Our Time

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Time passes and people fall apart.

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Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Our Time 

We danced on tabletops 

Kissed under the moonlight

hummed along to the cheesy love songs on the radio

passed calculus together 

went to doctor appointments together 

and I remember the look on our faces 

when we married.

You had eyes that reflected the sky 

Your freckles were thousands of galaxies

and every night I would trace constellations from your freckles 

and whisper 

"You're my whole universe."

until you weren't.


It was supposed to be a regular check up,  we walked in with smiles on our faces

We came out in sobs after the neurologist told us 

that you had a brain tumor.


I remember screaming and crying and dreaming and lying

I remmeber telling you that I would be okay when you left

I remember that I was breaking at the seams.


Then the day came.

I went to go check on you in the hospital.

One minute we were talking about how much you love me and how you never wanted to leave.


Then our conversation was interuppted by the sound of the monitor. 

There were no more mountains and valleys flashing across the screen.


I saw  a line that was like a scissor.

I remember it feeling like all my seams had been cut.


And I 












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