Life's a beach Ep.11 As one

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Red has to escape and what about Mod and Siri? Find out.

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Episode 11


Modney’s falling to his death, he can feel the heat of the volcano and he uses his arms to shield his face from the bright light. He screams, “Mommy!”


A dart shoots from his belt and he’s wisped upwards towards the ledge, Mod almost tears up, “I love you so much Nicole.” Mod hangs over a lake of lava, “Can you hear me Nicole?” Mod hangs there for a second, swinging back and forth gently with his shoes melting and King Modney’s laughter bellowing over him.


Mod says, “I have to climb, because my shoes are starting to melt to my feet. Ouch!” Mod touches the wall and pulls his hand away, it’s hot. “I am Modney Pocket and I can do anything.” He grabs the wall and winces, then begins to climb, with only a few metres to the lip Mod can still hear the king’s laughter.


Mods teeth are grinding together it’s so hot he has to distract himself by clenching his jaw and making a weird face. He grabs the lip of the volcano and pulls himself over the edge just as King Modney and his forces disappear into the thick forest.


Mod winces and wines, “This isn’t over!” He grabs at his belt and fiddles with it, “You probably need juice, but at least you had enough power to save my butt.” Mod digs through the different pockets on his belt and finds tiny snacks. He eats a few bites of a miniature waffle-cookie then crawls away from the volcano. “Arg, I’m thirsty.” Says Mod as the scene pans out over planet earth.



The scene skips past two dozen or so versions of earth and stops on a metallic looking one, the scene zooms into Beggar Siri’s castle.


Siri stands in front of the beggar version of herself shaking her head in disagreement, “You’d abduct me for the money, what ever happened to loyalty?”


Beggar Siri says, “I’m loyal to me family, you ain’t family cow.”


Siri stares her down, “That’s harsh…Then how about sisterhood or just plain decency?”


Beggar Siri says, “I ain’t your sister and I ain’t got no reason to be decent, I don’t like other versions of myself wandering about. What if someone else thinks you’re me. I got me image to think about I do.”


Siri sighs, “You’re really going to be difficult about all this?”


Beggar Siri responds quickly, “Three thousand gold.”


Siri is unimpressed, “What’s that even supposed to mean? Do you want me to pay you to get out of this?”


Beggar Siri laughs, “Oh no, that’s how much the king will give me once he gets here. But that is a good idea, can you offer me more gold, like four thousand, or five?”


Siri smiles, “I can give you five thousand knuckle sandwiches.”


Beggar Siri snaps her fingers at the little bear men next to her and says, “Take the imposter to the metal dungeons!”


One of the little bears says, “As you desire.”


Beggar Siri cackles and as the bears drag Siri off, she says, “You bears are so cute.” She turns to one of the bears and pets its belly, “You are super-cute you know that?”


The bear purrs.



We see the same scene change as before where we witness the multiverse and get a good idea of how many earths there really are as the scene continues to pan out exposing grid after grid of different earths it stops and we zoom in on our original reality. The one we’d call home.


Aroma is running around the Dawson’s house back in her reality, she’s retrieved her D.J and is currently feeding the Dawson’s fish. D.J jumps around and Aroma feeds him some fish feed.


The front door slams open, Minerva enters at a quickened pace and stands next to the portal, she’s holding five books in a clear tote bag.


Aroma walks over and taps Minerva on the shoulder, she smiles, “You must be Red’s grandmother? His real grandmother.”


Minerva turns around to see Aroma and D.J, “Well aren’t you adorable and astute, yes I’m Red’s grandmother, from this timeline.”


Aroma shrugs, “Can you help me get into the basement and find some cool gadgets to beat up that dumb pyramid?”


Minerva bends down to pet D.J while saying, “Now why would a little girl like you want to do something dangerous like that?”


Aroma responds with conviction, “Don’t you know, Red’s been taken by a bunch of mad scientists possessed by Urag!”


Minerva walks over to the basement door and zaps it with a light-blue laser, it crumbles like melba toast. Minerva says, “There’s only one way to beat Urag, even then I don’t know if he can be beaten. I need all my books, if you’re going to help me, you’ll need something radical as well.”


Aroma follows Minerva to the back of the bunkers, they stop at a cement wall. Aroma asks, “What are we doing here?”


Minerva zaps the cement and it disintegrates leaving only an old metal crate, Minerva smiles at Aroma and whispers, “No one knew about this, so I’m assuming it hasn’t been booby-trapped by Urag or the mad scientist.” She takes out a jacket and gives it to Aroma, it’s leather, an old flight bomber jacket. Minerva pockets a few gadgets and leaves the rest in the box.


Aroma puts on the jacket and it shrinks to the perfect size, “Cool, but this is just a jacket.”


Minerva chuckles, “Never let looks deceive you, that jacket was mine a long time ago, it doesn’t have all the same safeties as these new toys.”


Aroma gulps, “Safeties?”


Minerva starts walking the other way, “Come on let’s go, we have three more of these books to find. To make it eight. That’s all we’ll need.”


Aroma follows her to the portal while saying, “I think I’d feel better with an approved gadget. I’m just a kid, safeties are there for a reason.”


Minerva grabs Aroma ands walks her through the portal to the other side, “It’s approved by me Aroma, you’ll be fine. The safeties are there so you won’t others, not so that you don’t hurt yourself.” Minerva sounds almost wicked in her tone.


They’re in a dimension that looks exactly the same except there’s no Dawson’s home by the portal, only jungle and a road.


Aroma says, “This place is eerie.”


Minerva’s already disappeared.


D.J starts to bark and Aroma panics, “Where did you go? Minerva, where’d you go!?” The leather jacket begins to shiver then extends into a set of battle armor fitting Aroma’s clothes. A helmet combines with her hairclip and shows her a scanned area of the ground that has an invisible hatch. Aroma walks over and opens the hatch, “Wow, this thing is really intuitive.” The suit turns back into the leather jacket and Aroma jumps into a strange looking bunker. It resembles the Dawson’s house but underground. As if the roof had started at ground level.


Aroma hears Minerva’s voice call to her from downstairs. “Honey, I’ve found the book but I might need some help.”


Aroma’s jacket spawns lights from her sleeves and we can see that she’s entered through a door in the roof to the attic. The Dawson’s attic is stocked full of old keepsakes and treasures like chests and suits of armor and old paintings, all things that have been lost to the world. Aroma calls back to Minerva, “This suit is awesome Minny!” Aroma traverses the attic to the set of stairs leading to the 2nd floor.


Minerva calls back, “Yes child, it reads your body language and life-signs along with all environmental factors and will automatically adapt depending.”


Aroma descends the second set of stairs while saying, “Yeah it read my mind!” She turns into the living room and see’s Minerva trapped by the portal and it’s sucking her in. Minerva has two grappling hooks attached to the couch and ceiling fan. Aroma screams, “Whoa, what happened?”


Minerva smiles with strain in her expression, “Remember a minute ago I said I needed help?”


Aroma looks around, “What do I do?” The jacket transforms into the shielded suit from before then it transforms into a big balloon and then into a giant sock then more and more random things.


Minerva says in a nice tone, “Be calm and focus your mind, think about what you want and it will happen.”


Aroma looks at the portal and the jacket turns her into a mole-man/woman version of herself. She speaks in squeaks and clicks at the portal in an angry tone and the well lets Minerva go. The jacket turns Aroma back to her original self and she runs to Minerva. “Are you okay, that was so scary!?”


Minerva picks herself up an brushes off her shoulders, “Yeah, I may not be as young as I used to be but us old ones are still able to do everything you can little one.” Minerva walks over to a bookshelf and the portal behind her disappears. Minerva says while taking a handwritten tome about lizard people and says, “That was a trap portal if you were wondering. Trap portals are false portals created by technology, they’re used to protect valuables and trick people. Once activated they are extremely unstable and collapse into themselves. I’d say we have five minutes until the mole people that live here return. I have the book, so… good work.” Minerva smiles at Aroma, we make a good team.


Aroma looks freaked out a little, “You don’t have great people skills, do you?”


Minerva widens her smile and says, “I’m sure there’s a version of me out there that does.”




Mod is hiding behind a tree watching the last of the king’s army disappear through the portal, he runs at it and jumps through. He’s in the metal reality and quickly hides behind the portal barely managing to without being seen.


One of King Modney’s guards says to another, “Did you hear that?”


The other guard says, “Yeah, sounded like a whoosh and a hooe.”


The first guard agrees yeah, it was like a brrrrrr combined with a cooooe.”


A group of soldiers break off from the group headed towards the metal castle and begin inspecting the area around the portal. Mod gulps and whispers to himself, “Oh man, there must be twenty of them.” He peeks around the corner undetected and watches the soldiers dig through bushes and look under rocks. “These people aren’t to smart are they?” Mod turns around to se that he’s busted.


The guard that’s found him yells to the others, “It’s our king’s impersonator, get the slob!”


Modney jumps through the portal and looks around at the forest, he’s frozen, “Where to run…Deer in the headlights moment, come on Modney think!” He yells at himself then looks back at the portal and jumps through towards the guards.


The scene stays with the portal until a group of guards come through and look around confused. The guards from before ask, “Did anyone hear a whoosh or a Brrr?”



Mod appears on the other side in front of maybe fifteen soldiers he says, “Wrong stop I guess?”


Some of the soldiers grin and approach him as three more appear from the portal behind Mod and tackle him to the jungle ground. The soldiers all dogpile on top of him.




We join Aroma floating in the air with her jacket in the form small jet plane she’s flying up towards a giant cloud and hears Minerva from hear headpiece, Minerva says, “Now sweetheart, you’ll need to have faith in me right now. Don’t fly through the cloud from underneath, fly around in and land on top.”


Aroma yells back, “Land on top, are you bonkers? It’s a cloud!”


Minerva responds, “I said have faith child.”


Aroma fly’s up and over the cloud, it almost resembles the island, she’s saying, “I’m not a child, I’m almost fourteen!”


Minerva answer’s, “And my name isn’t Minny, but I didn’t give you any lip back in mole-man/woman territory.”


Aroma gets closer to the cloud and can see little cloud people walking around, some of them are even surfing air currents around the cloud island. Aroma sighs, “You couldn’t, you needed me to save your rear-end. Okay I’m landing!”


Minerva says, “Let’s agree to disagree, good luck Aroma.”


Aroma lowers herself to and area of the cloud closest to cloud-city-hall and comes to a stop. She’s surprised when she’s able to make a complete stomp on the cloud-ground, her foot sinks and she pulls it out losing her shoe. “This clouds more like muck than cloud.” She says while digging around in the hole for her shoe.


A cloud person the same size as Mayor pocket says to Aroma from the Cloud-city-hall steps, “What are you trying to say about my cloud-city? We work very hard to keep our cloud-city clean and free of pollutants. Just look at the cloud-gulls or the the white-cloud-deer, even the cloud-rays are happy.” (Cloud-rays are stingrays that look like storm-clouds around the edge of the cloud-city.)


Aroma finally pulls her shoe from the cloud and says, “I’m so sorry sir, I meant to offense to you the cloud-mayor of this fine cloud-city.”


Cloud-mayor says, “Don’t get smart with me little girl, there’s no such thing as a cloud-mayor.”


Aroma hears Minerva in her earpiece, Minerva says, “Please hurry up Aroma, your friends are in danger.”


Aroma gets a serious face on, “I need a book from your office, It’s handwritten and about…” She totally forgets.


Minerva reminds her, “Quantum level realities and their space-time applications.”


Aroma says, “The books on Wonton level brake-dancing and the Space-time something’s or something.”


Minerva scoffs and says, “You got three words right.” D.J barks in the background.


Cloud-mayor scratches his cloud-beard and some of it floats away, “If I give you a look at my books, then will you go away solid girl? Your leaving tracks all over the cloud-street and we’ll have to fill that cloud-hole with cloud-filler, these things aren’t cloud-cheap you know.”


Aroma runs past the cloud-mayor and stops in his office his bookshelf is full of cloud-books and only one real book that’s sunken into the cloud-shelf. Aroma says, “Cloud-gotcha.” She waves at the cloud-mayor and says, “Cloud-goodbye.”


The mayor reaches towards her and says, “No don’t.”


But Aroma is already jumping and she breaks through the cloud-ground and into the open sky, she screams while skydiving, “Cloud-yeah!”


Minerva is watching her through a gadget and says, “She may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she’s got style.”



Siri is in a metal prison cell next to a metal skeleton, she talks to the skeleton, “You going to let me have the bed roomie? I really could use a bit of shut-eye after not sleeping for a day and a bit.” Siri crawls over to a stack of metal hay and shuffles some around to make a pillow. She looks back to the skeleton and says, “Keep an eye out roomie.”


Akira is in the background by one of the cell windows, she fiddles with a laser gadget while annoyed and says, “How do these things work again, oh right.” She zaps the skeleton then herself and they switch place. Akira sits in the exact same position as the skeleton and says in a hushed voice, “I’ll keep an eye out Siri don’t worry.”


Siri jumps off the pile of hay and screams, “How did you get here?”


Akira shushes her, “Same way you did, those creepy versions of Marbles and Speckle and now a version of you. What’s going on?”


Siri sits down next to Akira and sighs, “it’s a long story, but ever since this Red kid came to the island we’ve been into some deep mess. This thing want’s Red because he’s the key to getting everyone out of here. That includes this thing, a strange evil pyramid.”


Akira clarifies, “So, these guys are this triangle’s henchmen and he wants all of Red’s friends out of the way. Then he can leave and we all get to leave. What’s wrong with that, everyone wants off this place?”


Siri says, “I fight because I’m Red’s friend and he needs me, that and the triangle I mentioned is pure evil and as long as he’s trapped here with us he can’t destroy the world.”


Akira mutters to herself, “Destroy all the worlds.” Akira shoot the skeleton outside the window, then exchanges Siri with a metal squirrel, Akira says while helping Siri up, “You’re right, he has to be stopped.”


The girls run through the forest and hide when hearing a group of soldiers walking their way. One soldier says, “Dang, this kid really donked up in a bad way.”


They hear Mod say, “You’re the one’s who are donking up by helping that stupid triangle! He’s just going to take over your bodies and make you do dumb things like eat dirt and walk upside down.”


Another guard asks his friends, “Triangle, is he talking about our king?”


Mod screams, “No, I’m talking about the pyramid thing with the Egyptian eye, it will gobble all your brains for breakfast!”


A guard yells at him, “Our King’s no more a pyramid than you are round boy!”


Another guard says to the last one, “Watch it man, the king might hear you call him round!”


All the guards make scared sounds and look around. One of them says, “It’s okay guys, he’s not here. We’re safe.”


Akira jumps out of the woods onto the guards head and takes his sword while kicking him to the ground.  “Not as safe as you think!” she laughs while disarming several soldiers and releasing Mod.


Mod says, “Thank you, thank you, thank you and I’m so happy it’s you saving me and not Siri or Aroma!” He runs to the metal bushes and grabs a log, “Let’s do this beautiful!” Mod swings the metal log into a soldier and then another.


A laser blast comes from the forest and freezes several soldiers, Mod takes out another then stares at Akira, “She’s so cute.” He mumbles to himself.


Siri appears from behind him and zaps a few more guards, “Oh, I heard that, I think I’ll tell her.”


Mod screams, “Nooooo!” He hits another guard and stops. The soldiers that are left cowering on the ground.


Soldier one says, “No please, we give up, take us as your hostages.”


Siri smiles and says, “Yes, hostages.”


Mod says, “No hostages, king Modney is a bad guy but we can’t be as bad as he is, I won’t let us be.”


Akira says, “You’re right Mod.” She stares at all the beaten and bruised soldiers and motions to Siri for the laser. Akira hits them all with a wide-spread burst and they heal.

The guards sound confused, “What? Why would you help us?” Says one, “We we’re about to turn you in.”


Mod says to them, “You don’t have to follow king Modney any longer, he’s a villain and he’s working for the worst of the worst. We can stop him.”


Siri picks up a sword and gives it to Modney, “Mod is right, the bad king has to be stopped before he can hurt anyone else!”


Mod raises the sword and the crowd cheers, in the background noise we can hear, “Hey, that was my sword.”




King Modney arrives at the metal castle with half of his soldiers, he opens the doors to the throne room and Beggar Siri immediately steps off the throne and offers it to Modney. Beggar-S says, “Your throne my king.”


Modney sits down and says, “Bring your imposter to me.”


Beggar-S says, “Where’s the gold, the doubloons, the shinnies?”


King-M sighs, “Soon Siri dearest, you’ll be able to have as many shinnies as you wish, from all over the world in any dimension.”


Beggar-S laughs and snaps her fingers at the bears again, “Bring her.” The bears run off and beggar-S says to king-M, “The things you’re saying about the world and the gold in it, you heard em from your pointed friend that floats around and talks to us in our dreams?”


King-M replies, “Yes.”


Beggar-S says, “I don’t trust him, so where’s the gold?”


King –M looks insulted and screams, “You listen here, you street rat, I made you everything you are, every piece of gold you’ve ever received came through me!”


One of the bears comes up to Beggar Siri and speaks into her ear, Beggar-S stares at King Modney then whispers into the bears ears and it runs off. In the background you can see the bears preparing arms.


King-M screams, “Well? Where is she?!” His cheeks are glowing red with anger.


Beggar Siri walks up to the throne and stands straight, she says with attitude but not anger, “There ain’t no Siri, she’s escaped from the cell.”

Mod stands up and freaks out, trails of spit leave his mouth as he explodes on beggar Siri, “You, insolent, incompetent waste of time, I’ll have your hide for this!”


Beggar Siri raises her hands and claps above her head. The bears attack king Modney’s men wresting them to the ground and locking those that wont fight in the cell. Beggar-S laughs then punches king Modney in the nose before he can draw his sword.


The king’s nose gushes blood and he falls to his knees, he wails, “Aww, I think you broke my nose, you monster!”


Beggar-S steps past the fallen king and takes his sword, she calmly sits down on the thrown and laughs, “Who’d of thought it? King Siri.” She raises her sword and yells, “All hail King Siri! Hail me!”


The bears all holler and clap as they continue to fight King Modney’s men.




We join Minerva in the middle of a fist fight with an old Cyclops version of Mayor pocket, we zoom out and can see that the two of them are gigantic compared to Aroma who’s hollering, “Yeah girl, kick his boxer shorts off! Give him a left!”


Minerva gives him a left in the gut.


Aroma continues, “Give him a right!”


Minerva punches the 20-foot-tall Cyclops in the eye with her right fist.


Aroma is over-exited she screams, “Now kick him in the crotch!”


Minerva half looks over at Aroma while the Cyclops mayor pocket holds his eye and says, “Okay.”


The Cyclops protects his groin and Minerva gives him an upper-cut knocking him flat on his back. Minerva opens the Cyclops pocket and takes out a keychain with a tiny book attached, she dislocates the book and returns to Aroma still in giant form. She picks Aroma up and in a deep giants voice she says, “If you can win by being fair in a fight, then be fair, you don’t have to resort to groin kicking.”


Aroma laughs, “I just wanted to see his face, that would have been funny.”


Minerva puts Aroma on her shoulder and says, “Yes, that would have been funny, but also mean.” They walk to the mouth of a giant cave where the Cyclops lives with the big one eyed monster moaning in the background. Minerva calls back to the Cyclops, “Suck it up big guy.”




Siri, Mod and Akira creep up to the metal castle accompanied by a bunch of King Modney’s soldiers dressed in jungle garb. They can hear the fighting inside. Siri turns to the soldiers and says, “You know what to do.”


The soldiers split off and make their way into the castle through the sewers and windows while Mod climbs the wall and opens the gate.


The gate slides open to show king Modney’s soldiers fighting little bear people and Beggar-S standing on top of King-M.


Beggar Siri yells to her counterpart, “I knew you’d be back, and you brought your friends. This will be the end for the three of you.”


Akira lunges foreword screaming, “Everyone attack!”


Jungle soldiers come out from their hiding spots and attack the bear people and the king’s loyalists alike.


Mod says, “I love that girl.”


Siri mocks him, “I knew it!” They both charge into the fight.


It looks like an even fight between the three sides until beggar-S grabs King-M by the armor and puts her sword to his back. She yells so loud it commands attention. “I have your king and I will kill him if you don’t lay down your arms!”


The fighting stops and everyone looks up at her, Beggar-S yells, “lay down your arms and swear fealty to me. You are all my servants now!”


Only the soldiers loyal to the king lay down their swords.


Beggar Siri says, “What about the rest of you, who are you with?”


Mod appears out of the battleground, “They’re with me.”


King Modney screams, “I thought I killed you!”


Siri does the same and appears from the crowd, “We came to fight you bro, so let’s fight.”


Beggar Siri sighs, “Oh right, lucky me.”


Mod yells, “No Siri, let’s end this fighting and everyone can go home!”


Most of the fighters nod in agreement.


Beggar Siri chuckles, “Okay then, you fight me Mod. if you win, we can all go home.”


Mod looks afraid but stays strong, “I want you to know that you don’t have to do this, that your soldiers and the king’s soldier don’t have to do this, we can all just stop fighting!”


Some of the enemy soldiers lay down their weapons as another lets the prisoners out. They all gather around,


Beggar-S screams, “That’s not a good solution, in my opinion the two of you still need to die!” She lunges at Mod and he meets her sword with his before it can strike him in the heart.


Mod says again, “You don’t have to do this.”


Beggar Siri screams, “Yes I do!” She slices and dices at Mod while everyone else watches, they fight until Beggar-S get’s the upper hand and Mod falls on his back next to king Modney. She yells at him, “Look what being a good person gets you Mod!”


Mod drops his sword and says, “That’s not good enough a reason to be a bad person!”


Akira jumps from the tower while making a battle cry, beggar-S see’s it coming, she deflects Akira’s attack sending her flying into a stack of metal hay bails.


Beggar-S readies herself to lunge at Mod and says, “No more delays.”


Siri has a different idea she yells wait, “Wait! It’s me you want so leave him out of it.”


Beggar-S laughs, “And why would I do that, I’ve already beaten two Modneys today and I’m hoping to finish off the rest of you!”


Siri desperately says, “But we don’t know who the better Siri is yet?”


This gets Beggar-S’ attention, “And how do you figure we do that?”


Siri thinks then says, “A rap battle!”


Beggar-S sheathes her sword, “A rhythm and poetry battle? How quaint, I grew up on the old England streets so no amount of lookalikes can beat me.”


Siri says, “So does that mean I get to go first?” She waits a moment then says, “Mod, drop a thick beat with an old fashioned soul feel.” She waits for a moment then starts off. “You know I came here to see what king Siri’s all about but as I look in direction I’m filled with so much doubt. You’re a greedy lowlife crook who’d do anything for a buck, if your momma could see you know I’m sure she’d be awestruck. You see Siri life’s not about the money or the totality of a monarchy, it’s more about the people that you spend it with and honesty. So when you look around you Siri clown you’ll feel my gestures you are the jester and I hope it will get you down.


A bunch of people holler and say, “Oh!”


Now it’s Beggar Siri’s turn, Mod has stopped his beat and the castle is silent, Beggar-S says, “Where is my flutist?”


One of the bears replies, “He was injured in the battle.” The bear points to one of his kin with a flute shoved up his nose.


Beggar Siri looks around enraged, “Then it’s final, I win, off with Mod’s head!” She swings at Mods face but before she can get him, a laser freezes her in place. Everyone looks around and at the front door are Minerva, D.J and Aroma.


Minerva blows at the opening of her laser like it were a powder pistol and says, “Does anyone else want some?”


The rest of beggar Siri’s people drop their weapons.


Aroma runs up and gives Siri and Mod hugs, “I’m so happy you two are okay!”


Akira gets up from the hay bails and walks over.


Aroma says, “I’m happy you’re okay too Akira.”


Akira cracks her back and neck then says, “Whatever.”


Minerva grunts and Akira turns around to see her, Akira says angrily, “I thought you left to explore the multiverse, why are you back Minerva?”


Minerva smiles sadly, “There are more important things happening, and I thought I asked you to call me mom.”


The three kids jump, “Mom?”


Akira says, “Yeah, Minerva’s my mom.”


Aroma looks Minerva up and down the says, “How’s that possible?” She looks at Akira and then back and forth between the two a few times.


Minerva says, “I’m not that old sweetheart.”


Aroma gets embarrassed and says, “That’s not what I meant.”


Siri looks around at all the scared bears and soldiers, she yells at them, “You can all go home, you’re free.”


Minerva yells, “Or stay here and start new lives, we won’t be here long enough to care.” Minerva fiddles with her laser pistol while saying, “We just need to find the right reality and…” She zaps king Modney and Beggar Siri, the two of them disappear. Minerva continues, “That solves that, they wont be bothering us for a long time.”


Mod says, “How about forever?”


Minerva replies, “Maybe, depends how long it takes them to figure out that they’re living as ameba.” She takes a second to laugh then says, “We better be going to rescue Red, you four with me?”


Three of them answer excitedly, but Akira sighs and says, “Yes.”


As they’re walking back to the portal Aroma says to Akira, “So, you’re like Red’s aunt.”


Akira sighs again, “Don’t remind me.”


Aroma asks, “What’s your problem with Minerva anyways, she’s been awfully cool to me?”


Akira grunts, “When your mother has fifty years on you it changes things, she was great at first until she decided to go rogue and disappear on my father and I.”


Aroma says, “That’s sad, but it doesn’t mean things have to be that way now.”


Akira continues, “My dad hated all the sci-fi mumbo jumbo, he hated how it always took my mom away and we would never know if or when she was coming back. My dad had read in one of her books that the highest peak on the east coast of the island is a constant in almost all realities close to ours. He set the fire when she disappeared with the hopes that she would see it on her adventures, like some kind of cross dimensional lighthouse.”


Aroma cries a little, “That’s beautiful.”




We join Red and Arak with frozen Minerva Black, Red is asking Arak, “Why won’t that work?”


Arak is still using Minerva black as a puppet and says, “Because you’re just one person and I’m just one spider, use your head dingleberry!”


Red collapses, “Other than being knocked out I haven’t had any sleep so would you mind helping me come up with something that you won’t shoot down.”


Arak says, “Watch the attitude young man, it’s a sign of disrespect. But yes, I’ll help.”


Red nods his head, “So?” He stretches out the word, “Any good ideas?”


Minerva smiles for Arak, “Yeah, you make me big again and I get us the heck out of here.”


Red shrugs, “What about all the possessed doctors?”


Arak says, “About them, I may be able to save two or three at a time but with all those people I don’t think I’d last long before getting zapped into a pig on mongoose.” Minerva gulps for Arak, “or they could just incinerate me.”


Red looks through the laser, “I can help in that department.”


Arak says, “Yes, but still it would be nice to have a little back-up.”


Red says, “I’ve got an idea.” He approaches the bars and says, “Speckle/Urag, I think our toilet is clogged.” He grabs Urag leaving Minerva frozen again and waits by the bars with his hand behind his back.


Speckle with the hole in his chest climbs the stairs while saying, “There is no toilet kid, it’s an outhouse.”


Red says, “That explains the smell, can we do something about that?”


Speckle appears at the bars, “What do you want?


Red still has his hand behind his back, he says, “I have something to show you.”


Speckle/Urag says, “Kid, if that’s dookie, I’m going to totally freak out!”


Red swings his hand around and there’s nothing in it, “Oh, never mind.”


Speckle/Urag says, “I don’t know why you’re messing with me, it won’t do you any good. I’m not falling for anything a low brain-powered homunculus like you could think of.” He turns around and Arak jumps on his back biting Speckle’s neck.


Speckle falls down and reaches out to Red, he forces the words out. “Need laser.”


Red hands it to him while saying, “I hope this is a good decision.”


Speckle looks at the laser and then zaps himself and the hole in his chest closes up.


Red says, “Finally, that’s been bugging me.”


Speckle lifts himself up and says, “How did you free me?


Arak is already biting down on him again and Speckle’s is possessed once more. Speckle/Arak says, “There’s no time to fill him in, I’ll go get a few more of these guys and round them up back here.” Arak walks Speckle down the stairs and out the tower.


Red says, “Sorry Speckle.”


Arak approaches a shiny version of Marbles and jumps from host to host freeing the doctors in a row, Arak does the same thing to an anime Speckle then a few more random doctors.


Red lets himself out of the cell and peeks around the corner, Arak is going deeper and deeper into the mass of possessed doctors, Red says, “You’re going to far.”


Arak jumps from one Speckle to the next, his target moves and he hits the ground. “Urag notices Arak and half of the scientist’s yell, “Spider!” They all start shooting and Arak runs as fast as the little spider can between the blasts.




Minerva exits the portal followed by Aroma then Siri, Mod and Akira follow. The jungle before them is packed with Marble’s and Speckle’s. Minerva says to the kids, “We need to rescue Red and get him back to the portal, can you do this?”


The kids all nod.


Minerva says, “Then let’s do this!”


The scene pans through the jungle showing just how many possessed doctors there are, the end of the massive grouping of doctors are still shooting the ground in a mad attempt to shoot Arak. The scene pans up over the island then all the way out to show a beautiful design of endless realities.”



Credit scene


King Modney, evil Aroma and Beggar Siri are all floating around in microcellular form absorbing nutrients.


Beggar Siri yell’s at King Modney, “This is all your fault, if you hadn’t been such a jerk all the time I may have had a castle and lot of gold.”


King Modney yells back, “My fault, who’s the one who usurped me as soon as the gold ran dry? You’re greedy, that’s what got both of us here.”


Evil Aroma’s face is emotionless, she says, “This wouldn’t be so bad if the two of you would simply shut up!”


The scene pans out of the Microcellular universe to show that they’re part of a lake of green goop.




After credit scene


Three bear people and six soldiers are all sitting around a fire in the metal castle, one of the bears is telling his life story, “So I went on to become an accountant and worked at that for three years then sold some bad information to my practices competition and was caught up in an insider trading case then sentenced to ten years prison. So I thought I’d give a try at being a bear mercenary. Look where that got me.”


The soldiers all stare at the bear confused, one of them stands up and says, “let’s eat the bears!”




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