The Body Absorbed

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my emo magnus opum

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



Low hum,
Static in the background.
Ill lit room.
Remaining light particles dance across the face.
Wind through the trees.
Small sounds escape the leaves.
Crouched here on my knees.
Gurgling tap, hungry drain.
Stabbingingly bright, time was sighing.
Stuck in the breeze.
Water hits the floor.
The body weight absorbed.
Here comes the ring
The cycle of life, flashing.
I wan't no more,
No more, no more.

But then stilled the light,
Soothing, blessing, and ill of fate.
I've reached my point, this is the end.
A beginning, unsaid.
I must take my seat,
In the blackest depths of the deepest sea.
And sink here now,
Questioning who made me.

© Copyright 2018 M. Schang. All rights reserved.

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