Explicit Utterances

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Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018






You are my narcotic

when life’s squabbles

neurotically agitate me


You are my caffeine

for my diurnal cephalic pain


You are that nicotine

I take in daily doses

to satiate my cravings,

my suppressant

to sink away

the strains of today


You are a liquor

I flood to drown my senses

at the point of rendition


You are my panacea

my sole salvation

hence the galling

storms of living






Love is a noun

in the need of finding it,

once found, a verb.


Love is a beast

so wild

haunting on its prey.


Love is a drug

leading to addiction.


Love is a novel

starting at prologue,

chapters follows and

epilogue as closure.


Love is the sunrise

born and dies at setting

to await rebirth.


Love is a catastrophe

leaving an aftermath

of destruction.



Love is a disguise

of melancholic grief.


Love is an illness

that is inevitable

to weaken one’s resistance.




Love is a danger

when the warning sign

is left unposted.


Love is a season

coming then going

in alternates.


Love is a word











We have been with each other for a number more than three which is quite well grounded for a relationship as ours.


Do we count the years to guarantee us eternity, or rather regard the conscious events that made and make us one?


I beat my brains out every so often whether your intentions remained firm during the whole time you’re with me.


You tend to lose tender attachment in your behavior seemingly devoid of such ardent passion.


Thenceforth as far as this point, this single thought had

been emplaced in my memory that gets in the

way for me to make up my mind.


There are traces of uncertainty seen on the contours

of your face constantly reminding me if I’d totally

immerse my being wholeheartedly into your possession.


Still and all you create patches of affection here

and there causing me to daydream of roseate

tomorrows in addition to occasional pleasures and

endearment, paved a route destined – a road

to infinity.







The eyes are

the windows of

the soul and

speak of words unsaid.


The mouth should

be delicate in

voicing out what

the mind have constructed.


The nose smells

not just the

arome of one’s

kindness but the

filth he brings

as well.


The ears audibly

reacts to the

sound of life’s

hustle and bustle.


The tongue tastes

victories flavored with

inspired determsination and

sorrows that of

faulty failures.


The hands can

freely move either

to harm or

mold outward positivity.


the legs up

to the toes

can walk long

journeys and take

you places for

an adventurous exploration.


The arms are

made for a

warm embrace to

a wounded soul.


The face can

express variety of

emotions to comprehend

its profoundness.


The body is

a whole masterpiece

created by an

artist to be

used inspired by His will.







His kisses

whisper love.


I listen


his bottled up


flow out.


I trace

those words




desperately steadfast.





he quiets me

hopelessly endearing

in hushed







The Attack


You mentally crowd

my deepest thoughts at daylight

my wild imaginings when hours are unholy

until the daring fantasies of the night


You emotionally make

my heart throb

aching to an utmost degree

its every beat

longing for your warmth

to calm its pulsating heat


You are present

in evert corner of my mortality


You have conquered my being

taking me away

from myself

brought me

under your possession

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