Choose Your Fate

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Greetings everyone on"

Seeing that it is almost Halloween and just so you know this is not a Contest but I feel like reading...?"

I was kind of hoping that You can give me a pick up and perhaps write a short story for me to read....?"

See who and or which one of you can scare me the most.... I will comment on your story's and if I like it I will put

your short story in one of My books in your name and publish it, Only if your Short Story is good and scares me I

will Name the Book, Book of Horror! and I will Publish it in OCT. of 2018 so if you would Like your Short Story in The Book of Horror then do by all means write one of your own in your Name I'll
make the book and Publish it so peoples all around the world can read your Short Horror story's...?"

see how creative you can be in making your own Scary Horror short story's so please By all means make it worth reading and something that will keep me on the edge of my seat It can be a True story
or a Creative Horror story...

I'm not sure how you can do this I guess on the Box bellow for comments and type your short Horror story Bellow I will be looking at them and see which one of your short Horror story's that I will
publish in your name in My Book Of Horror!"

So Indulge me, Impress me, and scare me I will let you know if it is your Short Horror story that I like don't forget to put it in your name cause it will be put in my Book Of Horror In your name
This is not a Scam, this is Not B.S. I mean what I say, so please I'm bored I want to read so Write me your Most best utmost Short Horror story Bellow....?" I will be waiting thank you!

Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018




For the people on here I want to do something fun for the Both of us seeing that is almost All Hallow's Eve- Halloween I need you to give me a Pick me up I want to read someone elses short story's then My Own so can't say this is actually a book nor a Short story but I am hoping you will read this , it is not a Contest  will maybe a little bit but I want you Guy's to wrte a Short Horror story in your name which will be put in My Book Of Horror's that I plane on publishing and if I like your Short Horror story's I will put them in My Book Of Horror's in your names for people to read them all around the world so I'm not sure how you can do this but I'm thanking perhaps down in the Bellow  in the Comment Box you type your Short Horror story in that Box i'll read over it and if i like it and it scares me I will Publish it in "My Book Of Horror's...?" in your Name so go a head indulge me, Scare me...?' it can be a True Scary story or an Creative short Horror Story's OK I will be looking and Reading I'll give you some idea's


#1. "Choose your Fate...?" will you get killed or be one the Serviver's in the story...?"

#2. Scary short story...?'

#3. Deepest Darkest Desire short Horror story...?"

#4. Graveyard.

#5. you as being the Killer or the Victom...?"

#6. Something Spooky that just Creeps you out...?"

#7.  Vampires

#8. Wearwolves 

#9. Zombie's

#10. Bloody and goery one...?"

there you go 10 of them to choose from pick one and write me a short Horror story from which one you pick or can write as many as you'll like and pick which one you wish to write about or of...?"

I'll Be Waiting!'


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