river nile

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Children are carried by the river.

Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



Smalls lost his grip on the slippery, wet surface, then fell shrieking many feet into the great river.


He’d crawled along a branch of a wet tree over the raging water, egged on by friends. Sam plunged into the river hoping to save his friend. The others on the river scared to death…their parents warned them about the danger. Earlier rain made it a rushing torrent.


Both are carried away. Smalls tried to calm Sam saying let the current carry them. Meanwhile the other children ran along the bank screaming. They couldn’t reach the two.


Using a cell dialled River Rescue, not parents, aware of the warning disobeyed. Nearing a big rock in the water, both boys climbed it, just as Nile crocodiles were close approaching. The reptiles surround the sanctuary. The other children found themselves more horrified. In half an hour River Rescue came, chased the animals and got the boys onto boats and safety.


Rescue had to call parents since the kids wouldn’t. Sole exception fearless Sam giving the number. He alone avoided scolding, the hero he was strengthened his bond to Smalls.

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