Those days

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when things get you down, remember you are not alone about those feelings.

Submitted: September 03, 2018

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Submitted: September 03, 2018




Days like this makes you want to give up, throw in the towel and waive the white flag. Take the easy way out, hide yourself in a hole and slowly imagine everything you ever dreamt about just disappear?  Do you know what days I am talking about?  Days where waking up is the wrong move, or everything thing is not in your favor kind of day, or it could be totally opposite of what I just mentioned.  It can also be when the rainbow fills the sky with colors or you got a huge promotion at work.

Well this is something that is different and unique to every single person on the planet.  Feelings can be explained by science; different feelings make your body react differently to all situations. But what we don’t realize is the “those days” is a way we humans, empathize or celebrate with someone. Have you ever thought about when a friend says “damn, I am having “one of those days,” and you immediately get curious, and want to know more, or How about when you sit in a bar after a long day at work, and you see the person next to you, and you ask “one those days?” Right then and there you already understand the situation.
Don’t get me wrong, “those days” can be good days or bad days or perhaps even both. But as a living breathing person, I associate the word “those days” to be incredible bad; “like when I bought a pair of brand new shoes, and the first thing I do is to step on bubblegum” kind of bad, That’s is how I feel about the words “those days” about 70% of the time. while the 30 % of me might even entertain the fact that “those days” actually may be a good day “like I was able to grab a cab on a rainy day in New York City” kind of good, but nothing better than that.  Even though I must admit, getting a cab in NYC is a huge accomplishment, now a day.

Of course there is a lot other factors for you, to express the words and the feelings but deep inside you realize that “those days”, is something you are not alone about, but it’s an unspoken language between people, where simple words become a common understanding in a universe that so complex and so mysterious. 

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