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Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



The alcohol kills the pain. On these cold nights without you. The demons came out again. Destroying a love I once knew.

The darkness, stereo, and the whiskey. Take me to my special place. Words, lyrics and rhymes flow with ease. With these wrongs I try to erase.

The memories that plague me. The years spent together. I wish to forget. This pain seems to go on forever.

The life we had shared. The lies that I told. The things I tried to hide. Turn hearts on fire to something ice cold.

Tears of brokenness and loss. Flow like the Spring rain. Confusion and helplessness is all she feels. Heart and mind battling causing her pain.

The love she had for me. Stronger than anything known to man. How could she been so blind. Could love start again from where it began.

She knows what she should do. But her heart beats true. Just time to work things out. For the hell I put her through.

Time only time to sort through it all. She tells me, as the darkness closes in. She says she wants to be by my side. Oh the great pain, as the demons scream within.

I am loss on what I should do. I want things to be new. Part of me wishes, end it all. Voices say they would better without you.

Cry out in pain my actions have caused. Brought this on myself, no one else to blame. God what am I to do, I am at a loss. Will anything ever be the same.

One month has gone by. Things have to be changed. There is hope there is a light. A few things have been prearranged.

Home at last on this summer night. In my arms you lay. I hold you tight, thanking God above. Knowing now you are here to stay.

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