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the more one sees, the less they feel

Submitted: September 02, 2018

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Submitted: September 02, 2018



A terrible cackle haunts the air

Every breath I take tears into the very light that makes me human.

douses the flames that drove me this far

Memories of an evil reflection's dance with that of my own in this ocean of blood and tears.

I know where I need to go

I see my home just over the hill up ahead

but the poison in my skull is spreading


numbing the colors in my brain until all I see is gray.

It's gradual siphen drains me of life

this canyon of dread that swallows my joy

this maze of words and lies,

and mindless lines which tell of a day that home will die,

this wall of faces of friends that frown beneath smiling masks.

of heads that nod and shake and grin to please,

but never dare to utter the words I truly need to hear

These fences of hate that keep you from me

and us from them

so THEY may drag me around in peace.

I gaze upon the field of evil

too numb to fight

too scared to argue

too arrogant to admit that the villain might be right.

All of it truth and all if it lies

just splashed in my eyes to make me

blind and

def and



Now I am





a carrot in a field of carrots

destined to feed the pigs my terrible silent screams

as they laugh at my dreams

This tumbling wave of news about lies about truths

designed only to confuse

has blended my mind into a bowl of salty paste.

Yet still I crawl toward home,

broken and mangled and ill beyond help.

I pull myself along the jagged rocks so I may die in the comfort of my bed.

Because that is all I can look forward to

in this globe of madness

and confusion

and lies.





© Copyright 2018 Auker J Wells. All rights reserved.

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