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This poem is meant to be performed as a Slam poem. It's just a small glimpse into how I feel.

Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



When I wake up, It is there. Just keep moving. 
When I am in the shower, It is there. Just keep moving. 
I pick out my clothes, It is there. Just keep moving. 
In my car with the radio blaring, just keep moving.
Finally to work and I stop for the first time all morning. It is still there. 
FOr the first time I realize that all morning I have been fighting just to move. 
I can barely breathe and yet, no one knows. 
I sit in my car staring at the front door to the office, but wait. What if i just go home? 
Then It will go away. 
It will recede like the light at dusk, slowly fading until the dark sets in. 
If I just go home all the noise in my head will fade, where I can finally relax. 
But if I do not go inside I will have another form of It growing. 
The further away from that door I go, the larger It gets. 
This new form of It will build becoming the light of dawn that lays rest to Its other self. 
You see, this battle occurs with every choice I make. 
No one bares witness but me, trapped inside this never ending battle. 
I'm tired. 
I want to sleep. 
It won't let me. 
Do you know what it is yet? 
I will whisper It's name in hopes that It won't hear me. 

© Copyright 2018 Kat Black. All rights reserved.

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