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Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



Don't call me

I don't want to hear your voice

My skin crawls when I hear your name

How could I have been so naive 

To not see that you're just like all the others

Playing a game with no real intentions

But you said the right words

To get what you wanted

And then you'd go back to running

From house to house, from lover to lover

Never telling any of them about the other

I cannot confirm it, but it's just how I feel

We know each other well

But there came a time when I stopped loving you

I had to let go

It was hard ... it took time

My heart was eventually captured by another lover

Who satisfies my brain, my heart & soul

But it's our intimacy that rocks

We work on it everyday

We're not perfect, we fight

But it's rarely for long because he calls me on my shit

Not seven years down the road 

When hurt feelings have caused scars

But right then & there ... when it hurts

When it's uncomfortable

It's not my style, but he's the man in this house

You ... you're just a memory

A thought ... a passing phase

We'll never know what could have been

Because I'm not willing to settle for less than I deserve

The man in my life loves me unconditionally

Please ... just let me be

I need to erase the memories of you out of my heart

For there's another man that I love

He's been my most intimate friend & confidant

Because we share everything

We have that respect for each other

It's why we're so good together because 

We truly understand each other

And we've never broken that trust

He's my one, my everything, my love

© Copyright 2018 Wild Roberts. All rights reserved.

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