Harsh Truth of Dementia

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Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



Harsh Truth of Dementia


What to do what to say

When you hear such news from far away


All alone, 

Being able to pursue my dreams

Forgetting about home

Wondering what if?

If I stayed home, what if?


Real tears, real pain in a place of imaginary tears

Being taught to cry, feel, get mad

Doesn’t seem that hard now

From one day, worrying about portraying truth

To hearing the truth

Wondering what if? 


Collecting memories from way back then

All seem faded by this picture of care

Not a picture of health

Not a picture of walking

Not a picture of living

But that one heartbreaking image of care

The wheelchair, the couch, the feeding

All tear-jerking necessities for the care 


Then I see it, the REAL picture comes back

That smile, that joy, that ease

The warmth of her hidden heart

Her hidden love

Given by us, the people around her

People that saw the truth behind her eyes

Not the none-sense in her words

Words mean nothing when the eyes tell the truth

Hah, sounds like an acting lesson again


It always comes back to the truth

Learning the truth is easy

Dealing with it is harder


The memory of you changes

It has been changing for the last 8 years

But now, more than ever it moves from eyes to heart

It moves from knowing to feeling

From pain to blessing

Memories, memories is what it’s all about right?

It’s what’s it’s been

Your memory of me faded over the years

While mine became stronger

You didn’t know who I was

But I knew you through and through


You were, you are and you’ll always be

This heart’s strongest memory

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