Life's a beach Ep.10 Reincarnation

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Red is trapped and Aroma is alone, will things get better for the kids? Find out

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Life’s a beach ep 10 reincarnation


The scene is dark and we hear the same score as the last episode. We hear Red’s voice spouting a quote.  “Don’t grieve, anything we lose comes around in another form.” – “The poet Rumi.”


The scene stays dark until we hear Minerva’s sweet voice, “When we cast the spell I had no idea that it would bring us a child?”


The scene shows itself, a stone tower jail-cell with adventurer Minerva and a sleeping Red Redding. Outside the cell door stands Speckle with a hole though his chest the size of a baseball bat from the last episode.


Minerva stands and approaches Speckles, she says, “What did he do to you Speckle?”


Possessed Speckle’s eyes glow black and smiles demonically, “Speckle isn’t home, only Urag’s here.”


Minerva jumps back, “Beware demon.” She waves her arms at Speckle as if she were casting a spell, “Ye beastie back off!”


Possessed Speckle says, “He can’t hear you witch, only I can. None of these scientists are coming back from this.”


Minerva takes a seat on her cot next to Red, she says, “You might not know it but I’m not as dumb as Minerva Black or Green. And I know that your host Speckle is in a heck of a lot of pain. Maybe fix him up and you’ll get more out of him.”


Speckle pushes his arm through the hole in his chest and says, “What? I’ve never been able to do that before?!” He forces his hand through his back then through the bars closer to Minerva, “I bet he’s better this way. Wan to shake on it?”


Red’s eyes open in the background and he shrieks, “Holy crab apples, what are you doing to Speckle?!”


Minerva looks at Red and sighs, “Be calm child, It’s just being ridiculous, I assume you know Urag?”


Possessed Speckle crosses his eye’s and makes an extremely twisted face while waving at Red with his arm through his chest.


Red sighs, “Yes I have and I’ve got to say I’m not a fan…” Red looks at Minerva then jumps. “You’re Minerva!”


She responds, “Yes, and?”


Urag/Speckle takes his hand out and laughs manically, “You’re his grandmother Minerva, congratulations it’s a boy!”


She gases at Red then says, “This is another trick. I’m smarter than you Urag, face it, you’re a one dimensional bad guy who has no place in this ever changing world.”


Red says, “No, it’s true. My name is Red Redding the third, my parent’s and I followed your last trip around the world.”


Minerva thinks for a moment then stops and points at possessed Speckle, “Go away, needless distraction!”


Holy Speckle turns and walks down the tower stairs without saying another word.


Red says, “How did you do that?”


Minerva takes him by the shoulders and looks him intensely in the face, “You need to listen carefully boy, this is the kind of providence and messed up fate episode that will make your brain want to hibernate. Pay close attention to everything everywhere and maybe you’ll figure it out.” Minerva shakes her head, “Of course it had to be you, had to be Jonny’s son.” She mumbles to herself.”


Red smiles, “This is great, I’ve been looking for you for so long, can I call you grandma?”


“No, you can’t, there are more important things afoot than labelling each other. You need to get out of here and as far away from me as possible.” Minerva looks serious.


Red shakes his head, “I can’t do that Grand… Minerva. This island has something to do with you and me. If I’m going to figure it out, I’ll need your help.”


Minerva turns away and we can hear Speckle’s footsteps returning up the stairs. Minerva turns back to Red, “Then keep Speckle distracted.”


By the time Speckle get’s upstairs Red has pressed himself up against the bars, “Any chance that hole in your chest will close up soon? It’s giving me the creeps.”


Minerva is at the window fiddling with the bars, Red has himself positioned in front of Speckle so that his grandmother is covered properly.


Urag/Speckle chuckles then says, “I was thinking about it, I could heal this up in a second if I wanted to. But then I thought, maybe I’ll leave it in, like a piercing or a tattoo, some defining feature like that. We could call this Speckle, Holy Speckle.”


Red grunts and clenches his fists, “I hate you.” He says angrily.


Urag spits back, “Watch out kid, hate’s a strong word, like love, suspicion, helplessness, defeat, delight.”


Red attempts to interrupt, “Is this going to be a long list?”


Urag continues, “Rudeness, confusion, alienation….” The scene changes over to Aroma crying her eyes out in a bonsai forest, we can still hear Urag listing off emotions, “Grief-stricken, isolated, lost….” His voice disappears.


Aroma’s crying gets louder; we can begin to see the trees around her are setting up a quorum almost like a court room system. The hundreds of bonsais are all talking amongst themselves causing an unintelligible rabble.


Aroma is holding her rose hairclip gadget in her hands, it has no juice and flickers every once in a while. Aroma looks at a crushed rose bush bonsai in front of her. “You broke my fall, I’m so sorry, I wish there is something I could do.”


Rosy the Rosebush bonsai whimpers and groans, “We come from the earth, we return to the earth. It was not your fault child but only the wish of the great cycle of life.”


The other bonsais keep rabbling, it gets louder. One of the female bonsais, a red cedar carrying berries, yells, “She should be put in plant jail!”


Another bonsai says, “Order, order in the mini-forest.” His voice is grumbly like and old man, the other plants shift away and he’s a mini weeping willow in seeding season. “Is there any way that you can help Rosy giant girl?”


Aroma pokes her gadget, “Hawthorne, are you able to help?”


The rose hairclip blinks and says something but its fuzzy and Aroma can’t make it out.


Aroma cries, “This is too much, I’m just a girl. Hawthorne, I ned your help!”


The plants keep talking and the name Hawthorne appears countless time amongst the rabble, “Hawthorne, Is he a plant?”


Rosy extends a branch and touches Aroma, “My only wish is that you can forgive my bonsai friends for their shortcomings.”


Aroma weeps, “I will forgive them, I just hope they can forgive me.”


Rosy makes a smiley face out of her branches as her roses wilt, she coughs and pedals fly around. “All things get a return, I will decompose here and allow new life to grow, everything must be born everything returns to the circle.”


Aroma drops a tear on the rosebush bonsai and it curls up, it’s last words are, “The soul carries a weight of its own and when it leaves the body it becomes part of something bigger. The reincarnation cycle.”


Merely a second passes once the bonsai dies, Aroma can plainly see a pink essence leave its form and float around her in the air, it circles its friends then begins to drift towards a seed on the weeping willows branch.


The willow sounds giddy even with his deep judge’s voice, “She’s going to become one of my seeds!”


The group of trees and plants around get exited. “Lucky!” “That’s great.” “Oh Rosy.”


Aroma is entrapped by how beautiful the soul is, she stares at it intensely. “Is this how it always happens for you?”


A small pine tree answers with berries awnswers, “It’s how it happens for everyone but we’re lucky enough to be the only species on this planet and in a reality where your soul has color.”


Aroma smiles, “Okay, that’s incredibly descriptive.”


The pine tree says, “It happens a lot!”


Rosy’s soul stops before touching the willow seed and flutters. The plants all gasp.


Aroma asks with a jumpy voice, “What’s happening, why’d she stop?”


The willow begins to cry, “Someone is stealing her soul!”


The soul begins to float in the opposite direction and the entire mini forest starts to cry.


Aroma gets angry, “What?! That can happen? Where is it going?”


The pine tree calls out over all the crying, “No one knows!”


The willow says, “We can’t follow them… Because we don’t have legs!”


Aroma looks intense and gets into a running position, she says, “I have legs.”


She darts at the soul but its not moving very fast and she ends up catching up to it before the end of the forest. She speaks to Rosy’s soul, “I’m guessing you don’t know where we’re going either.”


The soul blinks, if you’re paying attention to the scene you can see that the rose hairclip blinks too.



The scene changes back to Red still listening to Urags list, “Bitter, humiliated, disoriented, envious nervous.”


Red adds in, “Annoyed, frustrated, anguished.”


Urag says back, “Disappointed!”


Red grunts and says, “That was a really long list, did you have to keep going like that?”


Urag/Speckle laughs in Red’s face, “You asked for it by using the word hate, so no more this I hate you stuff. Here’s what I think of you Red, You’re a vomitus baby wart left to sunburn in high U.V rays until it becomes melanoma then dressed up to look like one of the more intelligent of your species. Disgusting.”


Minerva steps away from the window and takes Red by the shoulder, she gases at Urag/Speckle then whispers to Red, “Sorry grandson, this is the only way.” Minerva kicks the bars off the window and tosses Red out to a fifty foot fall.


The scene slows down to show Minerva with a big smile on her face after releasing Red, he elegantly drifts out the widow and into the open. One hundred pairs of Marbles and Speckle all yell in slow motion, “No!” The Speckles reach for their lasers, in unison they check their gadget setting. Three quarters of them shake their heads in disappointment, they don’t have anything useful set. But a whole quarter of the Speckles have a shot.


The marble’s all charge in under where Red is falling to catch him, they all have the same look of panic in their eyes.


The scene returns to normal speed and we hear Red yelling, “Oh my!”


A dozens lasers pass him, we can’t tell if he’s been hit.


He slams to the ground making a big thunk sound and sending Marbles flying away.


Minerva looks down at him from the tower. “You okay Red. I was hoping they’d hit you with super strength and anytime skin.”


Red picks himself up and looks up at her, “What the heck was that about?”


Minerva yells, “No questions, run!”


Red bolts into the woods, he’s moving fast and rams through a set of medieval doctors. “Super speed and super strength? Nice!” He picks up a doctor and tosses him into a few others then runs as fast as he can while dodging laser shots. Red says to himself, “This is the memory of a memory of me running through the jungle, what do I run into?”


Red runs straight into Minerva Black and slams against the ground, “Right Minerva-Black.”



We return to Aroma walking next to the soul, “When it comes down to it, I really think I should be allowed D.J in class, he gets hungry outside and lonely, it’s unfair.”


The soul blinks at the same time as Aroma’s hairclip, Aroma continues, “I hope you can understand what I’m saying or else I’d feel weird. Anyways, I’m going to make an appeal to the Mayor, yeah that’s right I have pull with the mayor, he’s like family.”


We hear a voice from off in the distance, it sounds like Aroma but grim and grumpy. “They told me you talked a lot, I can’t believe we’re basically the same person.”


Aroma turns around to see herself but gloomy looking with all black clothes. Aroma smiles, “You are me, nice to meet you!”


Dark Aroma grunts then opens her backpack, “I wish I could say the same, but at least you came with the soul like I thought you would.”


Aroma gasps, “What are you saying?”


Dark Aroma sighs and slaps her forehead, “God, you are dense I asked the boss to drop you on that little forest.” Dark Aroma removes a gadget from her pack then opens it like a box, the soul drifts over then inside the box.


Aroma screams, “You used me to kill that poor bonsai!” She huffs and grabs her hairpin, then whispers to it, I need your help, if you don’t I’ll probably end up in that soul stealing box too. So please wake up.”


The hairclip and the soul catching box both light up and flicker. Dark Aroma says, “You’re so lost, head in the clouds. I bet you still play with dolls.”


Aroma jots back,” I would still play with dolls but D.J ate them all last week so jokes on you!”


Dark Aroma steps forward and says, “This is over.” She quick draws and shoots Aroma with an electric net trapping her to the floor.


Aroma touches one of the links and is shocked, she pulls back, “Ouch, does that have to be so strong?”


Dark Aroma fiddles with her lasers setting while walking toward the trapped Aroma. “I don’t want to waste my time talking to you anymore, “You’re a nuisance, people like you, the nice ones, they never win.”


Aroma shrugs and says, “it wouldn’t kill you to smile.”


Dark Aroma aims her laser and says, “I wouldn’t know, I’ve never tried it.”


Aroma flinches and leans back into the electric net, she presses her hairclip into the electricity and it activates. Aroma is covered in a pink bubble suit and the hairclip says in its british butlers accent, “I’m back online Aroma.” The electric net bounces off Aroma’s bubble suit and wraps around dark Aroma.


“Hawthorne, you’re back!” Aroma sounds super happy.


Hawthorne says, “You got us this far, you go girl.”


Dark Aroma whistles and the ground begins to shake like an earthquake, from behind a boulder a giant evil looking version of D.J exposes his face.”


Aroma shrieks with joy, “D.J, I’ve missed you, come here and give momma a hug!”


Bertrand increases the size of Aroma’s armor and says, “That’s not our D.J.”


Aroma runs over to dark Aroma just in time for evil D.J to intercept her. Bertrand activates a defense procedure that illuminates the suit, evil D.J looks away and screams. We can see Dark Aroma getting out of the electric net.



We’re blinded by the light and the scene changes to Red being held by the scruff of the neck by Minerva black and dragged through a series of well lit underground caves. Red says, “You have major problems Minerva, I’m not one of them. Urag is.”


If you’re paying attention you can see the spider Arak climbing from Reds arm to Minerva black’s dinosaur rags.


Minerva black responds, “You’re a pain in my butt kid, Urag is a pain in my butt, he get’s control anytime he wants and I’m sick of it. But I’m more sick of you.”


Red gets snotty, “That kind of sounds like a personal problem.”


“It’s not!” Minerva screams and her voice echoes through the tunnels, “You’ve toiled with Urag’s plans, you’ve chosen to take a stand against him too many times and now you’re trying to make it even more difficult for him by resisting.”


Minerva black drags Red into an well lit area of the caves, a blue light shines from the rift in the center of the room. There is no well around it like in the golden city, Minerva says, “Do you know where we are?”


Red gulps, “The connection to nothing, an endless sea of nothing. The first thought reality.”


Minerva black says, “The rift does not go to nothing, it goes everywhere and anywhere. All it needs is a conduit. A conscious mind to direct it.” Minerva kicks a stone into the rift and a fiery blast exits. She says, “We got lucky, that could have been a dragon fart. Or nerve gas.”


Red says, “It’s where Urag lives.”


Minerva-Black yells, “Again, wrong!” She pauses and breathes, “Why do you think Urag needs you to leave? Why can’t he use one of his puppets to do whatever needs and be done?”


Red sigh, “Because he doesn’t know what to do, only I will.”


Minerva black’s eyes open wide, “Epiphany moment, so what is Urag doing by keeping you here?”


Red shakes his head, “He’s impeding the flow of events with the hopes that something else will happen. As long as he keeps the players on the board events might turn out differently and he can leave.”


Minerva black laughs, “He hopes that when the cycle of time repeats itself that he can change things in his favor. Damn fifth dimensional beings.”


Red stands next to the rift and look at the pool of color, “What happens now?”


Minerva black chuckles, “Time is immutable.”


Red asks, “What?”


Minerva black says in a snippy tone, “I’m taking you back up top before this brief lapse of sanity ends. Minerva grabs Red and continues dragging him through the tunnels.



At the top of the prison tower Minerva is talking to Urag/Speckle, she says, “How many of your boy’s actually hit him?”


Urag responds, “Five shots hit him, anytime skin and super strength being the two main ones.”


Minerva jokes, “You wouldn’t want to tell me the others, would you?”


Urag laughs, “You aren’t as coy as you used to be.”


Minerva says, “I’m not free like I used to be. There’s no open space to flutter my wings.”


Urag chuckles, “No one’s free honey, we’re all trapped in one way or another, the trick is escaping in the mind. Buddhism’s got it right. Or at least it’s the best you’ve got.” Urag twists his hosts head around 360 degrees while screaming intelligibly. He stops and says, “We can’t have you out and about Minerva, you are too much trouble.”


Minerva smiles and says, “You’re darn right I am, you had to get lucky to even find me when I was in my prime.”


Urag laughs with a reminiscing tone, “I remember.” His host Speckle makes an angry face, “Why am I reminiscing about this? You’re a trip lady.” Urag walks downstairs while mumbling, “I don’t even know why I talk to you Minerva.”


Minerva smiles and says to herself, “Because you’re a psychopath and I’m a genius.” She looks at the key to the cell in her palm as footsteps begin to climb the tower again.


It’s Red being dragged by Minerva black. Red looks at his grandmother ashamed, “Sorry, I got caught.”


Minerva laughs, “Apologies are for when you’ve done something wrong, or expressing compassion or if haven’t put in enough effort.”


Minerva Black hisses at her counterpart while using her own key to open the cell door, “Your lessons are irrelevant, neither of you will be living long enough to use them.”


Minerva watches her evil self toss Red into the cell, before Minerva Black can close the door, Minerva says, “Oh my evil doppelganger, how you sadden me. After everything you’ve seen, you still can’t see life for what it really is.”


Red rubs his bottom and looks out the window at the fall he had taken earlier, he stares at his grandmother, “You could have killed me.”


Both Minerva’s ignore him as they’re getting into a deep staring battle. Minerva Black responds to her Doppler’s earlier comment, “I can’t, you’re the one trapped in a jail cell in a time bubble dimension.”


Minerva smile’s, “I’m a prisoner of my own free will and at least I’m not a puppet. How you could give up everything that you once were baffles me. I feel ashamed to even call you a Minerva.”


Minerva Black steps inside the cell and draws a wicked looking sci-fi cannon, “I can’t kill you but I’ll make you wish I could.”


Minerva says, “Now Red, do it!”


Red looks at her confused, Minerva Black turns her attention to Red, she holds her blaster on him, Minerva Black takes a moment to realise that she’s missing her key and laser from her belt. That and Minerva is on the other side of the bars.


Minerva laughs, “You always let your anger blind you. So predictable.” She zaps her counterpart paralyzing her.


Red stands up and brushes himself off. “What was that?”


Minerva responds with a whisper, “Be quiet, I need her jacket and pants.”


Red gasps, “No way, let’s just fight our way out.”


Minerva smiles while looking through the lasers settings, we see a bunch of intense setting before it gets to one. “You remind me of myself kid.” She zaps Minerva Black and then herself their appearances switch but not their scars.


Red says, “Okay, what’s the plan?” Red looks ready to go.


Minerva hands Red the laser and Minerva Black’s key, “Good luck Red.” She runs down the steps leaving Red with an expression of awe and anger. He squeaks, “What?”


Red sits back next to the frozen Minerva black looking like his grandmother, “I guess now’s as good a time as any.” Says Red in an expositional tone, “I know you’re not my grandmother but you’ve got her clothes on and you look like her. So I guess I’ve got some stuff to say...”


We see the tarantula, Arak, perch itself on Minerva-Blacks shoulder before the scene cuts over.




Minerva passes Speckle with the whole in his chest and says, “She wouldn’t shut up so I froze her, the kid’s not going anywhere.” Minerva hands Speckle the key and says, “I think you dropped this it was on the stairs.” She walks towards the well casually staring down the great groupings of doctors. She thinks to herself, “This isn’t going to be easy kicking all these guy’s butts and getting them back to normal.”


She makes it to the portal and says, “Find me the books.” She steps into the portal and disappears.



We rejoin Aroma and her suit of blinding light as she grabs evil Aroma and tosses her into giant D.J. Aroma jokes, “Maybe we should call you Bad Aroma because you stink!”


Evil Aroma growls and yells at giant D.J, “Go get her!”


D.J can’t even look at the bright bubble suit, he whines and looks away.


Evil Aroma screams at her pet, “You, stupid dinosaur, what’s wrong with you, go get her! Eat her up like she was a double-chocolate sunday!”


Aroma taps her hairclip and says, “Hawthorne, I want you to lower my shield.”


The rose hairclip glows and says, “Lady Aroma, I would have to say that that’s a very bad idea. You’ll be dino…”


Aroma cuts him off, “I have a plan. If I goin to die then bring it back up.” Aroma grunts at Hawthorne with attitude and her pink bubble shield lowers. “Thank you.”


Evil Aroma hollers, “Now, my fiend, go eat her!”


Giant D.J charges and Aroma stands strong, D.J slides to a stop inches from her face and sniffs.


Aroma breaths out a calm breath of air into D.J’s nose, “Relax.” Aroma says, “It’s okay D.J, she can’t hurt you anymore.” Aroma extends her arm and touches D.J’s face gently.


Evil Aroma freaks out, “Wha?... what are you doing you big oaf, you, giant dumb reptile! Eat her!”


D.J ignores Evil Aroma and head-butts Aroma kindly while sniffling. Aroma laughs, “You’re going to be my new friend aren’t you big guy?”


Evil Aroma draws an electric whip that speaks and sounds like an evil version of Bertrand, “I’ll have this dinosaur begging for mercy.” Says the whip.


D.J shivers and Aroma grabs him, “I’ll take care of this D.J, stand back.” Aroma walks past the giant velociraptor and stands six feet from Evil Aroma.


Evil Aroma yells, “He’s a pathetic pet anyways, I can get another.” She plays with her whip searching through dinosaur names. “Brontosaurus, no. stegosaurus, no. T-Rex.” Evil Aroma makes a sny look and raises her whip, “That’s better.”


Aroma’s been standing by, looking bored, she says, “Bertrand, do you have something special?”


Bertrand glows, “Yes lady Aroma.” The hairclip separates and snaps onto Aroma’s fingers like brass knuckles. A blast of bubbles fly out of the rings knocking evil Aroma on her butt.


Evil Aroma rubs her back, “Ow, my lower back.”


Aroma stands above her, “Give the bonsai souls you stole back to the forest!”


Evil Aroma stops rubbing her back and laughs ironically in Aroma’s face, “Ha, you don’t even know what you’re talking about, those souls are gone!”


Aroma looks like she might cry, “You’re lying.”


Evil Aroma only laughs.


Aroma says, “Don’t you know that lying is like taking a doodoo on your heart, it will only make you sick.”


Evil Aroma kicks Aroma in the shin and gets up, “How can you be so naïve! Life is full of lies, little white lies, omitted truths, redacted facts. If what you’re saying is true then we all have duke in our hearts.”


Aroma shrieks while hoping on one foot, “Lies aren’t permanent, all people would have to do is come clean and be humble, maybe try and be a better person too!” Aroma jumps at her evil self while blasting bubbles from her fists, “So, tell me how to free the souls!”


Evil Aroma makes it to her whip and it appears that she has the upper hand.


Aroma makes a scared face and says in a shy tone, “It would make you feel better?”


“No” Evil Aroma is the one standing and Aroma is on the ground. Evil Aroma raises the whip and slashes it at the ground, a bolt of red lightning hits the dirt and a massive T-Rex climbs out of the blast. Evil Aroma has a real smile for the first time, she wails, “Kill them my giant beast!”


Aroma gulps and punches Evil Aroma, she runs as fast as she can, “Hawthorne, what can you do?”


Hawthorne zaps the T-Rex and it stops, Aroma sighs, “That was easy.”


Dark Aroma Zaps it back and The dinosaur keeps running with nasty drool sliming from its mouth.


Aroma screams, “Oh no, Hawthorne!” The rings on Aromas fingers become gloves that become a suit of bubble armor and light up. The T-Rex isn’t fazed by the suits light. Aroma runs until meeting a dead end and cries, “Hawthorne!”


The suit starts to spit a huge masses of bubbles that only slow down the dinosaur towering over Aroma. Hawthorne sounds strained, he says, “I need more power. I can’t hold this for long.”


The bubbles stop and it appears that Aroma is going to be a dino snack. The T-Rex chops at her but yelps and is pushed away. It’s D.J but he’s outmatched. Aroma screams, “D.J, no, you can’t take him, run!”


Aroma points her arms at the ground and says, “Grow vines!” a laser shoots from her hand and thick vines begin to grow around the T-Rex. Still the giant dino manages to grab D.J and throw him around before tossing him across the area and onto Evil Aroma and her gear. The T-Rex is angry and bites at the vines as they continue to grow. “Aroma runs to giant D.J and hugs him, “I’m so sorry D.J, he’s going to be out soon and then we’ll be lunch. But I wan you to know that you’re not and evil dino, you’re a good dino.”


D.J whines in pain, but wags his little tail, Aroma cries, “Hawthorne, what can we do for him?!”


Hawthorne still sounds strained, “The vines took up the last of my power, you need the rest for the suit.”


Aroma doesn’t hesitate, she says, “Transfer the power so he can get away.”


Bertrand gasps, “I cannot!”


The T-Rex bites the last chunk of vines away from him feet and turns to them for a charge.


Aroma sounds decisive, “Do it now.” She Takes part of her helmet off and it becomes the hairpin. She places it on D.J and says, “Heal him.”


Evil Aroma moans, she’s beneath D.J, “Heal me, move him.”


The T-Rex charges and Aroma walks in it’s path and stands with her arms out. “Looks like I won’t be able to save those souls.” She looks to her feet and spots the soul sucking device. “Oh look.” She picks it up runs to hawthorne while the T-Rex is getting closer, she places the device next to Bertrand and yells, “Do what you need to do, but save D.J and the souls.”


Aroma turns back around seconds before the T-Rex gets there, a great light glows behind her then the T-Rex is tackled to the ground.


Aroma screams with joy, “D.J!” She looks behind herself at the empty space where D.J was and now is only a half squished Evil Aroma. The soul catcher and Bertrand are missing too.


We get a good view of giant D.J equipped with Bertrand kicking the T-rex’s butt. Aroma cheers them on, “You go boys!”


Aroma stops by her evil self and picks up the sci-fi whip. She presses a few buttons and the T-Rex falls backwards into a portal. Aroma meets D.J and gives him a big hug, Hawthorne removes himself from the dinosaur and opens the soul catching box. Dozens of different colored souls fly back towards the mini forest. Aroma smiles, “Now that that’s fixed, what do I do with you?” She stares at her evil self and after a few seconds of consideration she says, “Hawthorne, bind her. I’ve got somewhere to go.”


Aroma runs back to the forest and gets there in time to see the souls joining with different seeds, the forest sounds happy, they’re all saying thank you. Aroma smiles, “This doesn’t make up for what I did, but I hope it helps.”

She walks back towards the portal and all the bonsai’s say bye happily.




Red’s still talking to the frozen Minerva Black in the tower, “I guess what I’m trying to say is that, you, the crazy version of Minerva, have been more of a grandmother to me than the less crazy version of you, who is my grandmother. This whole thing is a mess.”


Red looks at Minerva and gives her a moment, then sarcastically says, “I love you too grandma.” He whistles for a second as if he’s bored. “You know, I feel like I can say anything to you. That’s a good connection right? Maybe you don’t have to be crazy Minerva, maybe we can help you somehow.”


Arak shines as he climbs Minerva’s shoulder, Red doesn’t notice, he just keeps talking, “I wonder how my friends are doing, I really hope Urag didn’t send them anywhere too horrible.”


The scene fades over and we see Aroma patting giant D.J on the head then doing the same to evil Aroma and stepping through the portal leaving them behind..


Red’s voice says, “I know they’re tough, they can handle anything.”


The scene changes to Siri tied to a tree being carried by tiny bear people in a metal forest and being followed stealthily by Akira.


Red continues, “This multiverse is a scary and dangerous place, you never know what might happen. There are so many phenomenon that absolutely anything and everything is possible.”


Siri is brought into a metal castle and dropped in front of a throne, she looks angrily up at whoever is sitting there.


The scene changes to show Mod being shoved by king Modney up towards the mouth of an active volcano.


Red says, “It’s not like we haven’t made enemies, we’ve got a few out there, I just hope my friends are okay.”


Modney is kicked to his knees at the opening of the volcano and we can see the heat reflecting off his face.


The scene changes back to Red, he looks over at Minerva and says, “Is that all I can do?” He looks at the laser his grandmother had left him and the key.


Arak positions itself above Minerva Black’s neck and bites making a small crunching sound.


Red asks a question to the open air, “If I can do something, but don’t know what to do, should I just play it freehand and do what feels right?”


Minerva Black unfreezes and looks over, her entire demeanor is awkward. She says, “You talk way too much kid!”


Red is stuck in place, “I thought you were frozen?”


Minerva shows Arak on the back of her neck, “I unfroze her so I could talk to you and express my discomfort. And I guess it was time to say hi, she doesn’t mind, she’s frozen solid without me.”


Red looks at the spider, “What are you?”


Arak gasps and growls, “I’m ticked off is what I am, you shrunk me down and put me on your shoulder, then you get captured by my worst enemy. Urghh, I’m sick of it.”


Red asks, “You know Urag? I hate him.”


Arak says, “Yeah, I heard you earlier kid, you got real guts saying that to pure evil, a death wish is more like it. So you got the gun, you got the key and now you’ve got the old lady, how are you going to get yourself out of all this mess?”


Red says, “You’re not going to answer any of my questions are you?”


Arak says, “Fine, I’m Arak, one of the twelve, you’ve probably heard of us. Kind of a big deal. So there I was enjoying the reality I’ve been part of since the beginning of creation, eating awesome bugs and chilling in my hole where it’s cold and I’m surroundd by all my friends. Then that girl walks by and I think, hey, it’s a snack!”


Red sighs, “I know what happened… And you weren’t surrounded by friends, they were dried out bug carcasses, it was creepy.”


Arak laughs ironically, “Oh, so you know what happened, then why am I telling you. Oh you asked so let me finish!” Arak moves Minerva Blacks body around cosmetically, “You shrunk me then brought me to this place so I can be tortured by Urag for another millennia or six, I swear if it weren’t for Lady butterfly I’d be so out of here.”


Red says, “Lady butterfly? Then you’re a destiny spider?”


Arak has Minerva Black smack herself in the face then says, “Call it whatever you want kid. I have the ability to free these people from Urag. Does that sound like destiny smart guy?”


Red looks awestruck, “This is going to be awesome!”




Credit scene


Siri is still looking up at the metal throne with disgust, “What do you want with…” Sir thinks as the scene pans to show beggar Siri almost completely gilded in jewelry. Siri tries again, “What could you possibly want with yourself in other words me. Damn this is confusing.”


Beggar Siri laughs in her cockney accent, “Money honey, it’s always about the cheddar them paper the gold!”



After credit scene


King Modney is standing above Mod with evil intention and a sword, Kind Mod says, “This is it for you Mod. And after this, I’ll take care of more Mod Pocket’s all around the multiverse and become most powerful Modney ever!”


Mod looks beaten but still says, “You got that from a movie dude.”


King Modney screams, “I don’t even know what a movie is!” He slashes at Mod and Mod falls backwards into the volcano. King Modney laughs hysterically.


Aroma has made it home and bursts in her door to find D.J, she gives him a big hug, “I’ve got something for you boy!” She places Hawthorne on his back and says, “Hamster wheel bubble!”


Hawthorne forms a pink bubble around D.J and he stars to run around Aroma, she says, “I knew you’d like it!”


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