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Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



It takes time. Time that I don’t want to give.

I yearn to be happy, in the sense of wanting it to be forever. To never feel the need for a smile to appear on my mellow face. For laughter to not be forced out of my soul, from the fake memories. But why would I have to wait? The answer should come immediately to my dreary state of mind. The iridescent love that built up in my guarded heart should flow freely. It should be the waterfalls that flow over the cliffs, the waves in the ocean, the stretch of horizon across an empty field.


Yet, it’s undeniable to the point where I know it won’t be. The time won’t be. I will always shield the armor with more armor. I will always feel the need to force a smile, with no further explanation. The feeling of laughter, real laughter, will never ease the ache in my heart, but create a pleasant numbness that will allow me to continue without pain. I will continue without the thoughts that sneak their ways into my subconsciousness, torching the darkness at its center. Yes, it takes time. Time that I will not give.

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