Swallowing Our Pride

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Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



I think swallowing your pride is stupid. So stupid I worry about those who do it their whole life just to get by. Never breaking out to go fight for themselves. ...Only to the will of others.

I will never swallow my pride, but make peace with myself and those who challenge my pride. For I am not one to get angry with another who does not communicate well. For I understand them. They are the way they are, and I make peace.

I think swallowing your pride is stupid. Break free of your chains that you have bound to yourself with this act, and instead strive to understand, make peace with conflict of strength inside.

You should not be ones to sit there and absorb what is thrown at you in disrespect, just to wash it down with your soul. Take it inside your mind instead, and think to understand. To know what is truly being said, for they mean no harm, they are the way they are.

I think swallowing your pride is dangerous. For it to become habit is to limit what you can do and bind those chains tighter. Do not break free in violence or outrage, break free with the communication, love and understanding you possess in your heart.

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