April 97

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Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



CRACK!  goes my skull as the seething anger takes over

A lethal combination of low self esteem and lack of faith

Churning fears and doubts, loss of love and respect

Violence and vital forces enter each dream twisted by stomach acid induced nausea

Terminal sadness and regret over past mistakes 

Paralyzing fear of future rejection

Hyper sensitive to grief and confusion, going back to the same morbid place

Stuck in my own self pity pit, detesting my image, COWARD! where is your spine

Sleep is no solace, what is with me by day is there at night and back day after day after night

Sleepless or sleep induced nights, hunger and headaches, everything is so physical! I can feel my thoughts im my brain... augh!

Where is my heart, my soul?Gone is my laughter, my tears, my passion, my anchor of beliefs.

Coning myself better than any pro, beliving my own lies, self deception, acting upon this as if it were true

Volitile destructive images, denial, gut wrenching guilt, self condemded, a walking corpse



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