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A cleaner abused stands up.

Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018



Inspired by fact.


‘Clean the toilet!’ bawled a supervisor to a cleaner. He was slow in mopping it. Supervisors in Royal Castle restaurants govern the cleaners. This particular cleaner allowed others to walk over him from low self-esteem.


When asked by a co-worker why he took this. The cleaner answered, ‘I’m being patient with them.’ He had little respect from other workers.


The bawling continued. Until one day that blasted supervisor summoned him to the back door, showing it open. In a despicable fit of rage the supervisor bawls, ‘I have one child and don’t need another. If thieves break in they’ll rape you!’ and walked off.


Deep inside it came to him. An unseen anger until now boiled to the surface. Seven dollars an hour wage, sacrificing for these people, working night to morning or on Carnival and still dogs have better respect.


Walking up to the supervisor he demands. ‘Treat me with respect, I’m no dog!’

‘Then don’t be one,’ screamed she.

‘I’m leaving early,’ he said and walked off.


Seeing this, in a gentle tone asked him stay. The cleaner refused. So much mental anguish was avoidable if he put in general those ranked above him in their place early. Somehow his mind shrugged in fear. A fear they can smell.


He felt good, at last he stood up for himself, for his rights and dignity. From this day on I learned never judge a book by its cover.


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