Disciple By Design

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What i tried to capture here is the struggle of existence and finding ones place in the universe, the meaning behind ones own life and exertion. Are we defined solely by our actions? are we true to
ourselves by the decisions we make ? or is it all a life living for the purpose of divine being, The creator and Jesus make things evident that life is made for all living creatures and sentient
beings, i tried to say i could along the lines give definition that we are all disciples of Christ and the meaning of life itself is to serve others and define a happiness by giving and living for
others, that our meaning to life is the definition we give ourselves which, while could be anything, there is also an ultimate truth out there. I hope you enjoyed this and let me know your thoughts
and feelings on this one, its a poem very personal and close to the heart so i wouldn't mind any feedback :) thank you for reading !

Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



Disciple By Design


Under the veil of strange verses, heroes live and heroes die

Unto the cruel world those who stand the test of time

Who berate themselves under an oath to define

Who they are unto the end of time

But what good character doth make a man

Unless he holds the world in his two hands

To bring a life from birth to death

One could ought to fight the test

Of what makes man from great to best

Was at a loss from everlasting guess

If words had meaning we’d all be blessed

By the coming of perfection in creator’s rest

So I breathe life true divine in this world lost of mine

Who are you at the end of time If not a good disciple by design

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