are you, wizard fire?”

The meditating girl responds, “You may call me Lady butterfly.” She stares at Red and says, “It took you longer than I expected to get here.”

Red says, “But you were expecting us, why? Are you and Horus in cahoots?”

Siri tells Red in a hushed voice, “I don’t think that’s what she meant Red.”

Lady butterfly says, “Those aren’t the right questions, you’ve played this game before. We have been here again and again without change or interruption. Each time you arrive at this place, I am waiting here, and each time you ask the wrong questions. Break the cycle Red.”

Aroma sits down, as does Mod, Aroma says, “You mean because we used time travel?”

Mod says, “This is going to hurt my brain.”

Lady butterfly says, “Yes, this may hurt you Modney, but it’s important. Now, Red, ask again.”

Red looks around the cave, “What about the temporal initiative, no messing with time?”

Lady keeps her straight emotionless expression and says, “We’re always messing with time, the moment we wake up in the morning to when we choose to fall asleep, we are messing with time.”

Aroma asks, “What do you mean?”

Siri agrees, “Yeah, be more transparent, we’re teenagers after all.”

Lady butterfly says, “Each choice we make creates an alternate reality. In other words, it creates an alternate timeline. This could be a form of time travel in itself.”

Red says, “And if everything possible and impossible is happening all at once then, time travel must be one of those possible impossibilities.”

Mod says, “A paradox.”

Lady butterfly says, “Exactly, you exist in multiple realities doing equal and opposite actions, all of this could be considered time travel. By coming here, you are in fact creating a brand-new reality where you hadn’t arrived to until this point.”

Mod says, “Then what about travelling to a reality where you existed at that point, and what happens if you travel to that same point in time but from multiple other times. Like taking a vacation in Paris 1888 five or six times. Would you meet yourselves?” Mod has a thought-bubble description of these events going on in his mind. He see’s five version of himself all playing cards with five versions of D.J.

Lady butterfly says, “Don’t hurt yourself Modney, these things take reflection and meditation. An answer is not true until you’ve discovered it’s true meaning.”

Aroma and Siri both scoff, Siri says, “What’s with the wordplay and riddles?”

Red clears his throat and with a sassy tone says, “Back to my questions…”

Siri says, “Right, sorry, go.”

Red watches a luminescent lizard climb above him on the ceiling and asks, “Horus was supposed to only bring us this far and somehow he knew. We’ve never met you and yet somehow you knew we were coming. Why are we here?”

Lady butterfly opens her palm and looks up at a lizard picking at the luminescent moss. A string of algae falls straight down and into her hand. Lady butterfly takes a chew then spits it back in her hand. The lizard drops down from the ceiling and eats from her palm.Lady offers the remainder of the algae to Red and he palms the gooey wet mass. Lady says, “Eat it.” She says seriously.

Red stares at the pile of goop and makes a disgusted face, “Don’t do this at home kids.” He puts it in his mouth and chews a little before swallowing. 

The kids including Lady, watch Red with anticipation until Lady says in her monotone voice, “I can’t believe you ate that.”

The kids all gasp and Red says, “What?”

Lady butterfly says, “That’s disgusting, I just wanted to see if you’d do it, and you did.”

Red spits what’s left on the smoothed rock ground and yaks for a second, “Why would you do that?”

Lady butterfly cracks a little smile, “Come here and I’ll show you.”

Red cautiously approaches, “You’re not going to pull anything else are you?”

Lady offers him her hand and Red takes it. He see’s a glimpse of the earlier scene when they walked into the cave but little things are different. The patterns of the caterpillars for one and the placement of the luminescent algae and moths. Red opens his eyes and he’s still holding lady’s hand.

Aroma watches them jealously and makes a huffy noise.

Red asks, “Was that me?”

Lady butterfly shushes him and says, “it isn’t over. Concentrate.”

Red closes his eyes again and can picture Lady butterfly, she’s saying, “I, like you, are part of the constant string of events. I, like you, exist in multiple realities. You must find me, Akira Ohura, in your reality, she knows where to find your grandmother.”

Red is forced to see a scene of Minerva in an old medieval prison tower, he see’s dozens of Marbles and Speckle sprawled all around the prison island. By the tower entrance is King Modney with Beggar Siri and a very angry looking version of Aroma. The scene rewinds, it’s as if we we’re watching through someone shorts eyes running through the jungle forest.

Lady butterfly places her hand back in the lotus position and Red is left in his vision. He’s standing above a dark chasm carved into the center of the cave, he can see his friends and Lady butterfly, he can even see himself. He’s lifted out of the cave and above the grand dessert. The mountain shrinks as his astral form is once again dragged towards an unknown place.

Red says, “The more I hear about realities and time travel and destiny, the more I begin to realize. We’re not merely actors on the stage of life like Shakespeare said but we’re also the set designers and directors and the props.” Red’s taken through the portal and to the jungle reality where his grandmother is being held. He passes guards from several different realities. One group is anime, another, pixelated, another group was dressed as pirates. The last group before the tower was made up of King Modney’s men in black suits of armor. Closer to the tower are over twenty pairs of the Dawson’s, all looking slightly different with one similarity. The glowing black eyes.

Red says, “These guy’s look like they’re in bad shape.” He continues to float towards the tower, he passes Evil Aroma and King Modney with beggar Siri. Each person he’s passed ha’s had the same symbol somewhere on their person. The eye of Horus.

Red passes through the tower’s stone wall and comes face to face with His grandmother. “So, this is you? You’re my Grandmother.”

Minerva looks around the room as if she’s feeling a presence and says, “Darn triangle, don’t push me, I know you’re there!” She mumbles a few words in gibberish then turns to look directly at Red.

Everything disappears around Red and suddenly he’s floating over a thick jungle. The entire reality and all it’s occupants were gone.

Red yell’s, “What is this?” He open’s his eyes and he’s standing perfectly still in front of Lady butterfly, surrounded by his friends. 

Aroma asks, “What is what?”

Red looks at them, “I was in front of Minerva, my Minerva and then everything disappeared. It was like I was in the right place and then in a moment I wasn’t. What was that?”

Lady butterfly says, “A non-cohesive reality. Some would say that it’s a dream like reality that has no constant location. Others say something else.”

Siri asks, “What?”

Lady butterfly smirks for the first time since they got there and says, “Some think it’s a reality of its own that you can reach through the portal. They think it floats from reality to reality, transporting its occupants to wherever the cosmos may decide.”

Mod says, ‘That’s impossible.”

Siri smacks him upside the head, “Haven’t you learnt yet, anything’s possible.”

Red breathes in deep and says quickly, “So, how do we find this reality when it’s constantly changing places?”

Lady butterfly says, “I don’t know, but I might know somewhere else.”

Mod asks, “How could you know somewhere else? Are we still talking about time travel?”

Lady responds in a calm tone, “A butterfly’s wings are so delicate that any disturbance in mid flight will affect its flight path. The butterfly effect relates to linear time, each action we make leads to one location in time or another eventually. If I decide to feed you rotten wall slime for instance you may end up resenting me for it.”

Red says, “That’s right.”

Lady continues, “Resenting me may lead you to avoid other versions of myself and therefore changing your path as you travel down the current of time, riding the present like a wave towards the future.”

Mod says, “So you were talking about another version of yourself when you said, I may know somewhere else.”

Lady praises Mod, “Very good Modney.”

Mod blushes, “Thanks.”

Siri asks, “Does this butterfly effect mean that each time we change something in time we change the outcome?”

Aroma adds in, “And that’s because the butterfly’s wings are so delicate that any changes are unpredictable over a long enough time?”

Lady butterfly smiles, “You kids are learning a lot, continue on this path and I foresee great things. Now, it’s time for me to go.” 

In an instant, the cave disappears around the children and they’re standing back on the rocky path. There are no butterflies or insects, no Lady. Only the kids and the shiny spider, the tarantula, Arak, climbs into Red’s pocket and peeks out at their surroundings.

Red says while the kids all look around confused, “This is exactly what happened with my grandmother!”

Aroma says, “Creepy, ghost realities.”

Siri starts the walk back to the portal while saying, “It would explain al lot of different time bubble phenomenon’s and disappearing first dates that I’ve had.”

Mod says, “Yeah and ghosts, poltergeists even.”

Red zaps them then shoots towards the portal and they appear a foot away from the well. He tells the portal, “Take us home please.” Then steps through and they’re back home but it’s daytime, Marbles and Speckle look at the kids confused.

Marbles asks, “You’re home already?”

Speckles says, “The grand marshes couldn’t have been that boring, could they have?”

Aroma laughs and responds, “No, we had a great time at the marshes, but that was yester-today not today. We’re time traveling.”

Mod points at himself, “Yeah, look pajamas.”

Marbles chuckles to Speckle, “Of course it’s time travel.”

Speckle says, “Then you kids have fun, remember the temporal directive when playing with time.”

Red palms the tarantula and places it down on the living room couch, he says to the spider, “Be good Arak.” Then he turns to his friends, “We have to find Akira Ohura.”

Marbles says, “That should be easy.”

The kids look shocked, the all say, “Really?”

Speckle says, “Yeah, she’s always tending to that fire, just like…”

Marbles shushes him, “Speckle no, let them figure it out.”

Aroma says, “Wizard fire.”

Mod says, “But not wizard fire.”

Siri asks Red, “How did you know her name Red?”

Red says, “It was in a vision.”

Mod says, “Did we break the cycle then?”

Aroma nudges Mod, “It was all head games, forget about it and let’s go find Akira!”

Red can’t shake it off, “Did I break the cycle, I don’t think so.”

Red’s dragged by Aroma and Siri out the front door.

Mod says while following, “I don’t think we broke the cycle.”

The kids disappear into the jungle.


The scene changes and we’re back in lady butterfly’s cave, Lady opens her eyes and says, “I think it worked.”

Horus appears from the mouth of the cave smiling, “It sure did, now we only have to hope the cycle can be broken.”

Lady butterfly says, “It will be broken, it has to be.”



The scene changes back to Red and his friends standing by the rising rocks where the cloaked girl we know as Wizard fire or Lady butterfly but in this case is Akira Ohura.

Red climbs and hops from boulder to boulder towards Akira and on the last jump he slips. Akira swiftly turns and grabs him by the arm saving Red from a fall to the crashing waves.

Akira helps him up, she looks at the other kids with an annoyed expression and says with attitude, “What’s this, a parade?”

Aroma jumps across after Mod and Siri, she get’s exited and says, “A parade! Like a pet parade? I’ll go get D.J!” Aroma turns and is about to jump across when she feels everyone’s eyes on her. She turns around to see Siri looking disappointed.

Siri grunts, “Don’t even think about it.”

Aroma sighs.

Akira tosses another chunked up piece of driftwood onto the fire and says, “I don’t really have time for this.”

Red interrupts, “I was sent here by a vision of my past self from a different timeline to find you…”

It’s Akira’s turn to cut him off, she interrupts smoothly, “No.”

The kids gasp.

Red asks, “What do you mean, no?”

Akira stocks the fire a little higher then simply says, “I don’t want to hear it, the sci-fi mumbo jumbo, the portal or time travel. My father hated that stuff, he and my mom parted ways because of it.”

Mod casually says, “Does that mean we should go, because that fires really hot.”

Siri says, “Yeah, fire will do that. It does sound like she wants us gone though.”

Red watches his friends turn away then stares at Akira, “So you know the Dawson’s, you know about the portal, and you choses to stay here and stock this fire with driftwood.”

Akira grunts, “Your point.”

Red mumbles, “It’s just that we’ve met other versions of you and they’ve helped us. A lot. Lady butterfly, another version of you, she lives in a disappearing mountain and eats cave Algae. Wizard Fire stands on top of this rock and challenges people with angry riddles. Could you please…”

Akira yells at Red, “I’m obviously not them!” She huffs then waves him away, “Get lost!”

Mod and the others step up, “You can’t talk to Red that way, he’s like royalty!”

Red sighs, “I’ve told you before my family owns land, we’re not royalty.” Red turns back to Akira, “You’re obviously different, but the other versions of you were just as burdened with a task. Lady butterfly said that you would help us.”

Akira looks ashamed, “And I guess she would be right, she does know the future.”

Red smiles, “Does that mean you’ll help us?”

Mod catches Akira’s eyes and blushes. “That would be so cool.”

Akira smiles back at Mod, “It would be nice to see the Dawson’s, and leave this fire for a while.”

Siri says, “Then you’re in?”

Aroma sweats into her purse and says, “If you’re with us can we please go it’s so hot.”

Akira starts to stock the fire while saying, “Go ahead, I know where it is.”


The next scene the kids are approaching the house and Aroma is saying, “How does she know so much about all this stuff? We didn’t find out until two weeks ago?”

Mod says with a dreamy voice, “She’s mysterious.”

Red says, “She’s connected to us somehow that’s for sure. But how?”

They open the front door and stop when they hear speckle yelling from upstairs. His voice is muffled by the floor and walls but he sounds angry.

Red leads the kids slowly up the stairs, they hear Marbles yelling.

Aroma says in a whisper, “They don’t sound like they’re yelling at each other.”

Mod says, “How would you know?”

Aroma jots back, “Hey where’s your girlfriend?”

Siri shushes them and they stop.

At the top of the stairs they begin to make out what speckle is saying, “How dare you come into our home and break into our vaults! Those belong to this reality, with us!”

Marbles voice adds in, “You’ll never get what you want, you’ll be stopped!”

Possessed Speckle says, “Just give us Red and we can all go home.”

Possessed Marbles yells, “You know he’s the key.”

Akira appears behind them and says, “So you’re they key.”

The kids jump, Mod says, “How long have you been here?”

Akira only says, “Never give away your secrets, I’m mysterious.”

The kids are next to the door and hear Marbles’ voice but demonic and the looks in their faces become fearful. It’s Urag’s voice, possessed Marbles says, “No one will stop me, not you and not any other version of you from any timeline, even the one where everyone is an Olympic body builder.”

Red opens the door and the kids pile in, Speckles and Marbles feet are melted into the ground, they look beat. Red recognizes the symbol on the back of the lab coats, “The eye of Horus.”

Possessed Marbles turns around and laughs in Urag’s voice, “Here I was thinking this was going to be a challenge, then Red, The key, Redding walks through the door.”

Our Marbles bends down letting her lab coat cover her feet, she looks at Red and says, “Don’t worry about us, you need to get out of here. Get far away!”

A bright light comes from under Marbles and she gets free to charge at possessed Speckle. “Run kids!”

Possessed Speckle blasts her with a stun bolt and she flies forward. Marbles coughs and tries to get up, “Go.”

Red watches as our Marbles stand as if nothing happened as in Urag’s voice says, “It’s okay Red and friends.”

Siri freaks out and yells, “No it’s not okay!” She activates her watch covering herself in armor, Siri frees our Speckle and they jump on Possessed Speckle.

The two Marbles are occupied with Aroma in her bubble suit gadget and Mod in his suit.

Red aims his laser at Akira and zaps her while calling out, “Super strength Akira!”

Possessed Speckle has his face mushed against the ground and forces out the words, “That’s enough!” A blast of darkness explodes from his belt and all other gadgets in the room shut down.

The two possessed Marbles and Speckle aims their lasers at our Speckle and fire. They blow a hole through his chest like a circle. Possessed Speckle yells, that’s enough!” The three of them turn and put their lasers on the kids.

Possessed Speckle shoots Siri with a laser and Siri disappears.

Akira and the kids gasp, Akira jumps at Possessed Speckle and is zapped in mid air, she too disappears.

Aroma cries and Mod steps up, “Bring them back, she was a new friend!”

Possessed Marbles 1 zaps Mod and possessed Marbles 2 Zaps Aroma. They’re both gone and Red is alone he whimpers then stands and screams, “The world is a better place without all your anger and destruction. Urag, I’ll never let you leave!”

Red stays calm even as his Speckle rises from the dead and says in Urag’s voice, “You can’t do anything to stop me.” Urag laughs, “I’ll be leaving soon and with your help kid.”

Red stares down four lasers and runs at them, the scene slows as he charges the four evil eyed doctors and they let him have their laser beams in his face. Red’s knocked backwards unconscious.

The scene begins to zoom out, an ominous and sad music plays as day becomes night. We hear Horus’ voice, “Sometimes, unhappy endings can’t be avoided. Don’t be sad, like Shakespeare wrote, all the worlds a stage and we are merely players. I say as long as were on the stage the play is never over.”


Credit scene one

Horus is standing next to Lady Butterfly, he asks her, “Did he change anything?”

Lady says, “If a change is subtle enough, over a long time it will have a grand effect. No one can know what happens that far ahead after so many possibilities.”

Horus says, “So you won’t tell me?”

Lady chuckles, “Nope.”


Credit scene two

The scene stays dark and we hear dragging noises through a jungle, we watch through Red’s eyes as he opens them to see passing jungle overhead and over a hundred versions of Speckle and Marbles. They all stare down at him for as long as the credits last. We see him from the third person and he begins to be dragged up into a tower his head hits a stair on the way up and the scene goes dark.


After credit scene one

Siri opens her eyes and is surrounded by little fluffy bear people with numb-chucks. They’re in a metallic jungle with metallic animals. One of the bears says in a military style voice, “Who are you and what are you doing in our metal jungle?”

Siri gulps, “Oh boy.”

If you look hard enough you can see Akira in the background of the scene hiding like a ninja.


After credit scene two

Aroma is falling through the sky asleep, she wakes up and screams in panic. She’s soaring towards the island and has to close her eye’s. She’s about to hit it when her gadget blinks a few times and activates a giant parachute bubble around her and she slams into the island surrounded by a sentient forest of bonsai’s.

The bonsai’s scream, “Oh no she killed Rosy!” They panic and Aroma screams.


After credit scene three

Modney is fast asleep in the middle of a forested meadow. He sleepily piles up some earth under his head and mumbles. “This is great, five more minutes.”

The scene pans around to see king Modney and an entire company of soldiers behind him. King Modney clears his throat, “Wake up friend and feel my wrath.”

Modney’s eyes open in horror.



Submitted: September 02, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Stranger Lobe / Jonny Nagels. All rights reserved.

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