Embrace Your Voice

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Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



a grey video camera

and your dirty blue pajama shorts 

you don’t love me and you never did

you just had a sick satisfaction

when i was only a kid

it’s okay now though because i have my voice back

i have a fire inside of me ticking like a bomb about to attack

i have wisdom and words and a story to share

you thought i’d stay quite but god you were wrong

and i am no longer afraid of you or what will go wrong 

i hope my words eat at you and you shrivel like a snake

when you realize just how venomous you are 

this world will shake 

when i scream your name from rooftops

and your dirty lies are no longer binded onto me like a hook

when you look into the mirror and realize what you took

but i have it all back now and even more

and i hope when you hear my voice 

it shrieks through your evil mind

through your ears down to your waistline

when you realize just how powerful i really am

you still have yet to find out what lies ahead

and it won’t be your dirty blue pajama shorts or another victim below your skin

because in the end, over that glowing hill...

i will win.



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